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What worked last week — October 8, 2012

What worked last week

Hey guys! How was your weekend?

I had what felt like a pretty successful week last week and decided I should jot down what I did so I can come back and reference it and maybe recreate it for this week. Also it might help someone else out there who is struggling, so here’s my helping hand:

  • Six small meals per day – instead of 3 big meals and a snack, I switched to 6 smaller meals and I really felt satisfied all day. Some of my meals included things like an apple with peanut butter, almonds with a banana, yogurt and fruit, a turkey burger on a sandwich thin, shaved ham/slice of cheese on a wasa cracker, or a protein bar. For dinners, I just ate a smaller portion of what we would normally eat, and really by dinner time I wasn’t ravenous like usual, just mildly hungry so I felt like I didn’t need as much anyway.
  • Water – still guzzling!
  • Wore my snug-fitting jeans. Wearing form-fitting jeans helps me remember that I can’t gorge myself because then my pants would be too tight. The waist on these is not tight – they don’t cut into me, so I’m not torturing myself wearing these jeans, and no they are not tight in the seat, I’m not walking around with a wedgie all the time, but they are just snug enough that it keeps me conscious of my goal (eating reasonable portions) at all times. Loose pants = I eat more. It’s science. Look it up. (okay don’t because I don’t know if it’s science or not. I just said that.)
  • I only weighed myself once. Normally I weigh myself every day and while I thought the numbers game didn’t play with head, apparently it really does. By not weighing myself every day, I was free to focus on how I felt – not how I should feel due to xxx number on the scale. For example, in the past if the number was up, I would try to eat very little or I would shame myself into not eating what I really wanted. If the number was down, I gave myself permission to indulge “just a little”. It was really liberating to not worry about all that – I just ate whatever sounded good to me from my little collection of healthy foods, and plus it was kind of a nice surprise when I finally did weigh myself on Saturday (I was down a little bit – woot!).

Those are the things that stood out to me the most last week. Of course I’m going to try and keep it going this week and hope I have a successful weigh in on Saturday, so we’ll see.

Talk at ya later!

Drink it up,Buttercup! — September 21, 2012

Drink it up,Buttercup!

I drink water. As in, I don’t drink tea, or pop, or anything else really. Sometimes I’ll have some milk with breakfast, but other than that I am water* 24/7, 365. I could say that I do it for health reasons, but honestly it’s because I’m lazy. I mean, it’s just so much easier to fill a huge bottle of water a couple of times a day than it is to get a glass, fill it with ice, pour in the tea/pop…I have things to do, people! I don’t have time to schlep around chasing after glasses and ice cubes! If I’m feeling fancy, I’ll add splash of orange or apple juice to it just to give it a little flavor. Pro-tip: apple juice splashed in water automatically feels like Autumn. You’re welcome.

Even though I always have water on hand, I don’t always drink enough of it to garner any health benefits. Sipping on a 16oz bottle of water for 4 hours ain’t gonna cut it, folks, so this week I’ve been trying something new: guzzling.

Here’s how it works: at least 4 times a day, I take a 16oz  bottle of water and I chug that sucker like a frat boy with a beer on Friday night. It’s probably not lady-like but you know what? I don’t care, I gotta get hydrated! It only takes a few minutes to drink 16oz of water and I feel better knowing I’ve done at least that little thing for my health. When (if) I work out in the morning, I chug it then. At my mid-morning meal, I chug another 16 oz. At lunch, I chug some more. At my midafternoon meal, another 16oz. That alone is 64 oz which equals the recommended 8 glasses a day, I figure anything over that is a bonus. When I get home and have dinner in the evenings, I try to drink another 16oz, but sometimes it’s only 8 and that’s okay with me.

Yes, I run to the bathroom 167 times a day, but that just gives me an excuse to get up from my desk, so really it’s a win-win for me. I’ve been doing this chug-a-lug thing for 4 days and I’ve already lost 1.5 pounds of bloat – my rings fit looser and I even tightened up my belt by one notch – that tells me that I was retaining A LOT of water.

So if you need to increase your water intake stop sipping on it  like you are some kind of princess and starting guzzling that water like the athlete you are!! Do it!! You will feel hydrated and your body will thank you.

*I forgot to mention, I do still drink my beloved coffee everyday between breakfast and my mid-morning meal. I will never ever ever EVER give up my coffee. Ever.

Livin la vida funky — February 16, 2010

Livin la vida funky

Still here in FunkyTown, although today I feel like I’m visiting AngryTown (it’s a suburb of FunkyTown) because I did not sleep well last night.  I kept waking up and when I did sleep, I had bad, bizarre dreams.  So today I am one big bundle of sunshine and happiness (smell that? it’s sarcasm!). 

I think there are several things going on here, the biggies being all physical:

  • I am not well rested, and haven’t been in many many days. This fact alone is enough to make me cranky, but add to it…
  • The fact that I have not had much water over the last 3 days. Nine cups of water seems to be the magical elixir I need to get me through the day, but I’ve only had 3 or 4 cups per day for the last 3 days, so I am very deficient in my hydrogen dioxide needs. I’m dehydrated, and it aint pretty.
  • I’m overloaded on sugar. I had too much sugar this weekend, and my mood (and everyone around me) is suffering for it.
  • I’m out of all of my good healthy foods, and the only foods we have left in the house are the dollar store cookies my husband bought. I hate dollar store cookies. They’re like the trailer trash of cookies.
  • I haven’t worked out in 10 days. Well, that’s not exactly true because I did some yoga yesterday, but there wasn’t any sweating involved – it doesn’t feel like a valid workout unless I’m sweating buckets. The early morning workouts are not working out, so I’m going back to my evening workouts.  I need some sweat-therapy starting TONIGHT.

I’m going to go to the grocery store after work today, and then I’m going to go home and download some new tunes so I can get my groove on. If that doesn’t adjust my attitude, then I’m going b*lls to the wall and pulling out Jillian. Heaven help me, I don’t want to go there, but I will if I have to.

Really Jill? You really want me to kick your ass? Because you know I can!
What I learned from my first C25k workout… — November 19, 2007

What I learned from my first C25k workout…


Here are some things I learned Saturday when I started my Couch to 5K running plan:


  • The sports bra is your friend.  I didn’t have my really good sports bra on, just some cheap shelf bra tank top thingie that I grabbed out of the drawer. OH MY!!  I had no idea the girls could get that much vertical range in the bounce.  From now on, I will make sure the girls are properly supported.  And along those same lines…
  • My gluteus maximus lives up to its name.  I didn’t know that my derriere could move independently from the rest of my body.  The jiggle factor had to have been read on the seismic scale.  I think my butt and my boobs were in a contest to see who could bounce the highest.  ( I think the girls won)
  • Water is a precious commodity.  I was halfway through my run (walk) when I realized I had forgotten my water.   I was so thirsty but I didn’t want to stop so I just had to deal with it.
  • Running is good for the digestive system.  Let’s just leave it at that.

  I felt really good when I finished and will probably do day 2 this afternoon.  I will definitely wear my good sports bra and have a giant bottle of water with me this time though.  Have any tips to offer?  I’d love to hear them!!

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