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Weekend Recap, What the Heck Was I Thinking & A Produce Question — March 31, 2008

Weekend Recap, What the Heck Was I Thinking & A Produce Question

Happy Monday everyone! (I’m not really all that happy that it’s Monday, but I’m trying to be upbeat)Wow the weekend really flew by fast! We spent most of it at the ball field for the season opening tournament. I’m not sure how we ended up but we won 2 and lost 2, so I guess it could have been worse. My little guy (and by little, I mean he’s as tall as me) smashed a couple into the outfield and made a couple of really great catches – I am so proud of him!

Can I just say “What in the HELL was I thinking when I signed up for Tigerlilly‘s challenge?????????????????? I am so far behind – TL and Military Mom did over 40 miles last week. FORTY MILES. Me? Um well, I did *cough* ten. Yeah, ten, but like I told TL, usually I do maybe 4 or 5 miles in a week, so 10 miles is a step up for me. And this week I will step up even more, I’m shooting for 14 miles this week…we’ll see how it goes.

On a related note, whilst meandering the aisles of We Take All Your Money Wal-Mart, we (the fam) ended up near the scales, which oddly are right next to the fish tanks – what’s the logic behind that one? Anyway, the kids got out various scales and soon the hubs was weighing himself (is it wrong that I’m slightly happy that he has gained twenty pounds?) and all the kids were weighing themselves and peer pressure got the best of me and I hopped on a scale too. The hubs now knows what I weigh and that’s a Big Deal for me. The look on his face was disbelief, followed quickly by a look of “oh shit I hope she didn’t see that look on my face“. I just laughed and said, “THAT’S why I am doing Weight Watchers!!” I’m kind of relieved in a way to let him know, because now he will understand why I am eating yogurt for breakfast and busting my ass on the treadmill everyday.

On another related note, SELF has a calculator to help you discover what your Happy Weight is*. This weight is not what your vanity and ego think you should weigh, this takes into account your age, if you have had children, obesity in your family and other factors to determine what weight you could realistically be happy with. Strangely, my happy weight is 134 and that falls right in line with the WW weight range for my height and age, and it’s the weight that I would ultimately like to be. But that means I’ve got 50 pounds to lose if I want to get there. And speaking of losing weight, I can tell already that I won’t have a loss tomorrow. I’ve been doing every thing mostly right, but I can feel that my body is hanging on to every ounce of water I have drunk in the last 7 days. But I know that the loss will happen eventually, so I’m not really worried.

Okay, here comes the Question I’m To Afraid To Ask Anyone Else, So I Will Ask You Guys: when *they* say you should wash your fruits and veggies before you eat them, do they mean rinse them under water, or actually use soap and water to wash them? I have never known the answer to this and I don’t want to appear stupid in real life, but I know you guys will love me no matter what, so I leave the answer to you: How do you wash your fruits and veggies? I would love to NOT get E Coli, so your help is greatly appreciated on this matter.

Wow, I guess I shouldn’t go so long between posts huh? Just had lots to talk about today. =) Everybody have a great week!

*Found this via First Ourselves. Thanks Karly!

Ramble time! — March 13, 2008

Ramble time!

Okay, well I didn’t get on the treadmill yesterday after work because I was put on taxi duty shuttling my son to baseball practice, but after I dropped him off, I went to the Wal-Marts* and walked around there for an hour and fifteen minutes pushing a cart with 75 pounds of children in it going from one end of the store to the other (multiple times I might add), so I think that counts for something, don’t you?In other random news: I find it very annoying that the spell checker on my BLOG doesn’t recognize the word blog, but has not trouble with BLOG. What’s that about?

Speaking of my BLOG, under the search engine terms that people have used to find my blog, the term “flip flop couch” keeps coming up. What is a flip flop couch and who are these people who are so desperate to find one that this term shows up in my blog stats at least once a week??? Since they are so desperate to find one, it makes me think that maybe I need one too, because I don’t want to miss out on anything uber-cool. Anyone got any ideas on this one?

Um, let’s see, what else? Food has been good, blah blah blah.

Oh yeah, confession time…I just recently (as in 5 days ago) got my first digital camera. I know – I’m such a dork, but I finally whined about it enough that the hubs bought me one for my birthday! I haven’t even loaded the software onto my computer yet, but soon, if I am feeling brave, you all may get your first glimpse of moi! And if I get really motivated, I may be posting all sorts of random photos on here, because I love a blog with pics!!

Okay, well I guess that’s enough random ramblings for one day, gotta get back to work! Have a great afternoon y’all!!

* I don’t really say “the Wal-MartS”, but I think it’s really funny when other people do!! And if you are one of those people, then I have probably laughed at you. =)

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