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Re-entry is harrdd! — July 17, 2017

Re-entry is harrdd!

What’s the worst thing about being back at work after vacation? Pants.

Especially when your knees look like this:

These legs haven’t seen the light of day for years, as evidenced by the fact that it took 3.2 seconds to burn.

and when you’ve gotten used to running around in shorts, which is why I’m wearing a skirt today. Believe it or not, I wore a ton of sunscreen but I waited 15 minutes too long one day…a mistake I shall not make again.

So, so crispy. Ouch.

We had a nice vacation on the lake, and for the first time in a long time, I actually felt like I got to really relaaaaaax on vacation. A lot of times, when you’re the mom, a vacation isn’t really a vacation – it’s all the same mom-duties in a different place, but this year my kids (my youngest especially) are old enough that they don’t need my constant attention so I was able to just…be. I spent hours simply bobbing up and down on my floatie on the water…it was bliss! One evening we took the boat out on the water and watched the sun set as we floated along – it was perfect.

One thing I noticed that was different about this vacation than vacations of yore – I didn’t eat my way through the whole week. Typically, during the down times I would eat out of boredom or just because I could, but this time I pretty much stuck to 3 meals and maybe one snack – we spent most of our time on the water and when we were back in the RV, I was just chilling or reading. For the first time in probably ever, I didn’t feel the need to fill my time with food. Quite frankly, I’m astonished. Pleased and astonished.

Also, according to my Fitbit and my phone’s health app, I was much more active this week than usual (which of course, because usually I’m sitting behind a desk for 40 hours a week). We went on a 6 mile float trip one day, lots of swimming, some hiking, and on the day it rained, we hit a mall and shopped for 4.5 hours, so yeah…much more activity than usual.

And also, being who I am, there were plenty of naps. Glorious, wonderful, naps.

I would love to keep my active streak going, but when you live in the devil’s oven (thanks Oklahoma heat & humidity!) being outside is painful – it’s hot and sweaty and hard to breathe and just not a fun time at all*, so I’m going to have to figure out a way to get my activity done indoors. YouTube and DVDs will probably be the way to go until this heat breaks.

For your viewing pleasure, here are a few pics from said vacation because who doesn’t love seeing pictures from other people’s vacations??? *snicker*


Taking a break from rafting to dip in the river. This water was cold!


Husband, son, and I.


Rare sighting of my girls actually getting along.


*my landscaper-husband is most likely shaking his head and calling me a wuss right now. He spends approximately 800 hours outside in this heat every day. Ugh. 

I hope Yellowstone isn’t closed when we get there. — June 29, 2012

I hope Yellowstone isn’t closed when we get there.

I won’t be around much for the next couple of weeks – we are going on our vacation on Monday – so don’t think I’ve dropped off the face of the earth if you don’t see a post from me for awhile.  I’ll be off enjoying the views of Yellowstone and hopefully catching up with my BFF that I haven’t seen in a couple of years.

Just wanted to share some thoughts before I go…I think I have figured out that exercising consistently is a HUGE help in keeping the binge monster at bay. For the last 3-4 weeks, I have worked out (Zumba/treadmill) for 4 days a week and have done really well with staying out of the sugar and I haven’t felt the need to overeat. Until yesterday, that is. I had this overwhelming desire to consume every sugary/edible thing in my kitchen (I didn’t actually eat everything, but I wanted to), and then I realized that I have only worked out once this week. I think working out several days a week helps me stay even and therefore, I don’t feel the need to overeat.  Just one more reason I need to keep getting my sweat on!

I think I’ll try and squeeze in one more Zumba class before we leave, but honestly I’m a little worried about how I’m going to keep up my exercise while we are on vacay. I’m bringing my running clothes/shoes and a jump rope, and I hope we’ll be doing lots of walking/hiking while we are there. What I really hope DOESN’T happen is that I get into Lazy Vacation Mode – you know that feeling you get when you are sitting around being all vacationy and suddenly you feel like your body is made of lead and there just happens to be a bag of chips/cookies/pretzels within arm’s reach and so you just sit there and munch and sit there and munch and sit there and munch…or is that just me? I’m going to try and make a conscious effort to not do that this time. I think last year when we went on vacation, I actually lost 2 pounds because I was super vigilant about staying active – I would love to repeat that this year.

Does anyone have any no-fail, awesome travel tips they would like to share? Vickie mentioned everyone getting a turn in the front seat – I love that idea. I’m bringing a portable dvd player so the kiddos can watch a movie; I’ve got a small cooler set to go with some healthy snacks (more on that in a minute); a couple of small travel games…is there anything else/any tips you want to share that might be helpful?

I will have a small cooler for snacks and here’s what I’m thinking of taking: string cheese, almonds, walnuts, carrots, apple slices w/ peanut butter, grapes, cut up watermelon, hard boiled eggs…what else? We’ll probably stop for meals, I’m sure the hubs will want to take a break from driving, but is there anything else I should bring for snacks? And are there any travel games you all can recommend? The kids all have Nintendo DS with headphones they can play with and we’ll be sure to bring plenty of books/coloring books/etc., also there’ s good old fashioned conversation – hoping to get a lot of that in as well.

Okay, so I think the Griswold’s are almost ready to set off for Walley World Yellowstone! Wish us luck!!  Y’all be good ’til I get back. 🙂


My Summer Vacation — August 19, 2009
The scenery was great, but the mosquitos sucked. — July 14, 2008

The scenery was great, but the mosquitos sucked.


Hey Friends!  I’m back.  It was a great mini-vacation, so great that I didn’t want to get up and come to work this morning, but here I am, me and all 12 of my mosquito bites!  I hope you all had a good bug-free weekend.


I won’t rehash the entire vacation for you all, but there was a lot of swimming, walking, and sitting on the deck watching the deer.  Our cabin was situated right along the edge of the woods and you could see deer, squirrels, and we even heard a pack of coyotes howling that sounded like they were just a few yards away!  It was so peaceful and quiet and I loved every minute of it.  I don’t know what it is about being in nature that makes your soul feel nurtured, but I need to find a way to incorporate that feeling into my everyday life.  I’m thinking that a little less TV and a little more outdoor time would be beneficial.  I even brought up the subject of discontinuing our satellite service, but I’m not sure how well received that would be among the hubs and kiddos. I could live with out it easy (especially since fave shows come on local TV channels). 


On Saturday we took a short drive to War Eagle Cavern where we got to go on a guided tour of the cave there.  It was really interesting and the surrounding scenery was so beautiful.  My son loved the cave tour and the girls loved the swings they had there.  There was a maze you could go through, but by the time we finished with the cave tour, we were all a little tired, so we skipped that part, but I think it would be fun.  (Trying to post some pics, but having a little trouble.  Will try to put them in another post soon. )

I did okay food-wise.  I stocked up on lots of healthy goodies (greek yogurt and walnuts, strawberries and blueberries, Kashi crackers and hummus – yum!), so I had plenty of good snacks, and we did a fair amount of walking and swimming at the pool, so I did okay.  The only thing I didn’t do well was drink my water, which is odd because usually I have to have it around at all times.  I showed a 3 pound gain this morning, but I am okay with that.   I attribute that to my lack of water, and no major cardio for 5 days (and the margaritas Friday night probably didn’t help much either!).  I think I can lose those 3 pounds this week just by guzzling my water and getting in a few good walks on the treadmill. 


So now it’s back to the grind, and everyday life.  There are four weeks left until school starts again, so I want to make the most of the rest of the summer.  I’d like to go visit my sister and her gigantic pool before school starts, and I’m trying to put together a surprise party for the hubs’ 40th birthday at the end of this month.  Still have lots more to do before this summer is over! 


I’m glad to be back – I missed you guys!!  =)




Howdy — July 1, 2008


Hey all!  Did you have a good weekend?  I spent most of the weekend cleaning my house and doing 462 loads of laundry, but now my house and everything in it is sparkly and shiny!!   I love that feeling!


I’m a little more back on track this week.  I got in a couple of good walk/runs over the weekend, and I stayed on track food-wise pretty well too.  During the week, if I don’t get the walk done by 7pm it doesn’t happen at all, so I need to make it a priority.  I also need to make water a priority as well.  When I have those two things going, my weight loss is great, but when I slack on those, the loss stalls. 


The next couple of weeks are going to be busy – this weekend we are having a family reunion at my parents’ house, which will of course mean tons of food, because my mom feels like she responsible for feeding all of North America.  However, there are also plenty of places to walk and get some good exercise in, so I’m going to try and do that as well.  I’m really looking forward to this weekend – hopefully it will be filled with lots of fun and margaritas!


Next week we are going on a short vacation to Beaver Lake, AR.  Lots of lying around by the pool and then going down for a swim in the lake.  I love going on vacation, but I do tend to find myself doing a lot of boredom snacking.  I’ll eat things I wouldn’t normally eat, just because it’s there. Things that I don’t even like such as Vienna sausages and Ding Dongs suddenly become appealing.  I hate it when I do that, but I’ll try to be careful and not indulge too much.  I’m mostly looking forward to just getting away and spending some time with the kiddos and the hubs. 


Any good tips/advice on how to handle these two events without gaining 20 pounds?  I’d love to hear how y’all handle these kinds of things, so here’s your chance to help a girl NOT regret donating her fat pants to Goodwill. Thanks, y’all rock.  (I’m a little more twangy today than usual, huh?)  🙂   Yeehaw!

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