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Shiny New Post — January 5, 2009

Shiny New Post

Hello Friends!  I fully intended to post more over the long weekend but between all the movie-watching and naps, I just couldn’t find the time, and did you really want to hear about how many Butterfinger Jingles I ate anyway? I didn’t think so.

So, here we are at the beginning of a shiny new year. To resolve or not to resolve, that is the question, and I still haven’t decided. I think New Year’s Resolutions are a good, if you make them small probable goals, and not something like “make eleventy billion dollars and buy Costa Rica”, but having goals such as “eat 3 veggies every day, or make the bed every day” I think are perfectly reasonable goals to shoot for.  Another important thing about making a list of resolutions is to actually read the list at least once during the year. Making a list and then stuffing it in the back of your office desk drawer never to see the light of day again is not going to do you any good. I looked at my list from last year at least twice during the following months, and it was a good reminder of what I wanted to accomplish. I didn’t accomplish everything on my list, but that’s okay. I’ll probably make another one for this year, just because I think it’s fun to dream about what I might be able to do in the next 12 months. Of course I’ll let you know when I do.

One thing I know will be on my list is “cooking more and healthier”. I’ve already started on that one by putting that food processor to good use. So far I have made hummus (not a good result – must do more tweaking), guacamole (OMGosh – so good!), and black eyed pea dip for New Year’s Day (very good if I do say so myself!), just to name a few. I also just bought Jessica Seinfeld’s cookbook Deceptively Delicious in order to sneak in a few more veggies into my kids’ meals. I decided to buy the cookbook because I had made some Good Morning muffins (recipe from the Hamilton Beach website) which had shredded carrots and apples in them. My kids love muffins and I didn’t tell them what was in these (if I had, they would have something like “Ew gross” and never even tried them), so they gobbled them right up. I felt a certain satisfaction that they got at least a few nutrients, so when I saw the DD cookbook – on sale no less – I snatched it up pronto. I can’t wait to start pureeing (that word looks like peeing -tee hee I’m such a child!), and sneaking in the goodness.

On a sad note, the old treadmill is dying. It tries to keep up, but its old motor just isn’t what it used to be. I nearly panicked Saturday when I went to start it up and it just wouldn’t go. Luckily Gilad was on at that time, so I followed along with him and got an excellent workout. I like Gilad because he doesn’t incorporate a lot of goofy moves, so I even felt comfortable enough to work out IN FRONT OF MY HUSBAND. That is a huge deal because I never work out in front of him, but Saturday I just didn’t care. The hubs even cheered me on while he sat at the computer playing games, as he had been doing for the previous hour and a half. He declined my offer to join Gilad and myself. Oh well, I’ll bring him over to the dark side eventually. I will get my little family healthy if it kills me.

Let’s see what else? Oh, on the advice of the excellent MizFit, I went out and bought some milled Flaxseed and have been putting the stuff in everything I can think of. I haven’t yet eaten it by the spoonful straight out of the box like the Miz does, but I’m off to a good start anyway. It’s been in my oatmeal, last night’s chili, the Black eyed pea dip, the Good Morning Muffins, and other miscellaneous foods that I can’t think of right now. I feel so exotic sprinkling this unfamiliar (to me) yet healthy goodness in my food!

To steal from Debby’s idea, I went through some old photos over the weekend looking for progress pics, and as soon as I scan them into my computer, I’ll post them so we can see how far I’ve come. I don’t feel like I have an accurate view of myself until I see myself in a picture. For a long time I didn’t let anyone take a picture of me, so I didn’t really know how big I was. What’s the opposite of anorexia? I always thought I was smaller than I really was, so when I would catch a glimpse of myself in a store window, or heaven forbid – a dressing room mirror, I would be genuinely surprised and hurt. But out of sight means out of mind, so I dove back into denial and a plate of cookies in order to forget what I knew was a big problem (pun totally intended). If I can remember to do it, I’ll post the pics tonight. So there’s something for ya to look forward to!

Whew – see what happens when I don’t post for several days? Let that be a lesson to me!

The biggest workout loser — April 8, 2008

The biggest workout loser

Okay, guys, here’s the deal. I am a loser when it comes to the workout. I just plain suck at it. These last couple of days, or nights I should say, have been rough. Sunday night I got very little sleep because the little one had a tummy ache all night, thus I did not get up and do my time on the tread. Then last night…the storms…oh the freakin storms. It thundered and lighteninged* and hailed and rained ALL. NIGHT. LONG! I got precious little sleep last night as well, but when the alarm went off at 4:45, I seriously was going to get up, but with all the electrical activity outside, I questioned whether or not it was safe to be on an electric treadmill inside. Looking back now, yeah, it was sort of an excuse, but I decided to sleep for another 45 minutes and then see if the storm had passed. I reset my alarm and the storm did indeed pass and that’s when I went into a full-on coma. I don’t even remember hitting the snooze button, but when I woke up, I was seriously late. So again, no workout this morning. I will try to fit it in this evening either before or after my WW meeting, since it is more than likely that tonight’s baseball game will be rained out (God willing).

I find myself heading into a WW slump. The honeymoon phase is over and I find myself bored with food lately. I eat the same things every day because they are healthy and I know the points values, and so I feel they are safe to eat, but there’s gotta be more out there than turkey wraps and yogurt! What are your go-to lunches or snacks? I need some new portable ideas for taking to work or the ball field. Does anyone have a cookbook they use regularly? I seriously need to jazz up my diet.

I am very tired so everything looks bleak. I question whether I have what it takes to stick it out and lose this weight. I scoff at myself when I think that I want to exercise to become a regular part of life. Seriously, I read your blogs and I see how much you all are working out and all the running and the classes, and number of workouts every day that you all do and I just really don’t know if I can hang with all of you. I feel like the bulldog trying to run with the greyhounds!!

Well, anyway, I have a ton of work to do, so I guess I should get started. Things will look brighter after I have a nap or a good night’s sleep, whichever comes first.

* is this even a word? I realize lightening is not a verb, but if you can say thundered, why can’t you say lighteninged? Any grammar snobs out there want to clear this up for me? Thanks!!


Would the bullet-proof bracelets be too much? — April 4, 2008
Holy Crack o’ Dawn Batman!! — April 3, 2008

Holy Crack o’ Dawn Batman!!

Holy cow guys.  I did it.

I got up at 5 AM this morning and did 30 minutes on the treadmill before work. 

Yeah, I can’t believe it either.

The working out in the afternoon thing just isn’t working out this week, so I decided that since I get up at 5:30 anyway, I can just as well get up at 5 and squeeze in a work out.  I think God blessed me with a great night’s sleep, which made it easier to get up and going this morning and I managed to eek out 1.5 miles by walking a lot and jogging a little. 

I may even do it again tomorrow!

I cant think of a title for this post. — March 25, 2008

I cant think of a title for this post.

I love coffee. I mean I really really love coffee. It is comforting and warm and when I don’t have it I miss it. Is it weird that I feel the same way about my husband? Is it weird that I thought of my love for coffee before my husband? Hmmm.

 Although I love coffee, I just can’t wrap my love around Starbucks. I have tried, really I have, but every time I go in there, I walk out feeling like “I can’t believe I just paid $4 for this so-so coffee”. Oh well. I still love coffee. You might be surprised to know that as much as I love coffee, I don’t drink more than one or two cups per day. I know people who drink POTS of coffee every day – that’s just too much love for one day. I like my love a little at a time – wish I could say the same for chocolate! I like loads and loads of chocolate, which is why I’m sheepishly avoiding the scale this afternoon. I can’t bear to see how much weight I have gained over the last week. Damn you chocolate bunnies and your chocolatey goodness!!!

Wow this is turning into one weird random post.
Day one of Tigerlilly’s challenge went well. I did 2 miles on the treadmill in 40 minutes. I’d like to do 3 miles in 45 minutes, and I think I can if I really try. TL would like for us all to do 6 miles per day, but right now, that ain’t happening for me!! But in a month, who knows? It could happen! I’m planning on another 2 miles today – I have WW this afternoon, but dinner is already in the crockpot, so that will free up some time for me to get in a work out when I get home. When I was in college, my roommate and I used to walk 2-3 miles every day. She literally forced me to go with her every day, including WEEKENDS! At the time I thought it was torture, but now it’s a necessity, and I really enjoy the endorphins. Mmmmm…endorphins….mmmmm.

Okay, well since they pay me to work, that is what I should be doing. Have a great day y’all!!

Ramble time! — March 13, 2008

Ramble time!

Okay, well I didn’t get on the treadmill yesterday after work because I was put on taxi duty shuttling my son to baseball practice, but after I dropped him off, I went to the Wal-Marts* and walked around there for an hour and fifteen minutes pushing a cart with 75 pounds of children in it going from one end of the store to the other (multiple times I might add), so I think that counts for something, don’t you?In other random news: I find it very annoying that the spell checker on my BLOG doesn’t recognize the word blog, but has not trouble with BLOG. What’s that about?

Speaking of my BLOG, under the search engine terms that people have used to find my blog, the term “flip flop couch” keeps coming up. What is a flip flop couch and who are these people who are so desperate to find one that this term shows up in my blog stats at least once a week??? Since they are so desperate to find one, it makes me think that maybe I need one too, because I don’t want to miss out on anything uber-cool. Anyone got any ideas on this one?

Um, let’s see, what else? Food has been good, blah blah blah.

Oh yeah, confession time…I just recently (as in 5 days ago) got my first digital camera. I know – I’m such a dork, but I finally whined about it enough that the hubs bought me one for my birthday! I haven’t even loaded the software onto my computer yet, but soon, if I am feeling brave, you all may get your first glimpse of moi! And if I get really motivated, I may be posting all sorts of random photos on here, because I love a blog with pics!!

Okay, well I guess that’s enough random ramblings for one day, gotta get back to work! Have a great afternoon y’all!!

* I don’t really say “the Wal-MartS”, but I think it’s really funny when other people do!! And if you are one of those people, then I have probably laughed at you. =)

Whatever it takes — March 11, 2008

Whatever it takes

Okay, the exercise thing…here’s the thing: I have been fighting this voice lately that tells me that since I can’t get out of bed early enough in the morning to work out, I must not really be very committed to losing weight. This voice keeps telling me that I am a wuss for not sucking it up and making time to get on the treadmill. This voice…some days I want to tell the voice to shut it already! and ignore whatever it’s whispering to me, but then there are times when I think, is this voice just letting me know what I already know to be true? That is, if I am going to get this working out thing worked out, I need to do it first thing in the morning. I have great intentions of doing it after work ( I’m home by 4 pm everyday) and theoretically I have all evening to do it, but then life gets in the way, as well as kids and dinner and homework and American Idol, etc, and the work out never happens.

Then my BFF, whom I have known since I was 12, calls me and tells me she has been getting up at 4:45 am to go work out. SH*T!! For some reason, this makes me think that since she’s doing it, I should be too. I mean if she can get up at the butt-crack of dawn and drive to a gym, then surely I can get myself out of bed and WALK to the treadmill!! And she swears by it – she is walking taller and feeling like she has accomplished something before she even gets to work in the mornings. Byotch! Just kidding – I love her a lot!!

I am not, nor have I ever been, a morning person. Getting out of bed is emotionally painful for me in the mornings! I love to sleep and to have it interrupted just seems cruel, so to have to get up and then go workout? Double cruel. But I want to be committed to losing weight and I want to do whatever it takes to get the job done, and I want to be fit and healthy and strong and oh yeah, weigh a lot less too.

I figure I have two choices: I can get up in the mornings and work out and yes, it will be hard, but I can just do it and get it done, or I can fight off the things of life and just MAKE myself work out in the afternoons when I get home from work, which yes, will also be hard, but I’ll get to sleep in a little more in the mornings. So I guess it’s a trade off and neither option is going to be easy, but if I want to be committed to losing weight, I have to make a choice. NOT working out is not an option either, so don’t even go there!

Ugh, why can’t we all just be thin and independently wealthy and not have to worry about any of it??!!

Weekend Recap — March 3, 2008

Weekend Recap

All in all it was a pretty good weekend. I stayed on plan all weekend, well except for that little brownie detour, but I still had plenty of points for it, so I did pretty well food-wise. Saturday morning I got a great run/walk in. I walked for 10 minutes and then I ran for ten minutes, walked for ten minutes and ran for another five minutes and finished with a ten minute walk. Let’s take a minute to re-read that, shall we…

Oh yeah baby!! I had my groove on, The Cult was pounding in my earphones, and I totally just kept right on going!! I am beginning to think that underneath this mild mannered mommy exterior lives a total rock star diva!

I went for a total of 2.25 miles in 45 minutes – slower than molasses, I know, but hey, for my first run in almost a month, I’d say that’s okay. I made sure and stretched a bunch after so I am feeling no pain today. Yesterday was a complete rest day, as in I laid on the couch all day long and did not do one productive thing. It was great. I love those kinds of weekends – busy productive Saturday, lazy lazy Sunday. And the weather was oh so beautiful Saturday – 70 degrees and windy and SUNNY! Loved. It.

And speaking of running and weather, here’s the conversation the hubs and I had while I was getting dressed to get on the treadmill:

Him: Is it treadmill time?
Me: Yep.
Him: Today’s nice enough you could go run up and down the road…
Me: I don’t like running up and down the road – our road is boring.
Him: Yeah, the garage is so interesting.
Me: I don’t like our road – it’s no fun on a dead end road. If I had a block to run around…
Him: Why don’t you go the park and run – you could run around the park…
Me: I’m going to get on the treadmill! Is that okay?! Is it okay if I just want to run on the treadmill today?!?!
Him: Easy there (insert maiden name here).*

Why couldn’t he just be happy that I was getting on the TM? Why all the grief??? He bugs me sometimes.

* He calls me by my maiden name when he thinks I am being difficult or when I am throwing a fit. He thinks it’s funny – I don’t.

Go Me! — November 6, 2007

Go Me!

Completed my first week of treadmill training and have moved on to week #2. WOOHOO!!   I didn’t get on the TM on Sunday because I figured the vigorous house cleaning I did that day would count as triple-time on the treadmill.  I mean, I was actually sweating – bathtubs don’t scrub themselves you know, especially after they have been occupied by 10 year old boys.  I cleaned my house within an inch of its life I think.  But now it feels so good to come home to a clean house.  Clean house = peaceful Jill.  And everyone loves a happy mom! 


I received my Just My Size yoga DVD and I actually like it.  It is very easy – great for beginners and klutzes like me.  I have only done it once, but I was sore the next day so I know I worked some muscles.  Finding a quiet moment to do it is the challenging part.  My 2 year old kept crawling under my downward facing dog and trying to crawl over my child’s pose.  It was an interesting work out I tell you, but enjoyable.  I‘d like to do it again, but like I said, finding a quiet time around my house is next to impossible!  Also just received When Women Stop Hating Their Bodies.  I’m only on page 10, so I don’t really have anything to say about it yet.  I’ll let ya know…


I didn’t think I was going to get around to the TM last night, but after dinner and after getting the kids ready for bed, I was feeling really pissy for some odd reason (I really don’t know why, just not in a good mood) and I thought that getting on the treadmill and away from the family for a few minutes sounded really really good.  So I put on the New Balances and headed for the garage.  Turned on the classic rock station and started walking.  It felt so good that when my 20 minutes were up, I considered staying on, but I needed to get the girls to bed and the boy to get ready for bed, so I reluctantly got off, but I felt triumphant that I did my 20 minutes. 

  Eating has been okay, a bit on the bingey side, but not out of control.  Tonight we go pick new mattress set – I’m so excited! Sleeping in a canyon is not fun. 

Tug of War — November 2, 2007

Tug of War

I did my 15 minutes last night, but boy, I had to fight for them.  A minute and half into my walk, Offspring #3 needed a diaper change (sorry, it’s gross I know) – and it couldn’t be put off until later.  Six minutes into walk, #2 needed to tell me something, so I jump off (not literally) the tread and listen intently to her tell me that she forget what she was going to tell me. Sigh.  Nine minutes in, #1 tells me the phone is ringing, I say that’s why God gave us answering machines.  By this time I had a choice, I could say “fugeddaboudit” and just chuck the whole work out, or I could keep going and finish come hell or high water.  I chose the latter out of sheer spite and I finished.  I felt like a runner breaking through the finish line!!  Woo-hoo!  On another note, I ate a lot of candy last night.  And that’s all I have to say about that.  Happy Friday!

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