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Super Quickie Goals Post — February 11, 2009

Super Quickie Goals Post

So many thoughts…so hard to put them together in a cohesive fashion! But I guess that’s why God gives us bullet points:


• I’m logging my food into FitDay. I never would have guessed that already this morning I have eaten 500 calories (and it’s only 9am). Knowledge is Power!!


• I’m making the commitment to train for a 5k run. There is a run in April that I would like to do – I hope that gives me enough time to train because I don’t want to look like a bumbling buffoon in front of the real runners. Also plan on spending some of my bonus $ from work on running shoes from a for really reals running store (I love you Academy, but I need more help than you can provide!).


• I noticed over on Hanlie’s blog, she keeps track of the total number of minutes that she exercises per week. I really like this idea and plan on stealing it from her. 😉 *waves to Hanlie*


• I’m still toying with the idea of doing South Beach again for awhile, just to make myself cut back on the sugar and processed carbs. I’m a little concerned about the liberal use of artificial sweeteners with this plan – I’m still not sure how I feel about that. I like to use Splenda in my coffee, but other than that I really don’t partake of the fake stuff. Will have to think on this one a little more.


• I’m going to make a goal of doing the 30DS 4times a week, any more than that will be a bonus.


• I’m printing this out and hanging it on my fridge because if it’s not right in front of my face I tend to forget – yes, I am that much of a child!

Rambly bits — June 16, 2008

Rambly bits

I got approximately 2 hours of sleep last night due to the party God was having on my roof top.  Yes, God has a strobe light and a subwoofer that thumped a strange and unrhythmic beat all night long.  Oh, and did I mention the 3.5 inches of party confetti He threw down?  Yeah, potato wagon, my aunt fanny!   The angels weren’t bowling; they were shaking their groove thangs right above my bedroom – ALL NIGHT LONG. 

Seriously, I have never seen so much lightning in all my life. That must have been one KA-RAZY party!!


I did lots of cooking yesterday, and I did something that was thrilling and a little disturbing – I pounded chicken breasts.  They were very large and very thick, so in order to get them to cook evenly on the grill, I decided to flatten them out. I had never done this before, but I put them between some plastic wrap and since I don’t have a meat mallet, I used the back of a very heavy ice cream spade that I got for free at Braum’s Ice Cream Store.  It worked really well!  I was a little ill when I saw the guts of the chicken breast spilling out from between the plastic, but once I cooked those babies up; it was pure char-grilled heaven! 


I also made some egg muffins that I found here.  Kalyn is a South Beach-er and she has some great recipes on her site.  I am out the door by 6:30 every morning so I need something quick and easy for breakfast and these fit the bill nicely.  I had two this morning with some bacon and I wasn’t hungry again for 4 hours.  Even if you don’t do SB, go check her out!


People are starting to notice my weight loss.  What is it about the 15 pound mark that makes people suddenly see you differently?  My mom and my sister both called me skinny this weekend, even though I am far from that, and one of the guys at work had mentioned that I looked thinner, but he thought it was because my hair was different (it isn’t).  It’s funny, when people comment on my weight, what I really want to tell them is, “hey, you should see me on the treadmill!!”  If there were an Olympic Treadmill Walking event, I would sooo be in the running for the Gold.  I love that I am sweating buckets when I am finished – it is so cool to see my shoulders glisten from the perspiration, and then to see that my shoulders are becoming more angular (at least more than they were before).  Finally seeing results gives me so much of a high that I want to keep going, and so I do- every day for 30 minutes somewhere between 6 and 7pm!  Think of me at this time and send cool breezy vibes my way, k? 


So that’s about it for now.  Hope you all have a wonderful week!  


Note to self:  do not leave apple cores in the wastebasket in your office over the weekend.  You will walk into a serious fruit-fly infestation come Monday morning! Not a great way to start the day. Pesky little buggers!


Hello 160’s! — June 13, 2008

Hello 160’s!

Well let’s see, what to blog about today?   For starters, I saw my doc yesterday for my weekly weigh in and I am down another pound and a half bringing me to 169.  Yeah baby!!  Buhbye 170’s!!  That’s 17 pounds down since the end of February…only 25 pounds to go.   I think the last time I weighed 169 was when I went back to work 18 months ago.  About 6 months after I started working, I tried Intuitive Eating and my weight shot up 15 pounds in a very short time.  It’s taken me a year to lose the weight that I gained in just a couple of months – major suck!!  But I’m on the way down again, and I know NOT to try that little experiment again. 


Since my eating plan with the doc is a high protein plan, I have been checking out low carb websites and such.  I always thought South Beach was a knock off of Atkins, but actually they are very different.  In researching these websites, I find that (and if you are on Atkins, please don’t take offense to this) the Atkins-type groups are somewhat militant in their stance on carbs.  It kinda scares me a wee bit.  I have always heard good things about South Beach, and the SB sites I have found were very friendly so I decided to check the book out from the library just to see what all the hoopla is about.  I have found that SB is really not like Atkins very much at all.  The main similarity is the induction phase (the first 2 weeks), but after that, SB is all about good carbs and good fats, and finding balance in your meals. 


**tangent**I realize I am waaaayyyyyy late to the low carb party.  I never did jump on the low carb bandwagon, but since I have been eating low carb lately, I understand how beneficial adding more protein to your diet can be.  I’m sure most of you already have tried low carb one way or another and none of what I am telling you is new to you.  But it is all new to me.


Anyway, if you have never read the book, I highly suggest it, if only for the excellent description of what sugar does to our bodies and how certain foods are digested.  I find it incredibly interesting and enlightening.  In the 3 weeks that I have been on my docs plan, I haven’t had any bread or tortillas, or chips, or anything else high in carbs, and quite honestly I haven’t missed any of it.  What I do miss is the convenience of these things.  It is so easy to throw a sandwich together in the morning to take for lunch, but now my quick lunch is chicken or tuna salad.  I am starting to get the hang of cooking lots of protein and getting very creative with fish, chicken, and veggies.  It’s getting easier to eat this way, and I feel good most days (the days I don’t feel great is due to not enough sleep the night before).  I will get to add in the healthier carbs eventually and I look forward to that day!!


My walking is AWESOME!!  I am getting faster and my highest speed is starting to feel slow, so I may bump it up some more.  I have even thought of adding a bit of an incline when I walk, just to challenge myself a little.   Also considering walking with some light hand weights to pump up the arms a bit.   All in all, things are going well on the exercise and eating front.  FINALLY!!


Chore update:  Monkeyboy is doing great with the chores!!  Yesterday he even came home from the sitter’s house across the street to bring the trash to the curb since it was Trash Day.  He did it without being reminded, which is HUGE! I of course, praised him appropriately and told him I was really proud of him.  He’s been doing really well lately, and even getting to his chore list before I have to remind him.  SuzyQ does okay, but I have to go through her list with her one by one and she usually does hers right before bed, but as long as she’s doing it, I don’t mind when she does it.   So far so good!!  I am sooo digging the Handipoints!!


Having the family over tomorrow to celebrate Father’s Day with my dad and my grandpa who will turn 93 in July.   93!!!!   That’s a helluva long time to live.  He’s still pretty sharp even if he can’t hear, and he is a funny guy.  It should be a good time. 

Hope you all have a great weekend!! 


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