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Good things — October 16, 2014

Good things


Yeah, I know it’s been a couple of weeks since I posted, but good things have been happening while I’ve been away from Blogland!

I hit my mini-goal of 188 and am sitting pretty at 187.6. Woohoo!! The last time I weighed below 190 was two years ago. I spent all of 2013 and most of 2014 in the 190s and felt pretty miserable about it. I keep track of my weight periodically on a spreadsheet and now have almost 4 years’ worth of weigh-ins on it. I also make little notes about what I am doing or what’s going on at the time of the weigh-in. It’s interesting to look back and see where I was compared to where I am now, which honestly is not a very big jump. At the end of 2011, I got down to 180 pounds (on Thanksgiving Day to be exact) and that’s the lowest I’ve been since. Not sure I could get down to 180 by Thanksgiving again this year, but I think I could get close. The next mini-goal I’m chasing is 185 pounds – if I work consistently at it I could be there by Thanksgiving, I think. Not that I’m using Thanksgiving as my target…I’d be happy if I hit it before then. 🙂

In addition to hitting my mini-goal of 188, I also hit my company’s annual health evaluation goal. The company that does the health evaluations assigns you a score that represents your overall health (zero and below are the target scores) – when we started this 2 years ago in 2012, my health score was a -15, which is good. In 2013 it was +11 (which is not so good – moderately high cholesterol and moderately high blood pressure bumped me above the recommended score of zero or less). Shortly after last year’s evaluation, I started working with Selvera, so I’ve spent roughly the last ten months working to get these numbers down. I’m happy to report that my score for this year’s evaluation (which I just took earlier this week) is a -20!! My total cholesterol came down from 232 to 212, and my blood pressure went from 143/83 to 134/78. Other numbers were improved as well (I’ve lost 11 pounds) and since I met those goals, I get a 10% discount on my health insurance premiums. I. AM. THRILLED. I love saving money as much as I love having better health.

I can say with total honesty that I know my numbers would not have come down were it not for working with Amanda (my stellar dietitian) and the Selvera program. I’m fairly certain that left to my own devices, my numbers probably would have gone up and I would be one sad panda right now. I can’t recommend them enough. Seriously, if you are struggling to get the weight off or the numbers down and you can’t seem to do it on your own, give them a call. They are sincerely pulling for your success – if you succeed, they succeed. It’s as simple as that.

That’s all I’ve got for now. I’ll check back soon with an update on how my mini-goal is coming along. Speaking of mini-goals, I think I really like striving for a goal of just a couple of pounds at a time. Feels so much easier than trying to achieve a 40 pound goal. How do you feel about mini-goals? Is it easier or harder for you? Just curious how you guys feel about it.

Have a good weekend! 🙂

I’m Still Standing (You’re welcome for that Elton John earworm) — September 30, 2014

I’m Still Standing (You’re welcome for that Elton John earworm)

Hey Howdy Hey!

It’s been a week and my sit-stand workstation and I are still going strong! I love this thing so much, you don’t even know. It really breaks up the monotony of the day and I actually find it easier to do my actual work while standing. Who knew?!

As some of you suggested, I’ve been alternating sitting with standing usually every hour but sometimes even every half hour. I got a cushioned mat to stand on AND I bought the cutest pair of Sketchers with memory foam in them and WOW what a difference that makes!

My boss just can’t understand why I would want something like this. He said “that just does not look comfortable to me at all!!” and then he said “I just don’t want to stand that much”. Hmmm…and why are you over 300 pounds with high blood pressure and high cholesterol and taking heart medication again? Oh yeah, THAT’S WHY. I have a whole ‘nother post about my boss forming in my head but I’ll save that for a later date.

As far as my weight goes, I was helped along in my efforts by an ugly stomach bug that hit me Thursday night. All three of my kids have had it too, only my husband was spared (not sure how he kept from getting it). I’m sitting at an unofficial weight of 189 today and I’m chasing 188 pretty hard. After the bug, I was down to 186 but I knew my weight would go back up once my appetite came back so I wasn’t putting those eggs in my basket just yet. I’m hoping to stay under 190 though and maybe I can hit a true weigh in of 188 officially in a few days.

Why is 188 so special you may ask? Because it marks a ten pound weight loss for me – right after Christmas last year I weighed in at 198 which is my highest weight ever (both in the pregnant and non-pregnant categories). I started working with Selvera right after that and my official Selvera weigh in is 197 (197.7 maybe?). If you had told me then that it would take me a year to lose ten pounds, I would have said “pass the Cheetos because why bother?” but in working with my coach Amanda (my goodness that woman deserves a medal for sticking with me!!!) I have realized that my biggest obstacles are my habits. I know how to eat healthy (most days), I know how to exercise (sorta), but what I didn’t know how to do was break some very deeply ingrained bad habits. Anyone who says it takes 21 days to break a habit is full of…beans (as my grandpa would say)!! So over the last 9-ish months I’ve been working with Amanda to not only making healthier choices, but to break bad habits and integrate new, better ones. I’ve come a long way, baby, but I still have a long way to go. Getting to 188 is one small step in the right direction.

Guess that’s all that’s new around here. Have a great day and if you have any questions about my standing work station or about Selvera or my cute new shoes feel free to ask!! I’m more than happy to answer. 🙂

Sleepy weekend — September 1, 2014

Sleepy weekend

Hey Tribe! 

Happy Labor Day to my US friends and to those of you not in the US, Happy Monday! I’m blogging from home today on my new lightning-fast home computer. The old one finally gave up the ghost and we bought this beauty a couple of weeks ago. It’s so shiny and new!! I love that new electronic gadget smell. 🙂

The word of the weekend has been SLEEP. I must have been a lot more tired and run down than I realized because pretty much all I’ve done for the last 2 days is sleep and nap and cat-nap and sleep some more. Today I woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed – something I have not done in quite some time. At first I felt guilty for all the sleeping, because I had so many things I wanted to get done this weekend but then I realized that my body must have needed the rest and I should probably listen to my body and just deal with it. I’m thankful for this long weekend with nothing planned in which I could grant my body its deepest wish! Sometimes you just have to let go and listen to what your body is telling you. 

Food this weekend has been about 50/50. I’ve eaten things that were off plan, and I’ve eaten things that were right in line with my plan…I’m tired of looking at food as good or bad…it’s just food. So the things I’ve eaten that weren’t on my plan…well…I acknowledged it, I owned it, and I moved on (after realizing how cruddy those foods make me feel). I’m back in the game today and happy to be there. 

Which reminds me, I totally forgot to do a Selvera Week 3 check in! It’s still going well actually! I got down to 190.5 a few days ago and haven’t been back on the scale since then (I’m certain I’m up a couple of pounds due this weekend’s over-indulgences and lack of activity). I’m expecting a new box of goodies tomorrow and I’ll wrap up week 4 in a couple of days. 

This long weekend is going to be the last activity-free weekend I have for awhile. This week is already filled with kids’ activities and it will continue on until probably late October. I’m just so freaking happy that my youngest isn’t doing cheer again this year – letting go of that activity has been the best decision we’ve made. It was just way more stressful and drama-filled than a grade school cheerleading squad should be (yep that’s right, it was ELEMENTARY SCHOOL. And so ridiculously rigid in their rules – it wasn’t fun for anyone). I’m actually looking forward to this fall’s activities and cooler weather (assuming it ever gets here). 

Well, the dryer just buzzed at me so I should probably go attend to it. I hope you all have a lovely day off and if you are working today, hang in there! 🙂 

Selvera Week 2 Recap — August 21, 2014

Selvera Week 2 Recap

New box of goodies!!

I just got my 2nd Selvera box of food for the next 2 weeks. Lots of shakes in this one – YAY!! The shakes are really tasty and filling, so that’s good. 

I didn’t do so well over the weekend, I’ll admit. Weekends are so tricky and even trickier when my husband is around a lot. Usually he is away for most of the weekend days either working or enjoying his hobbies, so I get used to doing my own thing. Having him around is great – we enjoy doing things together, but I tend to adjust my eating habits when he’s around because we are usually running errands or tackling a project together. I was also still in a bit of a funk over the weekend and did a lot more nibbling than I would have liked. Nothing horrible or binge-like, but I grazed a bit more than usual. By Sunday evening I was over myself and straightened up my at and returned to acting like someone who is interested in losing fat instead of someone who is interested in wallowing in Cheetos and sadness. 

These last 3 days (Mon-Wed) have been very good. I’ll admit that by Tuesday I was ready for my 2nd Selvera meal box to arrive and having that to look forward to was a big help in not face-planting into a casserole. My box was waiting for me when I got home from work Tuesday evening so I waited until yesterday to start in on the Week 3 foods. In this box, I got some cream of tomato soup – very yummy and comforting in a way that only hot soup can be. I also received lots of shakes and my favorite lemon bars, along with more protein bars. As far as entrees, there is pasta alfredo, spicy cheese and macaroni, vegetable chili, and something else I can’t remember. Also have lots of snack-chip-type things for those times when you need a salty crunch (which lately I seem to need a lot). 

I have been walking intervals on the treadmill and doing strength training exercises with dumbbells on alternating days this week. This weekend is Kyra’s Virtual 5k challenge so I’ll be doing that as well, probably on Saturday. My body just feels so much better when I’m exercising regularly. Duh. 

My puzzle pieces finally seem to be fitting together this week. 🙂

I’m happy to report that I weighed in at 191.0 this morning. I am thrilled! That brings me to a total of 4.5 pounds lost in the last 2 weeks, which may not sound like much, but for this body o’ mine, it’s a big deal. My body clings to fat like white on rice, so it’s hard to let it go. ♪♪Let it goooooo, let it gooooo!♪ (You’re welcome for that not-at-all tired and played out earworm)

What am I learning from all of this? I’m learning that I need a lot less food to be satisfied than I originally thought. I sometimes get a little nervous at the small portion sizes, but I’ve never walked away from a Selvera meal thinking that I need more. And don’t forget that I’m adding fruits and vegetables to these meals, which adds bulk but not a lot of calories, so between the high protein meals, and the fiber filled fruits & veggies, I’m feeling pretty satisfied. I still sometimes want something sweet to eat after a meal, but I find that a swig of vanilla soy milk satisfies that desire pretty well. I typically just want a taste of sweet after a meal, not necessarily a large dessert, so the vanilla soy milk is just right.  

Okay kids, that about wraps it up for today. I would say I gotta run, but the truth is I gotta sit behind this desk and type some work on my computer. Maybe I’ll get up for a stretch as soon as I hit “publish”. 🙂



Two days in — August 8, 2014

Two days in

Happy Friday! 

I’ve got two full days of the Selvera program under my belt, so I thought I’d pop in and do a quick recap. 

I made it to the grocery store Wednesday evening and bought some strawberries, sweet potatoes, bananas, broccoli, and some other stuff I can’t remember off the top of my head, to complement the meals. Having a stocked kitchen makes a WORLD of difference, let me tell ya! No more carrots for me! At least not for a while. 

I thought I’d list some of the foods I’ve been eating in case anyone is interested in knowing how I’m doing all this:

Breakfast yesterday was apple/cinnamon oatmeal (think instant packets), lunch was Vegetarian Chili w/ Beans and a side salad, afternoon snacks consisted of a protein bar, then a little later I had some butterscotch pudding with a cup of strawberries, and finally dinner was Alfredo Pasta with 1 cup of broccoli. I made a lasagna and garlic bread for my family and I was sort of lamenting to myself “I wish I could have a small piece of garlic bread” (womp womp *sad face*). Then I realized I CAN have a piece of garlic bread – I’ll use one of my discretionary keys for it!! (*happy dance*) It was a very satisfying dinner. I actually needed one more fruit in there somewhere, for some reason I just forgot it. 

I was a little hungry between meals yesterday, but I decided that I probably need to add a mid-morning snack and to drink more water. I think I had a lot of head hunger yesterday, not actual real hunger, and Amanda said that it usually takes a day or two for your body to adjust to all the protein and fiber so that might have had something to do with it as well. I feel pretty good today – haven’t felt hungry so far; I think I’m working the plan like it should be worked. 

So far, I’ve really been enjoying the food. I’ve learned that some things are probably better being made up ahead of time and left in the fridge before eating them (Butterscotch Pudding, I’m looking at you) (And you too, Smoothies) but for the most part the meals are easily prepared and take only a few minutes. 

Some of my favorites so far include the Spicy Cheesy Pasta, Crunch O’s (they’re like big Cheerios but they are super crunchy and taste like Sour Cream and Onion. So basically they’re nothing like Cheerios. Never mind.), Lemon Yogurt Snack bars (I may have proposed my undying love to this particular snack bar), Chicken and Vegetable Creamy Soup, and the Berry Smoothie. Oh, and the protein bars – there are several different kinds and they have 15 g of protein and are very filling! There really hasn’t been much that I haven’t liked – not so crazy about the butterscotch pudding, but as I said earlier, next time I’m going to refrigerate it for awhile before I eat it so maybe that will make it more palatable. I just mixed cold water with it yesterday and it was…strange. It wasn’t thick like you would expect pudding to be and the taste was just kind of off. I’ve got 7 packets of it though, so I’m going to keep trying it different ways and see what happens. Oooh, maybe I could make a pudding pop out of it!! 🙂

I’ll bet you just thought of this, didn’t you;



Do they still make those? And if not, WHY??

I weighed in on Wednesday at 195.5 and I’ll weigh in again next Wednesday to see if I’ve lost. I’m sure I will lose (and have lost) some water weight but anything that makes my pants feel less like a vice grip is a considered a win in my book. 

Weekends are sometimes tricky for me, so we’ll see how I do over the next two days. I don’t really have anything special going on, and I don’t foresee any dining out opportunities. If the hubs wants to go out, I’ll just tell him that I’d rather stay in. Of course I can always use my other two discretionary keys if I need to, but I’d rather not deal with the temptation if I don’t have to.

I think that’s all I have to tell today. I have 3 more hours until my weekend officially begins and I have a feeling I’ll be starting it by digging through my cabinets looking for Popsicle molds. 

Later! 🙂

Peaks and Valleys — May 30, 2014

Peaks and Valleys

Happy Friday!

Yes I know in my last post I said I’d do a couple of review and award posts this week, but work has been extra-irritating this week and I didn’t have time. Guess you’ll just have to be satisfied with more of my ramblings today until I can get time to get my other posts together. 🙂

Last week was one of those weeks where things just fell into place, food-wise. Eating small, healthy portions felt effortless. At the end of every day, I felt satisfied and happy with how my day went. I was on a peak – the top of the mountain where all the work you’ve done has finally paid off with a gorgeous view (and a lower number on the scale). I love peak weeks!! 

This week, however, well…this has definitely been a week in the valley. My good groove that I had last week disappeared over the weekend and has yet to make a reappearance. At the end of the day, I want more. More food, more satisfaction, more…something.

I’ve noticed an underlying irritation just bubbling under the surface which is probably due to hormones (TMI: my monthly cycles are now coming 7 weeks apart instead of the usual 4. Perimenopause is fun!), but that still doesn’t answer the question of why I’ve found it so hard to get a grip this week. Maybe the whole thing is just hormones.

Maybe it’s my body trying to make up for what I didn’t eat last week. It’s as if my body realized that I was losing weight and said “Oh you think we’re going to shed some fat, do you? Well HAHA!! Stomach, increase your appetite to level 11!!” 

Or maybe I’m just in another valley and I need to ride it out until I hit my peak again. Over the last 5 months I’ve watched my body react to what I’ve been doing and what I’ve found is this: my weight loss is definitely a series of peaks and valleys. I lose some weight, then gain a little back, then lose some more, then gain, then lose, lather rinse repeat, but the losses have been greater than the gains (two steps forward, one step back). This last peak came after spending a considerable amount of time in a valley and I’m fairly confident that I will be hitting another peak sooner rather than later. I don’t want to spend any more time in the valley than I need to. 

One of the great things about working with Amanda is she has taught me that when I’m having a week like this, it’s okay. It’s nothing to get upset about – weeks like this happen. You just need to look at what’s going on, figure out a solution, and try to work it out. So when I talk with her this afternoon, I’m sure we’ll brainstorm some solutions and I’ll start climbing that peak again. 

In other news, I have finished my first week of the Baladea dvds* (well actually I have one short one to do tomorrow, but it’s an easy one). So far I like them! The only problem is that during this morning’s yoga video I seem to have re-injured the big toe that I hurt last December. I don’t think the toe healed properly because it’s always hurt just a little, but I had managed to baby it enough that it didn’t really give me any trouble. I’m not even sure what I did this morning, but it hurts quite a bit now. I’ve got a cold compress on it right now and I took a couple of Advil so maybe that will help. Maybe after a couple of days of taking it easy, it will be better. *fingers crossed*

That’s it for now. I’m hoping to make it to a farmer’s market tomorrow morning, then maybe a movie with my kiddos tomorrow afternoon. Looking forward to low gear weekend! 

*If you are considering ordering the Baladea dvds, would you please order them through this link? I’ll get $10 for every order that goes through this link. Thanks! You’re awesome. 🙂


Long Weekend Recap — May 27, 2014

Long Weekend Recap

Good morning all!

I hope you had a lovely weekend. Mine was pretty good – the weather was rather uncooperative all weekend but that didn’t stop me from napping and eating and watching movies and stuff. 

Here’s a quick recap:

Friday – midnight showing of the movie musical Grease. I left my house about 10:30 and the last time I left my house at 10:30 pm to go out for the evening was approximately 20 years ago. Old, is what I am. My friend Sandy and I stopped at a diner to get coffee (because again, old) where we chatted for about an hour before we went to the theater. I am not ashamed to tell you that I sang my ever lovin’ heart out during the movie (don’t worry, I wasn’t the only one) and if there had been room, I would have done the choreography also. But by the time I got home at 2:30 (A.M. !!!), I was wiped out and my voice was gone. I am way too old to stay out that late. I did get to sleep in a little bit, but the rest of the day I felt kinda strung out from being so tired. Oddly enough, Saturday was probably my best food day – I stayed on plan and didn’t have that “I’m so tired I need something to eat” feeling. Amanda had suggested staying hydrated, which I did, so I think that helped a lot. 

Saturday/Sunday – I don’t even remember what I did those days. There was a lot of napping (mostly because the weather was so cloudy and dreary), I do remember that. Sunday’s food was pretty good during the day, but I kinda lost myself Sunday night. Too much nibbling and grazing, which is usually the result of no structure or plan to my day. 

Monday – I got up and did my first Baladea dvd workout. It was a cardio workout and I was good and sweaty when I finished! Then later my son and I went to see the new X-Men movie (Hugh Jackman makes me *swoon*), then to the grocery store, then dinner and getting-ready-for-the-week stuff. Got to bed about 10:00pm and proceeded to toss and turn all night. I don’t know why, but I just couldn’t get good and asleep. Today I’m fighting to stay awake at my desk. Wishing coffee came in 5 gallon jugs like our water cooler does. Monday’s food was okay, except I ate too much popcorn at the movie theater, but other than that it was alright. 

I’ve planned out my food for today (including dinner) and got in another Baladea workout this morning (my muscles are already feeling it!!) so I’ve got a good start on the week. Just have to keep that momentum going and I’ll be golden. 

Okay Gal Pals, that’s all I’ve got time for today. This week I’ve got a Sunshine Award to talk about and a Luna protein bar review to post, so there should be a couple more posts this week. 🙂  Have a good Tuesday! 


Happy Birthday to me! — March 10, 2014

Happy Birthday to me!

So in love with this guy!
So in love with this guy! And no, the cake wasn’t as big as it looks in this picture – but it was just as tasty!

So today I am 43 years old. I’ll wait while you sing Happy Birthday to me…




Thank you!!!  You have a lovely singing voice, by the way.

I gotta tell you, I’m feeling pretty good for an old lady! I had a fantastic birthday celebration with my family on Saturday, right after my husband and I and another dear friend ran a 5k Saturday morning! Okay, truth be told my  husband ran while my friend Cindy and I walked most of the way. We jogged for a few minutes starting out, then we got so caught up in our conversation that we forgot to run again until almost near the end. Then we ran to the finish line to make it look as if we had run the whole way (no one was fooled). We were still booking it though, we finished in 52.03. I had to stop and take my shoe off at one point because an annoying little pebble somehow made its way in there and it was really messing with my walking zen. After that, I was good to go! Oh and can I brag on my husband for a minute? This was his first 5k and he finished in 28.06. He just started running a couple of months ago. He’s one of those irritatingly naturally athletic people – seriously he’s good at baseball, basketball, golf, and now running. But I am so proud of him – he did really great!

I’ve been doing really well with my food. So well in fact, that Amanda told me to take a day off. That’s right – she said for one whole day NOT to follow the plan and I used Saturday as my day off since I knew I had the family party to attend. My mom and sister took care of all the food, so I had no idea what would be available. I think I did really well though, considering. I didn’t gorge myself, but I did try a little bit of everything that was served. And yes, I had cake. 🙂

Something interesting though that I noticed, the cake was good, but I think I wanted the cake to taste better than it did. What I was really drawn to (and this sounds so weird) is the bowl of Gardettos snack mix. Lately I’ve noticed that it’s more of the salty foods than the sugary foods I crave. I guess my tastes are changing in my old age. 🙂

On Sunday I got right back to my healthy eating…until late in the afternoon after I had to endure the grocery store and several errands that took all afternoon to complete. After I unloaded the groceries and everything was put away, I ate another piece of cake out of the need for some comfort. Then I sort of nibbled on some Fritos (again with the salty foods) and ate very little for dinner. At the end of the evening, I realized that I actually missed my regular healthy foods! I missed the good feeling of accomplishment that comes with knowing I made good choices all day. Today I am back on track 100% and feeling very happy to be on it. And apparently this was Amanda’s plan all along – to get me to see that I feel better when I’m eating well and making healthy choices, so I can hang on to that good feeling. She’s pretty smart, I gotta hand it to her. 🙂

I am walking a 5k with my friend Cindy next weekend just for fun, then I have another 5k this month (Kyra’s Virtual 5k Series), and I just signed up for another 5k in May. Who knows, I might actually try to run one of them!! I know I can at least run intervals so that’s probably what I’ll do. I guess I’ve decided to be a runner again this year! 🙂

Tonight my husband and kids are taking me out for dinner, but I’m not worried about it. I know I can find healthy selections on any menu and besides, I feel like I got all the celebrating out of my system already. I feel good about how my 43rd year is starting and I hope I can feel even better when I turn 44 next year.

I need to wrap this up since I have a weekly call with Amanda in a few minutes. Oh, don’t forget to enter my giveaway for some free insoles!! Only 2 or 3 people have entered, so your chances of winning are really good!! 🙂


Puzzle Pieces — February 25, 2014

Puzzle Pieces

Working with a personal coach has been an eye opener for me. She calls me out on things I need to improve on, and she encourages me when I don’t give myself enough credit for the things I am doing well. I can’t tell you how helpful it is to have someone holding your hand and helping you cross over obstacles. I’m figuring out all the pieces that I need to put together in my weight loss puzzle.

Because all of this losing weight business really is just a puzzle with its pieces needing to be put together. I feel like I have all the pieces laid out, face up, and ready to go, now I’m just trying to make them all fit together. When you can make all the pieces fit snugly together, that’s when the magic happens.

My pieces are close together, I just don’t seem to be able to snug them up. My food piece is pretty good (always room for improvement though – grazing is my biggest issue), my exercise piece is getting there – just still a bit inconsistent, and my water piece is usually pretty good. If I could just get all the pieces working together at the same time, I have no doubt I would be successful. As it is, I feel that I am really close, but I just have to make the commitment to make all those pieces come together.

As I said, my food piece is pretty good right now – lots of lean protein, lots of fruits and vegetables (working on eating more veggies than fruit) and a few grains. I have a few treats that I like to save for the weekends. The food issue is pretty good, just need to tighten it up a bit more and I’ll be golden.

The water piece is good IF I have my 32oz Sonic cup full of water at my desk (I usually can drink at least 2 of these during my work day) and IF I remember to get another big cup of water filled when I get home from work. I stay pretty well hydrated during the week, but on the weekends I slack off just because I’m usually busy running errands and forget to drink.

I think the exercise piece is what I’m struggling most with. In reality, if I am going to achieve 10,000 steps per day, then I need to commit to an hour each day of dedicated exercise. That means that if I were to walk or jog on the treadmill for an hour each day, plus adding normal activity steps during the day, I could achieve 10,000 steps each day and I think that would give my weight loss some serious steam. The question is: am I willing to do that? Am I willing to be THAT committed to losing weight? Because to work out an hour EACH DAY would take some serious finagling on my part but I’ve been thinking about some ways I could make that happen.

  • Zumba. It’s Tuesdays, Thursdays, and I believe there is a Saturday class as well. It’s fun, I enjoy it, but it’s a chunk of time out of my evenings. As the days get longer and the weather gets warmer, this doesn’t feel as much as a hassle, but right now it’s just getting the momentum going that is hard. I would really like to go to yoga, but I think at this point, I need to be sweaty more than I need to be bendy.
  • Get up extra early before work and get it done. I think I’m most consistent when I do this, but oh lawd some days it’s just so hard to get up!! And if I get to bed late the night before, I tend to blow off my morning workout.
  • Work out in the evenings. I’ve been doing this and while it works, I tend to wait until the last minute to do it -and  I have to talk myself into doing it. My husband has been running on the treadmill in the evenings, so it’s nice to have that little push from him when he says “okay now it’s your turn”, but I still find it hard to get motivated. Last night I feel asleep after dinner and slept for over an hour, and even after I woke up I still didn’t want to move. So last night’s workout didn’t happen.
  • Split it up between mornings and evenings. Somehow I can see myself not following through with this. I would rather workout ONCE and have it over and done with.

If I’m being totally honest, it’s all going to come down to what I’m WILLING to do. It doesn’t matter when or where I decide to do it, it’s just a matter of WILL I do it and WILL I keep doing it? It’s not even a question of how bad I want it, because I want it bad, but I can want it badly enough but still not act on it (that’s been the story of my life for a long time now).

Anyone want to offer me a $1000 to workout every day for a month?… No?… Darn. Guess it’s all up to me then. 🙂

So the puzzle still sits on my table just waiting to be joined together to make one awesomesauce picture. It’ll get there, I know it will, I just have to be patient and work through it. (ARGH!!!)

Selvera check-in — February 4, 2014

Selvera check-in


For those of you who don’t know, I’ve been working with a new weight loss company called Selvera (which means “True Self” for anyone who is curious). Here is their website (they’re also on Facebook and Twitter) and you can read all about their philosophy and the details of the program. (Full disclosure, they offered to let me work with a personal coach free of charge in exchange for my honest ongoing review of their program)

I’ve been working with my personal coach, Amanda, for a little over a month now and that first month was mostly focused on getting to know each other and the plan, and getting comfortable counting the Keys (kind of like WW Points, but simpler). I really like the Key system – it’s plain and simple. You have a Protein Keys, Fiber Keys, and Fat Keys, with a few discretionary keys and alcohol keys to use as you see fit through the week. There is a Key Tracker that I log all of my food on and then I email my tracker to Amanda each day and she gives me feedback. Once a week we talk by phone and go over what I did well and what I can improve on, and she usually gives me a couple of challenges for the coming week.

I have to admit, I love love love this. The accountability and instant feedback are really helping me see what my strengths and weaknesses are. I have made huge changes in my diet, but there is still a lot of room for improvement (cake is still my nemesis). I find that I’m drawn to sweets, but only if it’s in my direct line of sight. I don’t tend to think about eating those things until I see them, but that’s an improvement because I used to think about it all the time!  I’m also starting to think outside the typical Standard American Diet food box (I mean I ate SALAD as an afternoon snack…still cannot get over that!) and I’m expanding my ideas of what “healthy” means to me.

This program is all about the slow and steady. Making changes that will last forever, not just a season. Amanda has had to talk me off the ledge a time or two when I’ve gotten discouraged by my slow loss (I bounce around between 0 to 3 pounds lost) and remind me of all the changes taking place inside my body that aren’t visible on the outside. I had gotten into a Weight Watchers weigh-in mentality: if you don’t lose weight every week, then you are doing something wrong (at least that’s how I always felt doing WW).  Amanda has assured me that I’m moving in the right direction and with a little more time and effort, the fat will melt off soon. I just have to be patient, which admittedly, is not one of my strengths but I’m working on it.

My biggest challenges right now are saying NO to sweets and getting my activity level up. I’ll admit, this cold weather makes it hard to want to get up and work out, but if I want to see more progress, that is what I have to do. Amanda gave me this little wake up call this morning:

You are wavering between maintenance and weight loss zone as far as total calories each day. Getting in that activity everyday (a couple hundred calories) will be the difference of staying where you are and seeing the number on the scale continue to go down.

The good thing about this is that I am going to be awesome at Maintenance when I do finally lose the weight. I can maintain like a boss! I just have to push a little bit harder and get my activity up and I should start cruising down the scale soon enough.  Being strong enough to say NO to any sweets that come my way is my personal Mt. Everest…I just need a few successes to get the momentum going. It’s hard to say NO, but it’s hard being fat too so…I know, “choose your hard”.

I’ll do another check in in another month or sooner if I think about it. Have any questions for me about what I’m doing? Comment below or feel free to email me, and put “Selvera Questions” in the subject line.

Have a great week!



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