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Challenge of the Day – Day 7 — December 16, 2009

Challenge of the Day – Day 7

Wow it’s been a week already!  I’ll admit that I haven’t met all of my challenges 100%, but I’ve made a good, honest effort and that’s all that matters. 

So for today’s challenge, I’m going to challenge myself with one of my most-hated exercises: The Push Up.  I have terrible arm strength, which is why I chose to punish myself with such an awful form of torture.  *sigh* I’m going to attempt to do 30 push ups, BUT I don’t have to do them all at once.  I think I’m going to break them into 3 blocks of 10 push ups.  AND they’re going to be girly-girl push ups – none of this “marine style” stuff for me.  I know my limits! 


Bits O’ Random — August 12, 2008

Bits O’ Random



Boy are my shoulders sore today!!!  Not just my shoulders but my sides under my arms – what are those called? Anyway, OUCH!!  Who knew that a few push ups could cause such agony?  I think I’ll wait until tomorrow to continue the Push Up Challenge. 


I did my two mile walk last night and it was awesome!  Don’t tell anyone, but a peek at the scale showed a solid 160 this morning.  Squee!!!  I weigh in on Thursday and I would love to see 159.5. 


I forgot to bring my breakfast with me this morning and so for the first time since high school, I did not have breakfast. By the time lunch rolled around, I was starving!!  Did I inhale my turkey sandwich in one swift movement?  No, because I had the crappiest turkey sandwich EVER!  I don’t know why, but the turkey tasted…fake.  It was smoked turkey from the deli, and I guess I got the wrong kind because this was not turkey; this was a gag-inducing turkey-like substance.  I ate only half my sandwich and about 5 of my Kashi crackers.  So I’ll probably be starving again in an hour and nothing to munch on.  Did I mention the cupboards are practically bare at home?  Just call me Old Mother Hubbard…I hate grocery shopping.  Oh well, I’ve got lots of water and some gum with me today, so maybe that will hold me until I can get home to beef stew, which is stewing in the crock pot even as we speak, er, type.


On a completely random note, my left eye has been twitching for a week and it is driving me INSANE!!!!  Anyone got a remedy for this???  I’m ready to stick a pencil in my eye to make it stop.  Of course, I would prefer a less invasive remedy, so if you’ve got one, I’d love to hear it.


Guess that’s all I got today.  Oh wait, I was going to mention MizFit’s post today about doing a random act of kindness for someone today or tomorrow or whenever you can get around to doing it.  She’s on my blogroll to the right over there so go visit her and then do something extra nice for someone today, k?


See ya later, taters!! 


We want to pump (clap) you up! — August 11, 2008

We want to pump (clap) you up!

Monday August 11, 2008:  soon to be known as “The Day Jill Gets Her Shizz Together”.  I am starting TigerLilly’s walking challenge as well as the 100 Push Ups Challenge today, which is a good thing because apparently I have no upper body strength whatsoever.  I did 13 knee push ups, but then tried to do regular push ups – sad, very sad.  I could not do even ONE.  I’d like to think it’s because I tired my arms out with the knee style push ups, but I really think it’s just because I am a (insert Hanz &Franz voice here) weak little girly girl.  


So on the work out front I have a two mile walk planned and 12 push ups to do.  If I’m feeling particularly pumped, I may throw in some ab work, I don’t know.  I think I’m more motivated to work out when I have a goal in mind than if I’m doing “just because I need to”, so these challenges have come along at the perfect time. 


I wanted to start Phase 1 of South Beach today, but since I didn’t make it to the grocery store over the weekend, the only protein I have in my house is some turkey lunchmeat.  I’ll do my best though to work with what I’ve got.  Eating hasn’t been bad lately, but just not as great as I’d like.  I’ve been really lax about getting in fruits and veggies lately, so that needs to be a focus this week too. 


Other than that, not a whole lot to say today.  Had a great weekend with my sister and her family, and the hubs and I decided to buy a new or new-to-me car very soon.  The Honda has a death rattle that can no longer be ignored. 


Hope you all have a good productive healthy week!! 




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