My refrigerator is in my living room, and other weirdness

I just ate 2 handfuls of Pretzel M&Ms and put extra sugar in my coffee. Why? Because I need a serotonin hit like you would not believe. What started out as “Yay! We’re getting new kitchen floors!!!” has turned into “OMG WHERE ARE THE FREAKING TORTILLA CHIPS? AND WHERE ARE THE FREAKING ORANGES? AND WHY ISN’T THE SALT IN IT’S RIGHTFUL PLACE?????”

Nothing is where it should be. My refrigerator is in the living room, my coffee table has now become my pantry, my microwave and dishwasher are in the laundry room, the trash can is in the garage…do you see why I’m a wee bit edgy???? DO YOU??????

(breathe, Jill, breathe. Count to ten. Eat another M&M.)

It’s very disconcerting when a routine is messed with. Oh, and I don’t think I mentioned that not only are we redoing the kitchen floors, we are also putting tile in the master bathroom shower. What was once a teeny tiny fiberglass insert will hopefully be a little bit bigger tiled shower, but right now it’s just a big gaping hole in the wall. Nice. So really, my whole entire morning routine is all kinds of screwed up.

And let me just take a moment here to say that I completely realize these are first world problems that I’m complaining about. I get that. But I’ma rant just a little bit more because I need to get it out of my system. Thanks for understanding. 

So anyway, my getting-ready-for-work routine is messed up, as is the whole pack-the-kids-lunch, eat breakfast, and get-everyone-out-the-door routine.

I’m not a willow, people. I don’t bend very well under pressure. Instead, I snap like a twig.

This is not me. In fact, this is the opposite of me.

My plan was to get on my treadmill and release some stress through some good old fashioned sweating. But my treadmill is surrounded by boxes of tile and other heavy things, and the garage is not exactly in a state where things can be moved easily, which makes me sad because I really need a little one-on-one time with some loud music and heavy footfalls.

Hopefully, this chaos won’t last more than a week to ten days, tops. Tomorrow, I’m going to try and do some rearranging in the garage so that I can free my treadmill from it’s captors, and maybe try to create a little system so that I’m not walking into 3 different rooms just to make breakfast.

And when I get home tonight, I better see major progress on that kitchen floor or else I’ma cut somebody (cause I’m so gangsta like that – in my own white-suburban-mom way, of course).



Friends and Floors


Well the holidays are over and once again we find ourselves in a new year. But don’t worry, just blink a couple of times and it will be Christmas again! Yay!  (Seriously, let’s see how fast this year goes compared to last year – supersonic is the word that comes to mind.)

I had an excellent New Year’s weekend. I got to spend some time with my sister and my nieces and the new love of my life – a 4 month old baby with the most beautiful grey eyes you’ve ever seen. He was such a sweet baby all weekend long and I seriously had withdrawal symptoms after we got home Sunday night. I’m going to have to find a weekend that I can sneak away and visit the little guy again.

One of the hi-lights of my weekend was that I finally got to meet IN PERSON Debby!! She was calm and cool and collected while I prattled on like a caffeinated lunatic. It was so strange to finally see her face – her actual real live face – after reading her blog for so many years. We only got to visit for an hour before she had to go check in for her flight, but it was so great to sit and talk with her.  And look! Here’s proof that we actually met!

The camera snapped half a second too late! Take another one!


Okay that's better.What I love about this picture is how tall Debby makes me look! 😉


That was such a fun day for me. It made me realize that I need to get out and make connections with my family and friends more in 2012, and stop letting housework and work-work suck all the fun out of my life.

OH and hey! Guess what?! After 9 years of complaining about my kitchen floors Shawn has made plans to have tile floors installed!!!  I cannot begin to tell you the hate-hate relationship I have with my kitchen floor. When we moved in, the previous owners had laid LIGHT BLUE and WHITE peel-and-stick vinyl tiles over the early 80s GOLD LINOLEUM.  I kid you not.  I mean really, who puts down WHITE VINYL on a kitchen floor??????  Hideous, is what it was. I never felt like I could get it clean, it always mocked me with it’s slightly dingy off-white dirtiness.  I hated it. Hated it with the passion of a thousand white hot burning suns. So what I’m saying is, I didn’t really care for it.  But now…now my floors will be gloriously and ceramically tiled!!!  I. CAN’T. WAIT!!!!  The tile-laying should start this afternoon or tomorrow, so guess what we (and by we, I mean Shawn) did all day Monday? Well that tacky stuff isn’t going to strip itself off!

Mid-strippage. Can you see the tacky gold linoleum? Can you see the white vinyl? Can you see why I wanted to rip it up with my bare hands????

And yes, I realize I am truly a grown up because I just devoted a whole paragraph to my kitchen floor.  It’s the little things, folks.

So since my kitchen is going to be in a state of havoc for a few days, I’m relying on my crock pot to cook dinner pretty much every night this week. Which is totally fine with me – my favorite meals are the ones that cook themselves!! Last night was barbecue sandwiches (meat roasted in the crock all day) and tonight is chicken tortilla soup. Tomorrow is stew, and Friday…oh crud I don’t have anything planned for Friday. Got any good crock pot recipes that feel like a Friday night?  Please share!

Have you ever met a bloggy friend? Have you ever remodeled a room in your house? Have you ever lived out of your crock pot for several days at a time? Have you ever been a caffeinated lunatic? Please share below!