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Or would you prefer some french cries with your waaaamburger? — August 7, 2009

Or would you prefer some french cries with your waaaamburger?

You know I kind of almost expected someone to say “get over it Jill – quit yer bitchin!” in regards to my last post, but as usual you all came through for me and let me know that  I am not alone in this.  The comments on that one were long (btw, don’t ever apologize for leaving a long comment – I LOVE IT) and kind and super helpful.  Sometimes I just need to hear that I’m not the losery loser I think I am at times, and that was the push I needed last night. 

I finally tackled that disgusting kitchen floor o’ mine.  A couple of days ago, Mallory (the youngest) spilled some tea on the floor and tried to clean it up with the mop (unbeknownst to me).  All she did was spread it around the ENTIRE floor so that it was sticky and a slight shade of brown.  Last night I grabbed the tea-stained-and-soaked mop to do a quick once over, and realized that all I was doing was pushing dirty water around.  I threw the whole dang mop in the trash (it was a cheap piece o’ crap anyway), grabbed a wet dishcloth and mopped the floor by hand. Well it wasn’t by hand, it was by foot.  I used my foot to swish the rag around the floor and would rinse it out every couple of minutes in the sink. Not only did my floor get clean, I also got a good cardio work out.  In fact I think I might market it to the general public as the new exercise craze:  The Cardio Mop!  Disinfect your floors while you tone your buns and thighs!!  I would have had Billy Mays do the infomercials for me, but since he’s not available anymore, do you think the ShamWow guy would be interested?

Anyway, I also forced my houligans asked my lovely children to help me unload the dishwasher, put the dirty dishes in, and wipe off the counters.  They did, and it took all of 15 minutes. I then sat down and read a magazine. It was nice to be able to relax. Oh, and since I had an appointment after work, I didn’t get home til 6pm, upon which I noticed smoke coming from my backyard. I ran around the back in a near panic, but discovered to my delight that Shawn had fired up the grill and was cooking steaks!  So not only did I NOT have to clean the kitchen by myself, I also didn’t even have to cook!  Double Woo!!

I think I’m also going to have the kids do the majority of their own laundry. I know my oldest is capable of doing all of his on his own, my 8 year will probably need some help, but that’s okay, and if I let Mallory do her own, well that would just be a catastrophe waiting to happen. I think I would feel better knowing that they were at least making an effort to help – doing a chore with someone else makes it so much easier!   Matthew has also expressed an interest in learning how to cook, so lately I’ve had him peeling potatoes, chopping onions, browning meat – easy stuff like that.  If he wants to make something from a box, like a cake or brownies, I give him the box and say “do what the directions say” and if he has questions, I help him, but mostly I just let him have at it.  If this keeps up, there may come a day or two in the not-so-distant future where I don’t have to cook!  Triple Woo!!

I feel much better today, and not so glum about the state of my house.  I’ll just involve the kids more, and hopefully if we all work at it, it will stay reasonably clean. 

I have a giveaway from Mussellman’s Applesauce that I am going to try and post tonight, so you might want to check back this evening for that. 

I am particularly happy today because today is my last day of work for a week!  I’m taking off next week for a quickquick vacation with the family, and then the kiddos start school next Thursday, so I want to be around in case Mallory has a meltdown or anything since this will be her first year of “big school”. She’s going into Pre-K, and even though she went to preschool last year, this is a little bit different.  So yay for no dayjob next week!! 

Gotta get my work done now though, so I can take off with out any loose ends hanging around.  Ciao bellas!!

Cleaning House — February 25, 2008

Cleaning House

I passed by the room a dozen times a day and when I actually went in to the room each evening to put the girls to bed, I would exhale sharply, a deep and dramatic sigh signifying the inevitable – I was going to have to bite the bullet and spend an afternoon cleaning their bedroom. I couldn’t ignore the naked Barbie dolls and LiteBrite pegs on floor anymore, no more than I could ignore the small mountain of clothing on the floor just three short feet from the hamper. Baby dolls, pajamas, coloring books, and the ponytail holders once thought long gone all strewn about the floor carelessly would have to be picked up and put away in their proper places (yes, they all had homes, but somehow never seemed to stay there).
As I started in on the messy, chaotic mess, I was full of energy. “I will get this room clean once and for all,” I thought, “and if it gets messed up, I swear I will ground the girls until they are 30!” My 7 year old still thinks she is grounded from the last time I said this, so you can see how serious I was about it. I made them help me – I set out two paper grocery bags and told them one is for things to give away, and the other is for things to throw away. Of course it took my 7 year old a long time to decide what should go in which bag, so I sort of took over and made some “executive” decisions. It took a while, but we kept at it and eventually the outdated brown carpet circa 1979 could be seen. Huzzah!!
I stood in the doorway and admired my work, and was proud of the girls for helping me. And then the thought came to me, “oh crap; now we have to KEEP it clean! Keeping it clean is going to be just as hard as cleaning it was!” And that’s when the light bulb went off – cleaning house is a lot like losing weight.
I ignore the fat until I just can’t stand it anymore and then I get all gung-ho and decided that this is the last straw and this will be the final time! I work and struggle to lose the weight and then when I do lose the weight, I admire myself and feel so proud for working so hard and accomplishing something of that magnitude. And then comes the hard part…maintenance ( something I will readily admit that I have not learned how to do successfully). Once you lose the weight, you gotta keep after it or all your hard work will end up buried underneath a pile of naked Barbies and LiteBrite pegs (so to speak).
I am tired of the clutter both in my home and on my body, so I am doing some things that will eliminate both – I am cleaning out a closet here and a drawer there, I am watching what I eat and taking steps to be more active, and God willing, by the end of this year, both my home and my body will be a more comfortable place to live. I don’t know how long it will take to get things in order, most likely I will be working on this for the rest of my life, but it has got to be better than living the way I have been – in chaos and denial. My home and I deserve better than that.

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