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Hot Lunch Right at Your Desk — January 19, 2015

Hot Lunch Right at Your Desk

Hey gang!

I made a purchase last week that I wanted to share with all of you desk jockeys out there who might not have access to a microwave or a kitchen (or a clean one, anyway). Where I work, I do have access to a break room with an old used microwave, but it is in another building about 100 feet from my office. For various reasons, I prefer to eat at my desk where I can read or catch up on blogs in relative peace and quiet, away from the manly chatter of the football games or fishing stories of my coworkers. Since I eat at my desk, if I had food that needed warming up I would go out to the break room, heat up my lunch, and carry it back to my office, which isn’t a huge ordeal, but if it is raining out, or very windy, it can become a bit of a nuisance.

Then this little guy showed up on my radar (I don’t remember where I first saw it – somewhere in the vast ocean of the internet) and I thought this might be a nice solution to the slight inconvenience I was dealing with.

Behold! I give you THE LUNCH CROCK!


This is a little food warmer that sits on a base (which can be detached, so the base can stay on my desk while I carry the crock to and from home) that plugs in to an outlet, and it warms up to 24 oz of food. This does not cook the food, just warms it up to a nice toasty temp so it is hot and ready to eat at lunch time.

Here it is sitting on its base on my desk, tucked away nicely:


I had made some white chili over the weekend and had refrigerated the leftovers, so I scooped some out from the refrigerated container into the metal bowl of the crock. I came in this morning and turned it on just after 8:00 am and by the time I had lunch at 11:00 am, the food was piping hot and ready to eat. I did give the food inside a stir at about 9:30 am but I don’t know that this would be absolutely necessary. While it was warming, I did not smell the food at all. There was no hint that I was heating up a spicy chili at my desk whatsoever.

Inside the crock is a small metal bowl covered by a plastic lid with a handy ring to aid in getting the lid off. So far, this lid is leak proof – no evidence of liquid anywhere when I opened the outer white screw-on lid. When I pulled off the inner lid, there was a small amount of liquid that dripped off, but it was only a small amount and next time I will be sure to let it drip first back onto the food before dripping it onto my jeans again. :/


You can leave the bowl inside the outer crock, or you can take the bowl out and eat from that. I was worried that it would be too hot to take out, but after a few minutes I lifted the bowl out and was able to hold the bowl by the rim – the bottom part where all of the food was held was warmer than the top, but not so hot that I couldn’t hold it. I would be super careful though, because I imagine it could get very hot, since it is metal.

Here is my tasty lunch, all nice and hot, waiting to be devoured by me.

That’s about 1.5 cups of white chili in there.

This is the first time I have used this little guy, but I am certain I will be using this quite a bit from now on. I plan on testing it out on solid foods this week as well – I’m curious to see how a baked chicken breast and a sweet potato would work in it. Since it is a food WARMER, I would imagine it would work quiet well – I might need to add a tad of liquid – but I think the food would turn out better than if it were microwaved. I’ll let you all know how that works after I do it.

I believe that replacement parts and extra metal crocks can be purchased on the Crock Pot website, which would be handy if you wanted to keep several servings in the fridge at a time.

I’m excited about my new little friend. I think it’s going to make my lunch hour even more enjoyable. 🙂

This is not a sponsored/paid review. I purchased this Lunch Crock Food Warmer with my own money and all opinions are mine. 

Plan of Attack — June 19, 2014

Plan of Attack

I’ve mentioned here several times that I’ve been working with a personal coach for weight loss – she also is a Registered Dietitian and she is fabulous. We’ve been working together for nearly 6 months and in that time, I’ve learned a lot. I also started losing weight, albeit slowly but I was okay with that. I had gotten down to 189 last month from a high of 198 right after Christmas. Slow and steady, right? 

Aaaaand then my hormones staged a coup. And then I gained 6 pounds in the last 4 weeks. Being a middle aged woman is AWESOME.

My monthly visitor has been MIA for the last 2 months, a non-event that prompted me to take not one, not two, but three pregnancy tests this week just to be sure there wasn’t another Lil’ Pear taking up residence in my uterus. All three tests were NEGATIVE (Thank You!) That’s just not something I am prepared to deal with in any way, shape, or form right now. So I’m pretty sure I am in full-on menopause, but that leaves me with the question of “Really, Menopause? That’s how we’re gonna roll now?” I am so not down with that. 

Even if my eating was a little loosey-goosey for a while, I know I haven’t been eating enough to justify a 6 pound gain. The fact is though, that I am back up to 196 and that is just not gonna cut it. I find that to be terribly unacceptable. 

Sometimes I feel like I am BAD AT WEIGHT LOSS. I mean, like really, really bad at doing what needs to be done to lose weight. I have had a registered dietitian at my disposal for six whole months and as of right now, I’ve only lost 2 pounds. I am in email contact with her daily and phone contact weekly. We have had some great talks and made great strides in a lot of areas but I haven’t been able to translate all that into a significant loss. So I’m asking myself: Have I really done everything I can to lose weight? No. No I haven’t. I could be putting in a lot more effort than I currently am right now. I do a lot of things right but I there’s so much I can improve on. Because if I were doing everything I could, I’d be a heckuva lot thinner right now I think. 

Some people (and even I myself) have said “I will do whatever it takes to lose weight”, but will we really? Are we? Are we honestly doing everything we can to lose the fat? My answer would have to be no, honestly, so that’s why I have been thinking what it is that I still need to do. And here’s what I’ve come up with so far:

My Plan of Attack 

  • Pre-plan my meals – an entire week would be great, but even 3 days would be an improvement. 
  • Add more veggies – I’m thinking a morning snack of raw veggies and hummus and maybe an afternoon snack of the same.
  • Give up coffee altogether? I’ll admit this one makes me cringe, and I’m already down to one cup per day (one precious, precious cup) but I’m wondering if I need to cut it out completely. OR I could cut out the 1 spoonful of sugar I add to my daily coffee. I’ll think about this one for awhile. 
  • STOP THE FREAKING GRAZING IN THE AFTERNOONS. Sheesh, this one kills me every day. All the BLT’s (Bites, Licks, Tastes) are killing my progress and it needs to stop. Wondering if I should start listing them here on the blog just so I’ll have an extra layer of accountability.
  • Add more movement to my day. I work out 5 days a week early in the mornings, but then I go to work and sit for 8 hours, then I go home and sit for at least another 2 hours in the evenings. I’m considering driving to the gym on my lunch break to at least walk around the indoor track. It’s $3 per day to do that, plus a 15-20 minute drive from my workplace to the gym. I’m just wondering if it’s worth the time and gas money to do that. There aren’t any local parks near my work place to walk, and also it won’t be long before it’s 100* here in Oklahoma, so walking outside is not a pleasant option. I’m not sure how to work this one out, but I know there has to be a solution in there somewhere. I could add a yoga class to my evenings twice a week. You know how I loves the yoga. 🙂

Those are the main things I need to work on/tighten up/focus on right now. I have an appointment with my doctor next month to talk about the Rebellion of my Lady Parts and hopefully she’ll have something helpful to add to my plan. I’ve also just started taking an iron supplement (my levels are borderline low) to help with my energy levels, as well as making an effort to get to bed earlier so I can get a decent night’s sleep. 

I have never struggled with anything this much in my whole life. Weight Loss is the one area that has totally and completely kicked my ass and I just can’t seem to get off the ropes and make a comeback. I seriously sometimes wonder “what is wrong with me” that I can’t lose ten freaking pounds?!  Ugh. But, I fight on…and on…and on because I just can’t give up and let things get worse than they are now and they will get worse if I don’t turn this thing around. 

Any suggestions are welcome – I’m open to hearing your opinions on all this. I really want to do this – get healthy, lose weight, keep it off, but wanting isn’t going to get it done. I need action. I need to put my plan in place and ACT on it. 




Noticing — June 16, 2014


I noticed a few things over the weekend – some delighted me, some bothered me. 

First the delightful:

I have reached that sweet spot where I am now cognizant of the fact that good food makes me feel good, and not only that, my taste buds prefer it. I keep trying to give my old favorites (read: processed/sugary) second, third, and fourth chances, but I have finally really honestly come to accept that those foods just don’t taste as good to me as they once did. And I can’t deny the difference in how I feel when I eat certain things. I did an accidental experiment over the weekend wherein I ate very good foods all day Saturday and I made a mental note of how great I felt all day long. I started the day with a whole wheat pancake w/ 1tbsp of peanut butter and a side of fresh strawberries. Lunch was a salad with greens, chicken, tomatoes, sunflower seeds, and a couple of other things I can’t remember right now, but oh em gee it was delish. Afternoon snack was a deep chocolate Vitatop (needed a chocolate fix – yum!) and dinner was grilled steak with sweet potato and more salad. So good. So, so good. I had energy, was in a good mood, felt really balanced. 

Aaaaand then came Sunday. Since it was Father’s Day, I made Belgian waffles with bacon and fried eggs before church, then since I was was starving after church, I ate another Belgian waffle folded over some bacon – one of those “I just need some food in my stomach NOW” kinda things. Then I ate a pbj on wheat bread, because…hangry. I thought the hubs would want to go out to eat, but he was pretty happy in his recliner, so the waffle/pbj ended up being my lunch. We went to see my dad in the afternoon and I had a piece of my mom’s homemade chocolate pie (totally worthy), then we met my husband’s family for pizza that evening. I had a salad and one slice of pizza. All day long, I felt tired and cranky. I took a 2 hour nap at home after church and still felt lethargic. I just felt plain awful the whole live long day (which delighted my husband to no end. Happy Father’s Day, honey!!). 

So lesson learned: whole, fresh food makes me feel GREAT while processed, sugary food makes me feel (say it with me) HORRIBLE. I’ll be sticking with healthier fare from now on. 


And now for the thing that bothered me:

My daughter is 13 years old, tall and thin. She plays sports, so she’s gaining some muscle now and is in no way overweight. More than once this weekend I overheard well-meaning family members make comments about how much she eats. And yes, she does eat a lot – Girl can put away some groceries (it’s impressive, really). And of course she eats a lot – SHE’S A GROWING GIRL. She also sleeps a lot too because, again, GROWING. What really ticked me off is that each time a comment was made toward her, no one even thought of making a comment about how my 17 year old son eats, and he was right there sitting next to her the whole time. Why is it okay to comment on how much a growing teenage girl eats? My SIL, when we were at the pizza restaurant, said to my daughter as she was getting a slice of pizza ‘That’ll make you fat!” but said nothing when my son ate 3 slices of pizza and 3 hot wings plus a salad. Now, I believe my SIL was joking when she made her comment, because my SIL is every bit of 300 pounds herself, but still it made me want to come over the table at her like a spider monkey. I don’t believe that any of the relatives meant any harm or were being snarky or anything like that, but it really bothered me that they would even dare to make comments to a teenage girl like that. To my daughter’s credit, she just ignored all of it and let it roll off her back (at least that’s how it looked on the outside) – she’s the kind of girl who isn’t afraid to tell someone they are being rude or let someone know they’re out of line. So maybe I’m just projecting my own issues onto the situation, but the whole thing left me feeling rather Mama Bear-like. When any comment was made, I added my own comment: “She’s just the size she needs to be” or “She needs fuel to build those muscles” or something along those lines. I just want her to be proud of her body and everything it can do for her. She’s so impressed with her newly found calf muscles, so I encourage talk about how high her legs can jump (she does volleyball and high jump in track) and how her body is amazing (in terms of functionality). Young girls have such fragile self-esteems, it just makes me cringe when anyone (even well meaning family members) makes unhelpful comments. The whole thing just left a bad taste in my mouth. 😦 

I hope I can keep my kids from struggling with the same food issues I have struggled with my whole life. I’m trying to show them what it means to be a healthy eater – I just hope I haven’t started too late. 

Happy Cinco de Margarita! — May 5, 2014

Happy Cinco de Margarita!

Hola!! Happy Cinco de Mayo or as I like to call it, Cinco de Mallory! Mallory is my youngest daughter and today is her birthday – she was born 5/5/05 at 5:55 pm. I mention this every year because do you know how hard it is to time something like that just right? Who’s got labor and delivery down to an art??? THIS GIRL. 

We celebrated her birthday yesterday and I had a piece of cake. Why is this extraordinary? It’s not. But what IS extraordinary is that I have come to realize that cake doesn’t really do it for me anymore. I don’t really care for a piece of cake sliced and served up on a plate, no, what I do care for is cake eaten straight out of the box, sliver by sliver. THAT is how I like to eat cake. Upside is, I don’t eat as much cake overall, but the downside is that I’m still eating cake. So I don’t know if this is progress or maybe just an interesting observation, or what. But anyway…yeah…cake. 

Oh hey, guess what else I did this weekend? On Saturday I ran/walked a 5k with my very good friend Cindy. Our time was 47:19 – not a bad time for me!! We walked briskly and ran quite a bit as well, and it was a good thing we finished when we did because I was running out of steam towards the end. After the race, there were bananas and granola bars and…DONUTS for the runners. So many boxes of donuts…you’ve never seen so many donuts in your life! It was crazy. But when it’s 80 degrees at ten in the morning, you know what doesn’t sound good? Donuts. I walked right past those sugary confections without a second glance. Got me a nanner and some water and I was happy. 

Cindy and I pre-race. So clean and un-sweaty!

So after the 5k Cindy and I left to do a bit of shopping (for two hours) and while we were shopping, I could feel myself getting ready to crash. I had coffee (and eggs with avocado) for breakfast about 2 hours before the race, then a bottle of water afterwards, but that’s all the liquids I’d had for the day. I was feeling NOT GOOD. Cindy really wanted to eat Chinese for lunch, which at that point nothing sounded good to me, but it used to be “our thing” so we went to a Chinese buffet. I had lots of chicken and vegetables and a small bowl of ice cream (the ice cream seemed to help but I still wasn’t feeling very good). By the time I got home, I felt just awful. I was super tired, I had a headache, and I felt like I was coming down with a cold: I felt sniffly and I was starting to lose my voice. I drank 3 16oz cups of water and took an ibuprofen and went to bed. I slept for about an hour and after that I felt a little better, but man I was just wiped out for the rest of the day! I kept drinking water all afternoon and evening and by bedtime I was starting to feel a little more myself. Not sure if I was just dehydrated, if I overdid it at the 5k, or if it was the Chinese food. Most likely it was a combination of all three. :/ Note to self: don’t do that again!

I knew that I had probably consumed an insane amount of calories by eating Chinese food, so I kept it light for the rest of the day, and then yesterday I made sure to eat really well. Other than the piece of cake, I kept to my usual healthy foods because I know that eating better makes me feel better. I’m getting to the point where I can correlate how I’m feeling to what I’ve eaten. If I eat mucho crapo, I feel no bueno. But if I eat ALL THE HEALTHY FOODS, I feel pretty darn good. It’s only taken me 43 years to figure this out. Move over Einstein – I be having the smarts! 🙂

So that’s my weekend recap. I’ve got more stuff to blog about soon – a couple of reviews that are long overdue, a guest post from a new reader, and a list of stuff I have recently fallen in love with (yes I am ending this sentence with a preposition. Sue me). So prepare to hear more from me soooooon. 

Feliz Cinco de Mayo!! Is it too early for a margarita? 





Happy Birthday to me! — March 10, 2014

Happy Birthday to me!

So in love with this guy!
So in love with this guy! And no, the cake wasn’t as big as it looks in this picture – but it was just as tasty!

So today I am 43 years old. I’ll wait while you sing Happy Birthday to me…




Thank you!!!  You have a lovely singing voice, by the way.

I gotta tell you, I’m feeling pretty good for an old lady! I had a fantastic birthday celebration with my family on Saturday, right after my husband and I and another dear friend ran a 5k Saturday morning! Okay, truth be told my  husband ran while my friend Cindy and I walked most of the way. We jogged for a few minutes starting out, then we got so caught up in our conversation that we forgot to run again until almost near the end. Then we ran to the finish line to make it look as if we had run the whole way (no one was fooled). We were still booking it though, we finished in 52.03. I had to stop and take my shoe off at one point because an annoying little pebble somehow made its way in there and it was really messing with my walking zen. After that, I was good to go! Oh and can I brag on my husband for a minute? This was his first 5k and he finished in 28.06. He just started running a couple of months ago. He’s one of those irritatingly naturally athletic people – seriously he’s good at baseball, basketball, golf, and now running. But I am so proud of him – he did really great!

I’ve been doing really well with my food. So well in fact, that Amanda told me to take a day off. That’s right – she said for one whole day NOT to follow the plan and I used Saturday as my day off since I knew I had the family party to attend. My mom and sister took care of all the food, so I had no idea what would be available. I think I did really well though, considering. I didn’t gorge myself, but I did try a little bit of everything that was served. And yes, I had cake. 🙂

Something interesting though that I noticed, the cake was good, but I think I wanted the cake to taste better than it did. What I was really drawn to (and this sounds so weird) is the bowl of Gardettos snack mix. Lately I’ve noticed that it’s more of the salty foods than the sugary foods I crave. I guess my tastes are changing in my old age. 🙂

On Sunday I got right back to my healthy eating…until late in the afternoon after I had to endure the grocery store and several errands that took all afternoon to complete. After I unloaded the groceries and everything was put away, I ate another piece of cake out of the need for some comfort. Then I sort of nibbled on some Fritos (again with the salty foods) and ate very little for dinner. At the end of the evening, I realized that I actually missed my regular healthy foods! I missed the good feeling of accomplishment that comes with knowing I made good choices all day. Today I am back on track 100% and feeling very happy to be on it. And apparently this was Amanda’s plan all along – to get me to see that I feel better when I’m eating well and making healthy choices, so I can hang on to that good feeling. She’s pretty smart, I gotta hand it to her. 🙂

I am walking a 5k with my friend Cindy next weekend just for fun, then I have another 5k this month (Kyra’s Virtual 5k Series), and I just signed up for another 5k in May. Who knows, I might actually try to run one of them!! I know I can at least run intervals so that’s probably what I’ll do. I guess I’ve decided to be a runner again this year! 🙂

Tonight my husband and kids are taking me out for dinner, but I’m not worried about it. I know I can find healthy selections on any menu and besides, I feel like I got all the celebrating out of my system already. I feel good about how my 43rd year is starting and I hope I can feel even better when I turn 44 next year.

I need to wrap this up since I have a weekly call with Amanda in a few minutes. Oh, don’t forget to enter my giveaway for some free insoles!! Only 2 or 3 people have entered, so your chances of winning are really good!! 🙂


Where’s a hippie when you need one? — February 18, 2014

Where’s a hippie when you need one?

I took this quiz this morning and the result is that I am the Hulk, which pretty much sums up my mood for the last, oh I’d say, 6 months. Yes, most of the time I feel like a big green Rage Machine. It’s lovely to be me. I used to be full of optimism and light-heartedness, but now I feel snarky and judgy and basically unpleasant most of the time. I noticed yesterday in the parking lot of Walmart that I verbally abused (in my mind) an elderly gentleman for driving too slow. Then when I actually got in the store, the amount of snark I (again, silently) directed at the other shoppers was astonishing. I have turned into a very unpleasant person.

It just takes so much effort to be positive. I’m tired already…why does being pleasant have to be so hard? And when did this grumpy old woman take the place of the sweet young thing I used to be? And the real question is…can I get her back?

I need an app that will send me reminders to be nice and think nice thoughts. Is there such a thing? If not, there should be (Dear Smart People, get on this.)

And lest you think “hey Jill, I hear exercise increases those feel good endorphins”, well let me  tell you that I HAVE been exercising. I’ve been doing walking intervals on the treadmill (I even ran a few intervals yesterday) so apparently all this snarkiness is me WITH endorphins – can you imagine the level of crank I’d be without all the exercising?! Scary!

My mood is probably due to a lot of things: allergies (there’s been a strong south wind blowing in which has brought warmer temperatures along with lots of other things that make one sneeze), ovulation, not enough quality sleep, and just the general Rat Race of Life. I’ve cleaned up my diet a lot, but over the weekend I got a little lazy with the grazing and I didn’t track any of my food (Hi Amanda* – lots for us to talk about today!) and I am now of course regretting it. All of these things have me in a less-than-sunshiney mood.

I don’t want to be the Angry Overweight Woman. I used to read a blogger who was SUPER snarky all the time and wore her bitchiness like a crown. After just a few weeks, I stopped reading her because who wants to fill their mind and spirit with that??? And yet I feel that I am in danger of becoming a woman with that same crown.


I need a peace-loving hippie to follow me around and throw daisies at me so I’ll remember to be kind. Know anyone who would be interested?


SheHulk ♥


*Amanda is my personal coach with Selvera. I’m sure we’ll have plenty to talk about on our weekly call this afternoon. 




Two are better than one. — February 5, 2014

Two are better than one.

A few months ago after an annual health evaluation, my husband discovered he has hypertension and high cholesterol. He’s been working with our family doctor to lower these numbers and for several weeks he made a half-hearted attempt at eating better to avoid going on medication. It didn’t work. He is now on medication for both high blood pressure and high cholesterol…and he is not a happy camper about this.

To look at my husband you wouldn’t think he would suffer from these issues, even though I realize someone can look healthy without actually being healthy. He certainly thought he was healthy enough, but according to the numbers, he’s not exactly the picture of health. I can see why he thought he didn’t have to worry: he’s very active and even though he might be a few pounds overweight (15 -20 maybe?) he wears it well.

The problem is in his diet. He eats out for lunch every day – burgers, bbq, fried chicken, Mexican food…the typical American diet. He also has an addiction  fondness for sunflower seeds and sweet tea. In the past when I had suggested that we need to clean up our eating, he honestly thought we were doing okay. He didn’t see anything wrong with the things we were eating.

That is, until he got a good look at those health evaluation numbers.

Since he’s been put on the medication, he has become interested in eating better, which HALLELUJAH it’s about time!

Suddenly he’s Googling things like “foods that lower high blood pressure” and “what to eat to lower cholesterol”. He’s doing research on statins (that one scared him, and for good reason) and becoming very interested in the nutrient content of the cereal I buy. He’s reading labels and asking me to buy more nuts and steam more vegetables at dinner. He’s eschewing his favorite desserts (Oreo cookies) in favor of a juicy piece of fruit after dinner.

I’m not happy that he has to take medications, but can I just tell you what a relief it is to have him on the same page as me????  The burden on my shoulders to try and convince my family to eat better has been lifted and I finally know what it means to have total support. Not that he didn’t support me before, but I don’t think he understood WHY I wanted us to eat better. He understands now. So much so that he’s taken to lecturing our kids about how they need to take care of their bodies now or else it will catch up to them later.

He’s had slip-ups, like the rest of us, but he’s making an honest effort and I love that. I’m so proud of him.

My hope is that he’ll keep up with this healthy lifestyle and that maybe it will be easier for me to get healthy as well, knowing we are in this together.

*fingers crossed*

Selvera check-in — February 4, 2014

Selvera check-in


For those of you who don’t know, I’ve been working with a new weight loss company called Selvera (which means “True Self” for anyone who is curious). Here is their website (they’re also on Facebook and Twitter) and you can read all about their philosophy and the details of the program. (Full disclosure, they offered to let me work with a personal coach free of charge in exchange for my honest ongoing review of their program)

I’ve been working with my personal coach, Amanda, for a little over a month now and that first month was mostly focused on getting to know each other and the plan, and getting comfortable counting the Keys (kind of like WW Points, but simpler). I really like the Key system – it’s plain and simple. You have a Protein Keys, Fiber Keys, and Fat Keys, with a few discretionary keys and alcohol keys to use as you see fit through the week. There is a Key Tracker that I log all of my food on and then I email my tracker to Amanda each day and she gives me feedback. Once a week we talk by phone and go over what I did well and what I can improve on, and she usually gives me a couple of challenges for the coming week.

I have to admit, I love love love this. The accountability and instant feedback are really helping me see what my strengths and weaknesses are. I have made huge changes in my diet, but there is still a lot of room for improvement (cake is still my nemesis). I find that I’m drawn to sweets, but only if it’s in my direct line of sight. I don’t tend to think about eating those things until I see them, but that’s an improvement because I used to think about it all the time!  I’m also starting to think outside the typical Standard American Diet food box (I mean I ate SALAD as an afternoon snack…still cannot get over that!) and I’m expanding my ideas of what “healthy” means to me.

This program is all about the slow and steady. Making changes that will last forever, not just a season. Amanda has had to talk me off the ledge a time or two when I’ve gotten discouraged by my slow loss (I bounce around between 0 to 3 pounds lost) and remind me of all the changes taking place inside my body that aren’t visible on the outside. I had gotten into a Weight Watchers weigh-in mentality: if you don’t lose weight every week, then you are doing something wrong (at least that’s how I always felt doing WW).  Amanda has assured me that I’m moving in the right direction and with a little more time and effort, the fat will melt off soon. I just have to be patient, which admittedly, is not one of my strengths but I’m working on it.

My biggest challenges right now are saying NO to sweets and getting my activity level up. I’ll admit, this cold weather makes it hard to want to get up and work out, but if I want to see more progress, that is what I have to do. Amanda gave me this little wake up call this morning:

You are wavering between maintenance and weight loss zone as far as total calories each day. Getting in that activity everyday (a couple hundred calories) will be the difference of staying where you are and seeing the number on the scale continue to go down.

The good thing about this is that I am going to be awesome at Maintenance when I do finally lose the weight. I can maintain like a boss! I just have to push a little bit harder and get my activity up and I should start cruising down the scale soon enough.  Being strong enough to say NO to any sweets that come my way is my personal Mt. Everest…I just need a few successes to get the momentum going. It’s hard to say NO, but it’s hard being fat too so…I know, “choose your hard”.

I’ll do another check in in another month or sooner if I think about it. Have any questions for me about what I’m doing? Comment below or feel free to email me, and put “Selvera Questions” in the subject line.

Have a great week!



No Scale Experiment, One Month In — August 15, 2013

No Scale Experiment, One Month In

Hello Lovelies!!

Well it’s been a whole month since I stopped weighing myself. I have not stepped on the scale since July 15th and I have to say…I don’t feel any different yet. I’m still behaving the same as I did when I weighed in daily – maybe it’s because I know I haven’t lost any weight. I can tell just by how my body looks and feels what I probably weigh right now – I know my body well enough to know what I weigh and I’m certain that if I stepped on the scale right now, I wouldn’t like the number that it showed.

I know the scale used to crush my self esteem, but on the flip side of that, it also gave me encouragement. When I was living well, it was usually reflected on the scale, which encouraged me to keep going, but now that I don’t have that instant feedback, I have to rely solely on how I’m feeling. And you know what? I’m not feeling so great right now. For the last ten days, my eating has been all over the place which, if I’m being honest, is a euphemism for “I’ve been eating all the crap I can get my hands on”. I’ve been sad and tired for almost 2 weeks now and I’m almost 100% certain it’s because of the food I’ve been consuming (oh and also because Mother Nature decided to grace me with her presence ten days early. Yay for Perimenopause!).

I’m going to start a new program soon that gives a sort of holistic approach to fitness. It covers working out, nutrition, and emotional eating issues altogether and I’m excited about it. I’ll let you all know how it’s going after I start and if you all behave yourselves, there might be a little sump’n-sump’n in it for you too. 🙂

My kiddos started school again today which also begins the avalanche of activities that are soon to follow. Lately I’ve been having a problem of what to cook for dinner – it just seems like there hasn’t been enough time to plan and prepare the way I like to. I thought about having a few dinners in the freezer that the hubs could put in the oven for those nights when I’m chauffeuring kids to activities. Of course lasagna comes to mind, but do you have any favorite dishes that would freeze well? The idea of bulk baking for a whole month is overwhelming to me, but I wouldn’t mind doing a week’s worth of meals on the weekend – do any of you do that? If so, do you have any tips or books or websites that I should look at? I’ve even thought of just freezing ingredients (taco meat, shredded chicken, etc) so I could quickly put something together. I’m just tossing ideas around in my head, so if you have anything that would help, I’d love to hear it.

I hope you all have a great weekend and thanks in advance for your food prep ideas!! 🙂

Mental Monday — August 6, 2013

Mental Monday

Yes I know it’s Tuesday. So what? I do what I want!! 🙂

Interesting observation I made this morning: I’m still acting as if I’m weighing myself every day. What I mean is, I’m still doing things with the number in mind – “ugh I ate too much, I’m never going to lose weight eating this way”, “I wonder if my run/walk this morning made me drop a couple of pounds”, “I wonder what else I can do to lose weight”…I guess you can take the girl off the scale, but you can’t the joy-sucking, soul-crushing, self-esteem destroying number out of the girl’s head. 

I guess it’s going to take a little time to get rid of the scale mentality. That’s okay, I gotta whole year to get rid of it. 

I’ve decided to change up my workout routine a little bit. For the last 2 months I’ve been doing the JNL Fusion dvds, which I really like but I’m starting to get a little bored with them and I’m not sure I like incorporating strength training with my cardio all in one half hour. I’d rather do a half hour of strength training and a half  hour of cardio on alternating days. So I’m working with hand weights and running intervals every other day this week to see how it works for me. I think I’ll like it better this way…until I get bored and go back to the dvds for a couple of months! Variety is the spice of life, no? 

I’ve slipped back into eating cheap and easy foods (read: junk) and accordingly, I feel like junk. Actually my breakfasts and lunches are good and healthy throughout the week (egg whites or oatmeal, big spinach salad, respectively) but it’s dinners and weekends that are killing me. I’ll be working on cleaning those up for the rest of this month. 

That’s about all there is to update for now. Trying to get myself geared up for kids to start school and activities to begin. It’s going to be another busy Autumn! 

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