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Friday Free-for-all: LocalFarmOK — March 30, 2018

Friday Free-for-all: LocalFarmOK

Earlier in the week I mentioned that I finally have access to a local farm harvest delivery service ( – I received my first delivery last Friday and I am in love.


Here’s what I got for $26:


Celery, lettuce, broccoli, portobello mushrooms, potatoes, blueberries, pears, mandarin oranges, and also not shown are 3 cucumbers that I gave to my boss because cucumbers are the devil’s vegetable. I felt like that was quite a bit of produce for the money and can I just say that the taste of this produce…THE TASTE…I swoon over how good it all tasted. It was all so delicious.

How I felt all week:



And this is a sample of what I made with all my delicious farm fresh goodies:

The first one is an egg scramble with peppers and onions with a sprinkle of cheese topped with avocado on top of a portobello mushroom. The second is a sheet pan dinner with turkey smoked sausage, broccoli, onions, and red & baby potatoes. I’ve also been eating salads all week with the lettuce. I think I’ve used up everything except the celery, which I keep forgetting to wash and chop. Maybe I’ll do that tonight.

I signed up for every other week delivery, but I’m thinking I might go ahead and sign up for the weekly delivery because I used up everything quicker than I thought I would. When you’re as health conscious as I am, you need to have a steady flow of produce coming your way. There can never be too much kale.


I don’t think he believes me. 





I’m rouxined — February 15, 2018

I’m rouxined

I used to hate cooking. It was ONE MORE THING on my to-do list of a lot of other mom-things. It was just not an enjoyable task, wich is surprising, given how much I love to eat. And when I was trying to diet cooking was even worse because then I had to cook TWO dinners: one disappointing meal for myself and a tasty one for my family.

But then when I finally decided that I would liberate myself from the diet du jour, guess what?! I actually started to enjoy cooking. When I could cook whatever sounded good to me, that’s when cooking became fun.

What I love about cooking is learning how to make things from scratch that I would normally buy in a can. I’ve learned that the basis for a lot of these is starting with a roux.

If you don’t know, a roux is just oil or butter mixed with flour. From there you add your liquid of choice and voila – you have a delicous sauce and just saved yourself a chunk of change.

For example, not long ago I was making a casserole and needed a can of cream of chicken soup but I didn’t have one in my pantry. I Googled “diy cream of chicken soup” and found a recipe. Some butter and flour cooked until bubbly then I added some chicken broth and stirred until thick. Ta Da! Cream of chicken soup that was delicious and free of unpronounceable ingredients. And so quick and easy – I couldn’t believe how simple it was and it didn’t take much time at all – a few minutes at most.

I also found a dangerous homemade nacho cheese sauce recipe that starts with a roux. I say dangerous because this stuff is so easy and delicious…it might become a problem if I let it. A cup of milk is added to the roux then a couple of handfuls of grated cheddar cheese is melted into the mix. Add a pinch of salt and chili powder…BOOM. Nacho cheese to fulfill all of your cheese dip dreams. So easy & delicious! And again, free of unrecognizable ingredients. I’ll be more than happy to never buy Velveeta again in my life.

Spicy roasted cauliflower with nacho cheese sauce. Delicous AND nutritious!

As someone who has lived off of processed/convenience foods her whole life (Why so chubby Jill? It’s a mystery!) cooking from scratch is a novelty. I can’t believe I have relied on canned soups and sauces for so long when it’s almost just as easy to whip them up from ingredients in my own kitchen. I guess you can teach an old dog new tricks! 🙂




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Bad Food Combos That Just Need to Stop it Right Now — November 14, 2017

Bad Food Combos That Just Need to Stop it Right Now

Hey Again.

So I just finished eating one of these:

And I thought I would like it when I saw it in the store. It’s LITERALLY just 1 apple and 20 blueberries all smooshed up. I like apples. I like blueberries. How bad could it be?


I really wanted to like it; I thought maybe it would be like a Fig Newton without the Newton, but sadly it was nothing like that. As soon as I bit into it, I remembered something very important: I don’t like the taste of dried apples. You would have thought this would have entered my mind beforehand, but it didn’t. And this bar tastes like a whole lotta dried apples. So it was no-go from the start, but I really like the idea of these bars. It’s literally just fruit that has been mashed together and formed into a bar. I mean, you could just grab an apple and a (very large) handful of blueberries and eat that, but if for some reason carrying around fresh produce just isn’t your bag, then these bars might be for you. There are a lot of other flavors, so it might be that a different flavor would taste better, but seeing as how apples are the main ingredient in all of them, I don’t think I would like them very much. I’ll just keep eating my apples the way God intended: in a pie with a scoop of ice cream on the side. (I’m kidding) (No I’m not)

But this whole idea got me thinking, what other foods sound good together but actually taste like death?  Another one for me is Greek yogurt and peanut butter. *shudder* I just can’t do it. I don’t think peanut butter should be tangy. Ever. OH! Celery and peanut butter. CanNOT deal with that. No. Mainly because I don’t like celery.

You know what else makes me mad? Canned soups. Sounds like a good idea, right? Make some soup, stick it in a can to be enjoyed at a later date. But why FOR THE LOVE OF INA GARTEN, WHY do all canned soups taste the same? Do they taste the same to you? They all taste like mixed vegetables to me…and not in a good way. Yick!! Maybe I’m just not eating the right kind of canned soups, but this is another thing I tend to pass on.

Also, Kale + anything at all ever. Go home Kale. Your 15 minutes are over.

So, what else? What other food combos should be banned? Is there some combo out there that everyone seems to love that you actually loathe? Fess up! Let the world (or at least those of us reading here) know what food combos you would ban if it were up to you!


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Dinner talk — March 19, 2013

Dinner talk

Well my weigh in on Saturday wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be: I gained one pound instead of two, so that’s good I guess?  For those of you playing along at home,  I weigh 192.2 again which means I have a total loss of 4.8 pounds since I started on February 2nd. This week has been better – after weigh in on Saturday I went to the grocery store and bought a boat-load of groceries (mostly produce), then came home and cooked some chicken, roasted some veggies, and made a mental plan for the week. I’ve had a few lapses here and there, but I’m doing okay.

I had a revelation this week too: there are five very different personalities living in my house and I will never be able to please each of them at the same time, especially when it comes to dinner time.  I have been so discouraged when it comes to cooking dinner because it seems like someone is always complaining, so I’ve resorted to cooking the same safe meals over and over again just to keep the peace, but you know what? I don’t care anymore. I need some variety and some newness in the kitchen, so I’ve decided I’m going to cook what sounds interesting to me and if someone doesn’t like it, they can lump it. The five of us have different tastes: My husband and son LOVE spicy foods, my oldest daughter and I DON’T, and my youngest daughter just doesn’t like dinner. I could say “we’re having gummi bears and hot fudge sundaes for dinner!” and she’d say “I don’t like gummi bears and hot fudge sundaes” which is a total lie, because I know she likes those things. She just likes to be difficult, so I don’t even take her into consideration when I’m planning dinner because I know she’ll hate whatever I’m cooking just because it falls in the “dinner” category. ANYWAY, I’ve tried a couple of different recipes this week, and whaddyaknow? They were a success! One dinner was a Sloppy Joe Bake which uses crescent rolls as a “bun” and the other was Spicy Sausage Pasta – I didn’t much care for the Sloppy Joe Bake, but my kids loved it and my husband and son really liked the Spicy Sausage Pasta (because it was spicy, duh). I also made some healthy cookies which consisted of mashed bananas, oats, pecans, and a few chocolate chips. I really liked those cookies – they were good for when I needed a hit of sweetness, but they weren’t triggering at all. Oh, and please do me a favor and don’t lecture me on the use of crescent rolls and processed foods at this point. Okay, I get it, I do, but when I find a new recipe, I like to make it the way it is written the first time just so I know how it tastes, then go back and tweak it to make it healthier the next time. I’m just not at the point where I can tell my family “hey guess what? No more processed stuff for us!” I would really like to get to that point, but I’m not there yet. So give me some grace on this, okay? Thanks, you’re the best!

Okay kids, it’s my lunch time so I gotta go heat up my chicken and veggies before the hoards come in and take over the microwaves in the break room. I always like to get to the break room before anyone else because I’m competitive like that. 🙂



Focus, Jill, Focus! — December 30, 2008

Focus, Jill, Focus!

I am eating the biggest, sweetest, juiciest orange right now – yum! (That has nothing to do with today’s topic, but a good sweet orange is one small thing that makes me really happy!)So much to blog about but having trouble getting my thoughts in order, which incidentally is what I want to blog about: Focus, or lack thereof.

I don’t remember why the thought popped into my head, but I just remember thinking a couple of days ago, “I’ve been so focused on Christmas and all it’s preparations that I have let everything else slip by the wayside.” And that’s when, my a-ha moment hit me – my focus determines whether or not I succeed. I have not been focused on losing weight since October. I have not been focused on exercising since then either, so it shouldn’t come as any surprise that I have gained a few pounds since then. I haven’t gained a lot – maybe 6 pounds, but I know 6 pounds can turn into 12 pounds very easily, unless I am focused on reducing those original six. For me, it has nothing to do with motivation or will power, it’s all about focus. When I was losing weight so steadily at the end of the summer and beginning of autumn, I was single minded about the kinds of foods I was eating and how much I was walking. Since then, eh not so much, and it’s starting to show. Also gone is my weekly weigh in with the Nurse Nazi – that was very motivating! I think to replace that, I will start posting my weight here for you all to see. Probably not the actual number, but I’ll post what Mary Lou says on a certain day of the week, let’s say Wednesdays (so don’t let me forget!). When I got The Platform I recorded my starting weight the Monday after Thanksgiving weekend, so of course it was higher than normal, but I got to 8.5 pounds below my starting weight, which is I think what my normal weight really is (around 153). This morning Mary Lou said I was only 2 pounds below my starting weight, which would put me at about 160 approx. I know I can get it back down fairly quickly just by getting on the treadmill and drinking lots of water (duh), so I’m not worried yet. We’ll see how the rest of the week goes.

And speaking of the treadmill, my poor motorized friend is feeling neglected lately, so I am going to make a pact with you all that I will walk for 30 minutes tonight at 5pm CST. (I was going to add at least 4 times this week, but let’s take it one day at a time, shall we?) Here’s what I need from you all – I need a consequence to face if I don’t walk. Yeah, yeah, I know the obvious ones – lack of energy, tighter pants, etc; but what I want is something like push ups or scrubbing the toilet or some unfun thing. So fire away and hit me with your best shot – I need to know there will be unpleasantness in my future if I don’t abide by the pact. Desperate times call for desperate measures, people!

I am also considering logging my food into an online journal. Seeing what I eat in print may be enough shock to make me leave Candy Land, but logging food tends to bring The Crazy out in me, so I don’t know. Maybe I should just start with an old fashioned notebook and just record the foods (and not their calories and nutritional content)? Still mulling this one over – may have to mull a little longer. What do you think?

(Abrupt subject change in 3…2…1) And speaking of cooking (what? Weren’t we?) I made the best pita pizza last night for dinner. I had a multigrain pita with marinara sauce, mozzarella cheese, turkey pepperoni, black olives and mushrooms. Oh Sweet Gouda it was so good! I may have to have another one tonight. I think one thing that will make me a better cook is to have a stocked pantry – it’s really hard to cook when all you have is a can of peaches and one can of tomato paste in the cabinet. It has never occurred to me to buy ingredients, I just usually buy prepackaged or pre-made foods, but I know that’s not good to rely on those things so much, so I went to the store last night and bought a few things like chicken and beef broth, cream of mushroom soup, olive oil, canned beans- just a few things to get started. I hope to add to these things again this weekend so that I’ll have enough ingredients on hand when I find a recipe I want to try. Anyone have any other ingredients that you can’t live without?

That’s all I got – have a good day gang!!  🙂

ETA – I did it!!  I got on the treadmill for 42 minutes – woo!  Sorry Laura, I’ll never tell my most embarrassing secret!!!  😉

Reward — May 16, 2008


Sorry for the lack of postings lately – work has been crazy and life has been even crazier.  I have a post about accountability rolling around in my brain, just no time to put words to keyboard.  Here’s a question for you that I have been thinking about lately – do you use food as a reward?  I know the current wisdom is to say never never ever use food as a reward, but I like food, and I like to be rewarded, so is a weekly splurge after weigh in a boon or a bust?  I would loooove to know everyone’s thoughts on this one – should make for some interesting discussions!  And if you do use food as a reward, what kind of food?  Do you go for chocolate or ice cream, or chocolate ice cream?  How about alcohol – do you use a glass of wine as a reward (my preference would be a margarita, but that’s just me).  All you lurkers out there, now is the time to make your voice heard on this oh-so-very important issue!  And I promise to deliver a real post next week when things have slowed down a bit (I hope). 


Have a great weekend y’all!! 


Is it Friday yet? It is? THANK GOODNESS!! — April 25, 2008

Is it Friday yet? It is? THANK GOODNESS!!

Oh Friday, how I have yearned for you for four days and now you are here!! Even better than that, you are Friday AFTERNOON which means that at 3:30, I will be the happiest I have been all week. I love you Friday, you’re my favorite!!

Ugh, this has been a week!! A week from the depths of Hades. I’ve been sleep deprived, depressed, stressed, sad, and now finally FINALLY there is light at the end of the tunnel. I think I need to celebrate with a manicure.

I have decided that for now, at least, I will not quit the challenge. I dug my pedometer out of my underwear drawer – the place where I keep all things that I might need someday, along with many many baby teeth that the tooth fairy has collected over the last 11 years.

**TANGENT AHEAD** Why am I keeping these baby teeth? What do I think I will do with them? Make a necklace or something?? Why does it feel sacrilegious to throw them away? These are the questions that keep me up at night, okay well, not really, but I do wonder. **TANGENT OVER**

Anyway, back to the challenge…I’m going to track my steps and take more steps than I think I need and although I certainly don’t expect to catch up to the others, I am going to at least make an effort. I don’t like quitting anything because I already have *fear of failure* issues, and I don’t need to add to them.

Food-wise, Honeycomb cereal has been the death of my diet this week. Damn that sweet-honey goodness!!! If I don’t have a loss next weigh in, I’ll know why. If loving Honeycomb is wrong, I’m not so sure I want to be right.

What I do want, however, is listed below for no other reason than I am feeling the need to list it:

Strappy sandals
A Pedicure to show off feet in said sandals
A really comfy sundress
Really good chocolate (just one piece)
A gathering of my good friends
A margarita
A pool to sit beside at sunset while I sip said margarita
A new ride (the Honda is old, so very very old)
A cuddle with my husband
A really funny movie
New work out clothes
Lots of techno pop music on my mp3
Muscular legs
Really nice perfume
And last but not least, a really comfy downy bed on which I can take a really long nap during a sunny afternoon. Sigh
Have a good weekend friends!

One Eighty — November 26, 2007

One Eighty

I’d like to say that I have done a 180 degree turn and am now an uber runner and I eat only whole nutritious foods and have it all together.  But no, sadly that number 180 is the number of pounds currently inhabiting my body.  That’s the number of pounds of fat attached to the muscles of my thighs and butt.  That’s the number of pounds I weighed right after I gave birth to my son nearly 11 YEARS AGO.  It’s the number I never thought I would see again, EVER, yet there it is.  I have gained about 15 pounds since I went to work in January and really for awhile it didn’t bother me that I was gaining because I had finally quit dieting and I felt so free – free to eat all the potatoes and pizza and chocolate I wanted. But now, I don’t feel free at all.  I feel like a prisoner in a body that is hard to move around in, a body whose feet hurt after standing for a couple of hours, a body that huffs and puffs after playing “horsey” with my two year old  on the floor.  My fat jeans are turning into jeans that are a bit snug, and my big baggy sweatshirt doesn’t “bag” like it did a year ago.  Yeah, yeah, I know we just came off of Thanksgiving, but really, 180????  I always told myself that 170 was the cut off number – the number that meant I needed to get off my duff and quick clowning around and get serious, but 180?  What does that number mean?  I know it’s just a number and has no bearing on the kick-ass woman that I am on the inside; I know I’m still one of the “cool kids”, (see how I am trying really hard to pump myself up J ) but I just want to look on the outside how I feel on the inside.  I know I’m Heidi Klum on the inside, but it’s hard to convey that when you have Angela Landsbury staring at you in the mirror!  Okay, I’m only 36, but I feel so matronly–looking, and that’s not the real me.   I have just starting walking/jogging/running and I know it’s going to take time, but I am starting to panic, starting to think that I am going to be this way forever.  I know I’m just a few pounds away from high blood pressure and bad knees (like my mom), so I really want to rein it in now.  First I have to talk myself down off the ledge (not literally) and figure out what I am going to do.  What a crappy Monday.

— September 28, 2007

 I was thinking the other day about why it is so easy for some people to lose weight and so hard for me.  Well, if I am going to be totally honest with myself, it is because while I really want to be healthy and slim, I don’t want to do the things that go along with it.  There. I said it.  I don’t want to change my habits.  I like eating sweets and watching movies on the couch for 2 or 3 hours.  I like reading a book all afternoon.  I like to eat casseroles and brownies.  I don’t like to sweat.  I don’t like spending and hour on the treadmill and I don’t want to have to drive 20 minutes to the nearest walking trail.  I live on a dead end street out in the country, and to walk up and down the road is about as boring as being on the treadmill.  I feel clumsy and awkward doing work out DVDs, so I avoid those like the plague.  I don’t want to take diet pills, or go to meetings, or cut out entire food groups.  Yeah, I know I sound like a spoiled brat, digging in my heels and being stubborn to the detriment of no one but myself.  But that’s how I feel. 

So having said that, I still really want to be happy in this body, and that means getting rid of some of this fat.  Actually, I do love this body, just not the fat that covers it.  So what do I do?  I’m not far enough along in my body acceptance journey to just be happy with what I’ve got, and honestly, I don’t think I ever will be as long as I am this out of shape.  How do I motivate myself to make changes that I don’t want to make?  How do I convince my brain that exercising is more fun than say, sitting at the computer and reading blogs for hours?    I’m just curious if there is anyone out there who started out this way, but overcame their own stubborn will and is now a healthy and happy person.  If you are out there, I would love to hear from you, so feel free to offer any advice you’ve got.  Thanks and have a great weekend!

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