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News Alert — June 23, 2008

News Alert

I forgot to take the morning “pills”.  Guess what?   I did not eat my desk and everything in or on it.  Why is this significant?  Because it reassures me that I can function normally with out the aid of an appetite suppressant.  I’m still going to keep on taking them, at least for a little while longer.  🙂 

I have not walked on my treadmill since last Wednesday.  This is bad because I have come to depend on the good feeling I get from the endorphin rush when I walk.  I also really like the stress relieving affect walking has on me.  By Saturday, I could feel myself getting tense.  By Sunday, I was REALLy cranky and tired.  Today, I”m just down right pissed!   Come hell or high water, tonight I am walking dammit!!  I ♥ my treadmill!!

I saw this on this morning:

fail owned pwned pictures


Hey LauraN does this look familiar???  When I did LA Weightloss (several years ago) there was a mom & pop cafe right next door and you could smell all the down-home cooking wafting through the door.  It wasn’t easy to ignore!

Have a good day everyone!  🙂

Trying to UnGrinch Myself — November 7, 2007

Trying to UnGrinch Myself

I can’t believe the holidaze are upon us already.  Only a few short weeks until Christmas, folks (48 shopping days left)!  I get a little nostalgic thinking about Christmas – it always makes me think of when I was a wee lass (I’m not Scottish, I just like saying “wee”), I loved loved loved all things Christmas.  The twinkling lights, the smell of a freshly cut tree, mom baking all kinds of goodies, and the Big Sears Book of All Things Wonderful!  I would sit for an hour going through the Sears catalogue and circle everything I HAD TO HAVE from Santa.   Now that I am a grown up *snicker*, sadly all I can think about is “how am I going to get everything done?????”  It makes me sad that the holidays don’t intrigue me the way they used to.  I miss being excited about Christmas programs and seeing far away relatives.  I see my kids’ Wish Lists and I groan because last time I checked, there weren’t any money trees growing amongst the pecan trees in my yard.  One of the things that makes me sure I’ll get through it is my rekindled relationship with exercise.  It’s out of the ordinary for me to think “I definitely need to keep working out so that I can manage my stress”, what is ordinary is me saying, “Ugh, I need to work out before Christmas so I don’t gain 10 pounds during the holiday Munch-Fest”.  I refuse to let weight loss be my only reason for working out – it’s just not a good motivator for me, but the other reasons for working out – less stress, more endorphins, a little Me time, those are excellent motivators!  So after I am pumped up on endorphins, I will do those things that my mom did for me – I will make Christmas time magical and fun for my kids.  And I might just enjoy it a little myself this year!

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