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I could call it the “J Team”! — July 31, 2008

I could call it the “J Team”!

Now that July is coming to a close, I can finally focus on shedding some more weight.  It was nice to just sit at my current weight and get comfy with it, and I have learned some things from that.  I learned that just 20 pounds can make a huge difference in how I see and feel about myself, which translates into how I present myself to other people.  I am more relaxed and confident now than I was 6 months ago.  Also I realize that the way I’ve been eating (more protein/less carbs) is becoming easier and makes me feel good.  It’s so much easier to get back on track now that I know what my body needs.  A detour is nice for a short time, but if I stay on that detour, I feel run down and bloated.  The way I get back on track is to just be mindful of the choices I’m making.  Being conscious of the kinds of foods I am eating makes a huge difference in whether or not I’m losing weight. 


And here’s something else I have learned over the last month:  the diet pills* don’t make me lose weight.  Wait a minute… what?   Isn’t that what diet pills are supposed to do?  That’s what I thought too, but what I have discovered is that they help me to NOT gain weight.  They take the edge off of the munchies, but that’s about it.  And for me that’s still pretty big, because the munchies can take over my life if I let them, but I’m kind of glad that even though I have been taking them faithfully, I haven’t lost any weight this month.  The weight that has come off, has been through good old fashioned diet and exercise. 


I started again this week with being more mindful of what and how much I am eating – limiting my snacks to nuts and string cheese or fruit, and I also started working out again.  I ordered this because she recommends it, and who am I to argue with royalty?  When I got the DVD, I watched it all the way through first just to get an idea of what it was all about because I have never kicked or boxed, let alone a combination of the two.  Then I got brave and tried it.  OH MY GOSH IT WAS SO MUCH FUN!!!   I think I have found my inner Grrr with this.  I’m still not terribly quick on my feet, but who knew I could kick like that???  It was an awesome and fun workout and I have done it 3 times already this week.  Even though I am in my air conditioned living room, I still end up totally sweaty and out of breath – I love it!!  So that brings my work out arsenal to two: walking and kickboxing.  Look out, I may just start up the new A Team with my newfound abilities – all I need is a white van and Mr. T and we can fight crime all over the world!  I might also need this – hey it’s my crime fighting team, I can accessorize however I want!!


Anyway, back to getting back into the groove, yeah it’s going well.  I weigh in at the doc’s this afternoon, so I hope to show a little loss.  If not, that’s okay; I know the working out will catch up soon.  Either way I’ll look awesome in my bullet proof bracelet!





*in case you are just tuning in, these are not over the counter diet pills.  They are doctor-prescribed and carefully monitored on a weekly basis by the Nurse Nazi.  Yes, I’m being careful; no I haven’t had any ill side effects.  Thanks for your concern.  Really, I mean that.

News Alert — June 23, 2008

News Alert

I forgot to take the morning “pills”.  Guess what?   I did not eat my desk and everything in or on it.  Why is this significant?  Because it reassures me that I can function normally with out the aid of an appetite suppressant.  I’m still going to keep on taking them, at least for a little while longer.  🙂 

I have not walked on my treadmill since last Wednesday.  This is bad because I have come to depend on the good feeling I get from the endorphin rush when I walk.  I also really like the stress relieving affect walking has on me.  By Saturday, I could feel myself getting tense.  By Sunday, I was REALLy cranky and tired.  Today, I”m just down right pissed!   Come hell or high water, tonight I am walking dammit!!  I ♥ my treadmill!!

I saw this on this morning:

fail owned pwned pictures


Hey LauraN does this look familiar???  When I did LA Weightloss (several years ago) there was a mom & pop cafe right next door and you could smell all the down-home cooking wafting through the door.  It wasn’t easy to ignore!

Have a good day everyone!  🙂

I Puffy Heart You Guys! — June 10, 2008

I Puffy Heart You Guys!


Whew!!!  I was so nervous yesterday when I posted, I was afraid I wouldn’t have any ‘net friends left!!  But once again, you guys proved that bloggers ROCK.   Thanks so much for your kind words and support – it really means more to me than you could know.  (Sniff sniff, I’m getting verklempt!) 


Laura, oh my gosh you made me cackle out loud in my office!!!  I’m so glad my boss didn’t walk in as I was reading this:

It’s totally cool, Jill. In the weight loss gig, you do what you gotta do, as long as it’s legal and your not a meth whore or something stupid, it’s all good. (except for something like that Kimkins crap–have you ever read about these people who eat really low carb AND really low calorie? Like 600 or 700 cals a day and that’s it? And they say they feel great and are losing weight? Yeah, right, that’s because you’re about to shut your body down and it’s giving you happy chemicals so you’ll be prepared to walk toward the light when you die.)”

That is so funny!!!   “Happy chemicals” – HA!!!!!   Thanks for the giggle sistah!! 


And wouldn’t you know it, Vickie summed up my 50,000 word post in one succinct sentence:

I think that it sounds like you are giving yourself an “edge” – something to help you while you get your cooking/eating cleaned up.”

That’s it in a nutshell – this is my edge while I learn to eat like humans are supposed to!!

One of the reasons my doctor has prescribed this plan for me is because he knows that diabetes runs rampant in my family, as well as heart disease, high blood pressure and certain types of cancers.  He really wants me to get my weight under control NOW, as oppposed to when I am 60 – it may be too late by then.  He is a very straight up kind of guy – he doesn’t pull any punches, but he is super nice at the same time.  He wants me to lose about 30 pounds (I’d like to shoot for 40) which would put me at the high end of my healthy target weight according to the BMI charts.  I asked him about gaining the weight back after stopping the pills, and he said, “well, you will gain it back if you don’t change the way you eat!! That’s the whole purpose of this!!”  Knowing that his focus is on eating better, makes it easier for me to trust him on this.  I only expect to be on the pills for a few weeks, I can’t see doing this for months on end, but I hope it will give me a jumpstart.

On the cooking front,  I recently bought this:

Lodge Logic Pre-Seasoned Square Grill Pan

And I love it!  Last night I cooked turkey breast cutlets on it and they turned out soooo good.  I also      cooked some squash and zucchini in a little bit of canola oil with some garlic, and sauteed them until they were golden brown.  It was fantastic! The hubs even liked it, which is very encouraging.  Now I am on the hunt for other great kitchen gadgets that will help me cook better.  I have no idea what I am going to fix for tonight, but a quick search on the internet should take care of that. 

Well, I just wanted to say thanks for being concerned and supporting me on this.  It makes me happy and sad at the same time to know that my staunchest supporters are contained in a little box on my desk!!  Bloggyville is weird like that, huh?   

Later taters!! 

Black Sheep — June 9, 2008

Black Sheep

I have lost 16 pounds since the end of February.  Eight of those pounds were lost over 3 months on Weight Watchers.  The other eight?  Well, do you want the short answer or the long answer? 


The short answer, you say?  The answer is…diet pills.  Now before you all tsk tsk me to death, let’s hear the long answer, shall we? 


The Long Answer:


About three years ago, there was a woman whose son played on my son’s baseball team.  She was about my height and weight and being the two chubby moms on the team, of course we became chatty.  After baseball season, her son went to a different team so I didn’t see her often after that.  I ran into her last summer at a friend’s birthday party and was surprised to see she had dropped about 50 pounds.  I asked her what she had been doing and she just said that she got serious about losing weight and was very careful about what she put into her mouth.  She told me if I ever wanted to talk to her about it I could, but of course I never called her, although I thought of her often over the next several months. Then I ran into her about a month ago at a department store, and told her I really wanted to sit her down and ask her exactly what she did to lose the weight and keep it off.  She confided in me that she had started by seeing her doctor and he prescribed her an appetite suppressant.  She took them for only a short while, until she got started losing, and then she got off the pills and is now just watching what and how much she eats and she is doing very well. 

                When I had my blood work checked a few weeks ago, I was lamenting to my doctor about how I wanted to lose weight, and he said he could put me on a program. I told him I would think about it, and get back to him. After talking to my friend and seeing her results and how she has kept the weight off for over a year now, I decided that I would give it a try. My doctor is a very close family friend, who has known me my whole life, so I trust that he is not going to give me anything that would harm me. I am on a very low dose of appetite suppressant, along with some damn good vitamins (my hair and nails are growing like crazy!), and a high protein eating plan.  I go in once a week and the nurse in charge looks over my food journal, and we talk about how things are going. The food plan they have me on is similar to South Beach, so I’ll get to add the good carbs back in to my diet soon, which, thank God because I’m getting really tired of chicken and salads! 

                I am also learning how to cook. I mean, I am learning to cook real vegetables and real meat, not just opening a box and reheating the processed chunks of whatever is in there.  I always tend to take the easy way out when it comes to cooking – the faster and easier the better.  Now, I am learning to plan ahead and spend a little time on the meals, and (are you ready for this?) I find that I actually sort of like cooking.  I have always thought of meal time as drudgery, but when I am cooking foods that actually taste good, I kind of enjoy it.  Who knew? 

                Honestly, I attribute my weight loss to my new way of eating, more than to the pills.  For the first time in my life, I think I am getting enough protein and I am eating more veggies than I ever have before, and I feel really good.  I am also working out more and that has given me more energy. 

So why didn’t I just stick with WW and learn to eat from that?  Well, I feel like, for me, there was a little too much freedom on WW.  Protein is not really stressed on WW, and sometimes it can be high in points, so I think I would avoid it so I could keep my points low.  I found myself turning to the low- point, overly processed foods to fill me up, which were usually high in carbs, and so did not fill me up for very long.  I was also eating more junk food, because hey, you can have anything on WW as long as you are within your points.  I could have two slices of pizza and a few Chips Ahoy cookies and still be in my points range, but I didn’t feel like this was very healthy.  Not that I am banning those things from my diet forever, but for now, I am better off staying away from them until I can eat them in moderation, and not feel like I need to face plant into the middle of the package. 

I will be very honest here and say thinking about writing this post has caused me much anxiety over the last few days.  When you tell people you are on diet pills, they always make that face, you know the one that says, “Oooohhh, bad idea. Don’t you know any better?”  Diet pills are the black sheep of the weight loss family, and they have a really bad rep, and everyone says that once you go off of them, you’ll gain all the weight back.  I thought that too, which is one reason I have never tried them before, but heck, I lost 25 pounds on WW three years ago, but I gained it all back, so does that mean that WW doesn’t work?  No, it just means I didn’t learn anything from it and went back to my old bad habits. 

I am giving the pills and the new eating plan a shot because I feel like this is my chance to learn how to do it right.  This is my chance to learn how to cook healthy foods, this is my chance to learn how much food I need, not how much food I THINK I need.  This is my chance to see that there is life apart from junk food, and there is much joy to be had without sugar.  This is my chance to see if I can challenge myself by walking faster and farther than I thought I could. 

                I didn’t want to tell you all what I was doing because I was afraid of what you all would think.  But it’s my blog and I wanted to be accountable and it’s just too hard keeping anything from you guys!  So here I am baring my chunky little soul to all of you and hoping that you won’t tell me that I am being naïve or stupid for doing this.  I feel good about my decision and I have not had any ill effects as of yet, and please do me a favor, and DON’T write me telling me all of the bad consequences your friend’s cousin suffered from being on diet pills, or how I am going to start growing hair on my chest, or that I’ll grow an extra limb or something.  I am fully capable of Googling all the effects of the pills myself, if I should choose to do so.  It’s very hard to maintain a weight loss blog and NOT be able to talk about how I am losing, so I knew I would have to come clean eventually. 

I have lost 8 pounds in two weeks, and I fully expect the loss to slow down a bit now, but that’s okay.  I’m on my way, and I feel good about it. 

So, there it is.  That’s the Long Answer, and I’m sure I’ll have more to add to it in the coming weeks.  And if you are still reading this epic novel of a post, thanks for hanging in there til the end, I appreciate it.  😉


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