Bad hair, unfunny, and unevolved – just what you want in a blogger.

Thanks so much for you comments on my last post. I know that exercise and taking care of yourself are BIG ways to ward off stress and/or deal with stress, and I try to do those things, although honestly I have not been exercising very much at all lately. And why do I forget that writing everything out is probably one of my biggest stress relievers? I felt so much better after writing that post the other day. If I were MY VERY BEST SELF I would get up early in the morning and do a little workout, a little meditation, and probably a little bit of journaling (or even blogging), however, I’m still evolving into that person; the person I am now sleeps til the very last minute, says she’ll go for a walk after work (but then doesn’t do it for a variety of reasons excuses), hasn’t meditated in months, and typically goes weeks between blog posts. What can I say? I yam who I yam. Maybe I should do a challenge for a month and actually do the things my very best self up there would do and see what happens?? Hmm…I kind of like the idea of doing that. Anyone want to do it with me? We could do it for the month of July – you can choose whatever behaviors you want to work on and we can reconvene here weekly and report on how it’s going. What say you? Anyone interested?

In other news I’m having a flirtatious relationship with the Curly Girl Method. I just started like…I don’t know…three days ago, maybe? And what I have discovered is that my hair is in terrible shape – it is dry dry dry!! Years of high-heat blow drying and flat-ironing has left my tresses arid and frizzy. I need a serious deep conditioning treatment. Do I have any Curly Girls reading me right now? If so, leave me your best tips for starting out – I’ve already seen some improvement but I could use a little more guidance. My hair is 2b low-porosity fine thin wavy hair, in case that information is useful to you.

And on a completely different note, I think I’ve lost my funny. I’ve noticed over the last few weeks, when I say something that I think is funny, it just falls flat (like my hair). This morning a radio show asked the question “what do you do to embarrass your kids?” (in a fun lighthearted way) so I called in and said that I have teenagers and all I have to do is exist in order to embarrass them. What I expected was “Haha! Teenagers, man! They’re tough!” etc, but instead I got “Awww, that’s so sad. I’m sorry you feel that way. That’s terrible.” Uhhh, what? That was not the way I expected that exchange to go. And they didn’t even use my clip at all! I realized later that the 2 DJs are both in their early 30s – one doesn’t even have kids and the other has a 5 year old, so neither of them has encountered the joy of raising teenagers, but still…  And it’s not just with the DJs, I’ve had conversations with coworkers and family members and either everyone is just over me and I never was funny, or I have just lost my ability to deliver a funny line. I guess I’ll go back to laughing at my own jokes…on the inside…silently…to myself.

Work is calling so I better get to it. Let me know if anyone wants to do a Better Yo’Self Challenge, and also please let me know if you are a Curly Girl or a modified Curly Girl or if you are a Rebel Curly Girl (who completely does her own curly hair method).

Have a great day, friends!




Friday ramblings

The video from yesterday’s post got me all fired up (really, Jill? We couldn’t tell at all!) but I will admit that there are a few magazines that I do like to read. In fact, one of my favorite pastimes is huddling up on my bed spending a leisurely hour flipping through a magazine with a glass of wine by my bedside. And since I’m old and boring now, I tend to read magazines that cater to my middle-agedness, like Good Housekeeping, Oprah’s magazine, and Dr. Oz’s The Good Life (I actually really like his magazine – it has lots of good info and articles). Sometimes there are diet-y articles in these magazines, but I don’t even pay attention to those – I just flip the page and keep on moving. Oh and here’s the best part, I can download current issues of magazines FOR FREE through my local library using the Zinio for libraries app. I think it works better on a tablet than a phone, so keep that in mind if you decide to check it out.

In other news, my hair has decided to be curly again. The curl comes and goes and has done so my whole life. It was curly when I was a wee lass, then it went barely wavy, then in high school when I got a perm, it went from stick straight to CURLY ON STEROIDS and stayed that way for a few years. Then it chilled out and went barely wavy again until I had my last baby and then it decided to be curly again. Then my hormones leveled out and it went back to wavy. I guess I must be going through another hormonal change because for the last month or so I could not get my hair to behave no matter what I did – I blew it dry with a brush, I curled it, I straightened it…all to no avail. It just would not do anything resembling anything that I wanted to leave the house with. So one day last week when I just didn’t feel like fighting the battle that day, I half way dried it with my hairdryer while sort of scrunching it and lo and behold, it didn’t look half bad. I got several compliments that day on how good it looked – I had that whole beachy-wave thing going and I barely put any effort into it. So the next day I did some research on curly hair routines and came up with one of my own that totally works for me. And now I have curly hair again that I love!! My routine is simple and I end up spending far less time in the morning than I did before when I tried to beat my hair into submission. Letting it do its thing within the boundaries I set for it has allowed it to be what it wants to be. Also, I feel like there’s an analogy in there somewhere regarding body image and weight loss and trusting your body to be what it wants within the boundaries you set for it, but I haven’t  had enough caffeine to figure out exactly what it is yet. If you figure it out before I do, let me know.

Are you guys watching This Is Us on NBC on Tuesday nights? Oh gosh, this is my new favorite show. There’s only been 2 episodes so far, so you can still catch up if you haven’t watched it yet (I think you can watch it on or there’s an NBC app you can download too). Good characters, good plot lines, twists that make you want more. I hope they can stay on this path and keep this show feeling real. It’s been a long time since I’ve had a show that was “mine” and I want this to be it.

Volleyball is over now for my high schooler, so I’ll have lots of time in the evenings to chill or read or cook or do whatever. For the last two months, nearly every weeknight has been all about the VBall (except Wednesdays which are all about gymnastics for my middle-schooler). I won’t know what to do with myself and all my free time!! I’ve been reading when I can grab a few minutes but now I’ll have HOURS of free time. Okay, maybe not HOURS but a lot more time than I’ve had for awhile. I actually have some goals for October that I want to attend to: I’m working on putting together a book club for a few friends and myself, and I’m also working on hosting a neighborhood party for the women who live on my street. We’ve had several new folks move in and I think it would be good for all of us to get to know each other. Also, I really want to make exercise a consistent thing. I go at it in spurts – I work out for several days one week, then don’t work out again for 3 weeks, etc – and I’d really just like to figure out how to make it A REGULAR THING in my life. So those are my goals for the next month. Fun stuff, but it’ll take some effort.

I hope you have a good, relaxing weekend full of enjoyable things. Find something this weekend that makes you glad to be alive!