I’ll probably have Carpenter Crack


Gack!!   Is it 3:30 yet??  Cuz that’s when I get to go home and pretend to be Ty from Extreme Makeover.  I pretty much took down my son’s old car bed and put up his new captains bed ALL BY MYSELF!!  And tonight, I’m going to take down my 7yo daughter’s pretty pink and yellow bed (yep, I painted it myself) and put up bunk beds for her and her sister.  Baby girl is now 2.5 and desperately hates the crib, hence the need for bunk beds.  I got a little ahead of myself last night and took down her baby bed and then didn’t get around to assembling the b-beds so she had to sleep on the just the mattress (from the crib) on the floor.  She really liked it and probably thought she was camping or something.  So with cordless screwdriver in hand, I shall conquer my fear of ready-to-assemble furniture and attack the many, many pieces of wood which now occupy my garage.  More than likely I’ll get about ¼ of the way through and decide to hand the whole project over to my husband, but that’s okay – at least I will have made the effort!!  BTW, how many calories are burned doing carpentry work?