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Call a wrecker! — June 19, 2013

Call a wrecker!

You know the analogy that compares straying from your eating plan with getting a flat tire on your car and how you don’t get out and slash the other three tires simply because you have one flat? Well, tonight I not only got a flat tire and slashed the other three, I also keyed the side of my car repeatedly and then kicked out the headlights. Then I tore off the windshield wipers and parked under a tree so a bird could crap on it. 



Superstar!! — July 8, 2008


Wow I am a rock star in the weight loss world!!  Man, I am on fire!!  After my “I did so great all weekend long” post yesterday, I went home and used my super powers to make two (not one, but two) mini cupcakes disappear!  And then I did a perfect swan dive into a pan of brownies, whereupon I won the 500 meter freestyle!  Oh yeah baby – I’M HOT!!  And because I go ALL THE WAY,  I topped that off with a quarter of a giant Hershey bar.  Not a regular size Hershey bar, not even a King size Hershey bar, the kind of Hershey bar that Godzilla would look at and say, “Whoa man! I can’t eat all that!!”  Yeah, THAT size Hershey bar.  I only ate a quarter of it, but hell a quarter of that is like eating a regular size Hershey bar, so that’s really not saying much!  Oh, and just to prove what a Super Nova I am, I also polished off the last cup of Cinnamon Toast Crunch in the box – no milk (because that would mean I might get some nutrients, heaven forbid!!), just the cinnamon crunchy goodness all by itself.  I then spontaneously turned into BloatGirl, whose super power is sitting for an hour watching Oprah while rubbing her distended belly and moaning, all the while wondering if there was anything else left in the kitchen.

I still have no idea what brought all that carnage on.   Usually when I binge like that, there is a reason, but this time  – I got nothin.  Don’t know. Don’t really care. What’s done is done, and I’ll pay my penance on the treadmill this afternoon.  Let’s just hope it doesn’t happen again anytime soon…although there is still 3/4 of a Hershey bar lurking in my cupboard.

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