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June recap — July 3, 2013

June recap

Wow guys, where did the time go? It’s been almost 2 weeks since my last post and I certainly did not intend to go this long between posts.

Lots to catch up on! 

First, a No Junk June recap: the first 2 weeks of June went really, really well. The last 2 weeks didn’t go quite as well, but it was still okay. What I took away from this little experiment is that I enjoy eating healthy and the reason I ever usually turn to junk food is because it is easy. It’s easier and faster to grab a cookie out of the package or to cook a meal from a box than it is to plan and prepare whole foods. But I found that I was less satisfied with the packaged stuff anyway and I really do prefer the taste of fruits/veggies and wholesome meals made from scratch. I also learned that I do like a little indulgence now and then. Indulgences and treats taste so much better when you eat them only 20% of the time vs the 80% I was eating before June. I felt no guilt when I ate the cake pops that my daughter made because I knew that it was a one time treat. I think that is where my balance is going to lie – knowing that as long as I am eating healthy most of the time, there will still be room for treats and sweets occasionally. I’m going to keep this trend going because it makes me feel good AND it makes me happy. It’s a win-win! 

Part of the reason I lost focus at the end of June is because one of my friends discovered a new eating plan that she was super excited about and she wanted me to look into it too. Instead of keeping with what I knew was working, I ventured into this new eating style and it completely screwed up my momentum. The gist of the plan is that you work out and lift heavy and eat a ton of calories. Which is all well and good if you are actually working out and lifting HEAVY, because you need those calories to fuel your badass workouts. The problem is that neither my friend nor myself work out that hard nor do we lift super heavy. My friend has already gained 12 pounds in the last month. I gained one in the last week and I’m already face-palming myself because I liked what I was doing before and I was having some success with it – why mess with that? There’s a lot more to her plan than what I’m describing here, but I realized that it just wasn’t the plan for me. So now I’m back to plain ol’ eating healthy well and working out. 

I will say however, that even though my eating got off track, my workouts are still going strong! I completed one whole month of working out 6 days a week – a freaking miracle if you know me. What’s even weirder is that I really like it! It’s a circuit-type training where you do 30 seconds of strength training then 30 seconds of cardio, and there are about 6 circuits in a typical workout. I started out with 3 pound weights, then moved up to 5 pounds, but I think I’m ready to move up again to either 8 or 10 pounds. I can feel myself getting stronger each week and I’m finally starting to get some more energy, although I will say that going to bed earlier has helped with that too. I’m doing the JNL Fusion DVDs, if you’re interested you can get them here. (in full disclosure, that is a link to my niece’s site. She is a BodyFX coach)

I also have cancelled my Weight Watchers account. I wasn’t losing enough to justify paying $40 a month for the meetings and I intended to just do WW Online, but I haven’t signed up for that yet. Since counting points this time around didn’t make me a crazy person (as per usual), I decided to sign up for My Fitness Pal and just keep track of my calories there. I’m only doing it as a way to observe what I’m eating, not to restrict myself, if that makes sense. Just like the number on the scale, I’m using it as information, not a compass to measure whether or not I’ve been good or bad. If I feel like it isn’t working for me, I’ll sign up for WW Online, but for now I’m doing okay with it. 

I wonder though, why I did so well on WW for the first month, but couldn’t seem to keep it going after that? I lost 6 pounds that first month and it felt so easy, so effortless. After that I just felt like trying to stay within my points was like running through mud – I just couldn’t get my mojo going for the next 4 months. It’s a mystery to me. 

I’m off work tomorrow (Happy Independence Day America!) and Friday (Happy Vacation Day Me!!) and I plan on keeping up with my workouts and my healthy eating. There will probably be a dessert at some point, but I don’t plan on making the entire 4 days an excuse to gorge myself. I have no desire to do that anymore. (Whaaat????)

It’s like I don’t even know who I am anymore!! But that’s okay, I kinda like this new girl who is starting to emerge. 🙂

Happy 4th of July tomorrow to those of you in America, and to those of you outside of the U.S., um…happy Thursday!! 


No Junk June — June 3, 2013

No Junk June


So, according to the calendar on my wall it’s June. According to my internal calendar, it’s still March. Can someone get those two to sync up? That’d be great, thanks.

Anyway, the fabulous Kyra and I are doing a sort of challenge to get our rears in gear: No Junk June. We’re trying to cut out all the bad stuff and focus on eating good wholesome foods, so for the month of June, I am going to cut out sugary treats/snacks and processed foods (as much as I can). I’m pretty sure this is going to be a learning curve for me since I’ve been eating processed foods for approximately 40 years. Can this old dog learn new tricks? Stay tuned to find out!

I’m also starting a new set of fitness DVDs that my niece loaned me. It’s called JNL Fusion and from what I can tell they are along the lines of interval/circuit workouts, and they’re approximately 30 minutes in length. I’ve done one of them and although it was challenging, it wasn’t unbearable. I have hope that I can make it through without, ya know, dying. There are 13 (maybe 14) different discs and there’s a schedule to follow that tells you which disc to do on a certain day. It’s a 60 day program, so I hope that at the end of the 60 days I’ll look like a fitness model. Ha! Is there such a thing as plus size fitness models? There should be!! I’m actually just hoping I can stay with it for the full 60 days. Anyone wanna take bets on how long I last  join me in my quest? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller???

I need to dangle a carrot in front of myself to make myself stick with it. Some kind of fun reward I can look forward to – any ideas?

I’ll report back and let you know how things are going with both the DVDs and with the food. It should be interesting to say the least!

Clean and easy — May 20, 2013

Clean and easy

Hey Guys!

So you may have noticed I was MIA last week. I just need to take a little time and get my head together. Oh and get over a particularly nasty stomach bug. Blech. I’m feeling much better now though, thankfully. 

My last post – the “she’s stuck between…” image that I posted – didn’t really convey exactly where I was. I didn’t look at that quote as a bad thing or in a negative light; in fact it was very hopeful to me. I wasn’t actually stuck; I was in a state of knowing that things were going to be different. Instead of the word “stuck” I think I was actually just pausing and saying goodbye to where I had been before moving forward to where I am going. I can’t be the person I used to be – I’m not 20 or 30 or even 39 anymore, so what worked for me then doesn’t work for me now – and I haven’t quite entered into the person I want to be yet, so for several days I mulled over what I needed to do, what I needed to let go, and which direction I wanted to take. I don’t for one minute believe that I have it all figured out, but at least I know which way I need to be headed.

Like I said, I was down with a stomach virus all of last weekend and the first half of last week, which was actually a blessing in disguise because as a result of eating nothing for 3 days, I got the chance to reset some eating habits. I’ve cut way down on the sugar and the processed foods and have been eating as cleanly as I can. That’s not to say I’m 100% clean, but maybe 70%, which let’s face it, is a freaking miracle for me. I’ve always heard of the benefits of eating clean – more energy, better skin, better sleep – but you know what goes along with better sleep? Better waking!! For the last 6 days, I have woken up before my alarm and it was almost easy for me to get out of bed. Let me say that again so you can fully grasp the depth of meaning here…


This is huge people. It is worth it to me to skip the ice cream (and any other junk) if it means I will wake up feeling rested and ready to go. Usually I wait until the very last possible minute to make myself get out of bed, but lately I wake up and stretch and actually have a couple of minutes to become conscious and think about my day before the alarm rings. This is such a great feeling; I can’t even really describe accurately how it makes me feel. Almost…dare I say it? Adult-like?

As far as my weigh ins are concerned, before the stomach bug got me, my head was in a very confused bad place and I ate my way up to 194.2 (that was 5/11/13’s weight) – then the bug hit just a few hours after my weigh in and I ate little more than dry toast and 7 up for 3 days. When I started feeling better, I adjusted my eating so that I was eating lots of veggies/fruit/lean proteins and my weight at Saturday’s meeting was back down to 190.4. I know it was a bunch of water weight that I lost, but I was afraid that I would go right back up to 194 and that hasn’t happened. I’m keeping a watchful eye on my points and being judicious about how I spend them. I hope to have another loss this weekend on the scale.

In my quest to rid myself of sugar, I discovered a few packets of Truvia in the dark recesses of my pantry and I also bought a box of Stevia when I shopped on Saturday. I have decided that Stevia (and its name brand twin Truvia) tastes awful. Awful awful awful! The aftertaste is just too chemical-y and bitter to me. I’d rather lick a tire than have to consume it on a regular basis. I may have to give up coffee because I need a little sweet stuff in my morning java (along with half & half) and drinking it without sugar is just not worth the effort. I don’t know what I’m going to do about that yet. I so look forward to coffee first thing in the morning! I had hoped that I could hang on to the coffee a little while at least, but…I don’t know.

So that’s where I am right now. In a good, happy place where I have to continually say NO. NO NO NO NO NO NO when I see tempting treats or when I want to go down the easy (read: boxed) road at dinner time. I’m happy to do it though if it means I can reap the benefits of feeling healthy and sane. 🙂

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