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Therapy Thursday – Transitioning

Sometimes when I don’t blog for several days or a couple of weeks, it’s either because not much is going on and I don’t have anything to say, or it’s because I have lots of things that I want to tell you, but I just haven’t had the time or inclination to sit down and thoughtfully compose a post that…

Stupid Black & White Swimsuit

Happy Post Labor Day!! Who’s still exhausted from the weekend? *Raises hand* I had a great weekend, but man…it seems like having fun wears me out and it takes a while to recover. But it’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make. 🙂 So, an interesting situation happened on Saturday. The fam and I went out in the boat for a little…


I noticed a few things over the weekend – some delighted me, some bothered me.  First the delightful: I have reached that sweet spot where I am now cognizant of the fact that good food makes me feel good, and not only that, my taste buds prefer it. I keep trying to give my old favorites (read: processed/sugary) second, third,…


If you want to see what happiness looks like

Click on the title of this post and it will take you to a gallery page of incredible photos of beautiful moms. There is so much love and sweetness in these photos, you can’t help feeling happy after looking through them! 

I don’t know about you, but it helps me tremendously to see the bodies of average, ordinary, not-supermodel women having a good time in their own skin. 


Thin Day, Fat Day

Last week I went and did a little shopping because I found I had a couple of hours of unexpected free time and some tax refund money burning a hole in my pocket. (99% of the time, I either have time but no money for shopping OR plenty of money but no time. This time the planets all aligned in such…

Pictures of the Past

I found this photo whilst cleaning out from under my bed (oh mercy, the dust bunnies…so many dust bunnies) and I honestly do not remember this picture being taken. This was from a weekend getaway my husband and I took to celebrate our 10 year anniversary back in 2006 when we decided to go horseback riding (apparently I thought I…

A Battle of Jills

Hello Lovelies! Are you all surviving in the Arctic tundra that is the United States these days? Brrr!!! I talked with Amanda again on Monday and had a very productive session. We talked about how I’ve been struggling lately and what happens when I find myself in the moment of temptation, which is this: I get involved in a land…

I need you to watch this video and then watch it again


This chick? With her madd dance skillz and the ferocity on her face towards the end? Gave me chills! I feel like this whole dance is giving the bird to everyone who ever made her feel “not good enough” throughout her whole life. She’s my new favorite badass. 🙂

I might have cried while watching this. Sometimes something hits you right in the feels and you can’t ignore it.

Not sure if SFW – nothing bad in it but if you’re concerned, you might want to wait til you get home to watch it.

The Benefits List, PF Relief, & An Ego Stroke

As promised here is my “Benefits of Not Eating This Junk Food Right Now” list. I appreciate the comments and suggestions you all made to help me with this. This list is for those times when I’m not hungry, it’s not a special occasion, and I’m just looking for some sugary/salty entertainment for my mouth. If you think of anything…

Psychological Warfare

I seem to be on a blogging binge! Three posts in three days – what?!? Let’s just roll with, shall we? 🙂 We’ve all seen a “Benefits of Weight Loss” or “Benefits of Exercise” list before either here on the internet or in a magazine or possibly even at your local gym. I like these lists because they remind me…

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