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August/Summer recap — August 30, 2019

August/Summer recap


You know, I keep thinking that things will slow down and I’ll get back to my snail’s-pace-life pretty soon, but that doesn’t seem to be happening. I think this is just my life now. Or maybe it’s just the pace of summer and things will naturally slow down once it gets cold. Whatever happened to those hazy crazy lazy dayz of summer? I don’t feel like I got very many of those lazy days and I’m just a tad bit resentful about it. I’d like to speak to a manager about this, please.


Life has not been all bad, not at all, it’s just that there doesn’t seem to be a lot of downtime anymore.  I didn’t even read much this summer and my hand-lettering has suffered as well – it just seemed like there wasn’t a lot of time to sit and just BE. I hate it that the two things I love most to do, I just couldn’t seem to make time to do them. I was pretty intentional about spending a few hours in the pool at least once a week – just floating and listening to the birds was restorative and meditative in a way that I couldn’t find anywhere else – if it isn’t raining, I plan on spending my Labor Day floating for a few hours and soaking up that last little bit of summer. 

My Dad is doing well with his chemo – his last chemo appointment is in a week and then we’ll see where we are with that. His cancer is shrinking, so that’s good, but the chemo just wipes him out and he feels really weak most of the time. Hopefully he’ll get to stop the chemo and that will help him feel better.

School has started again around here (tangent: why do we have to start school in August?? It’s still so freakishly hot!! Can we not push it back until after Labor Day?)  – my youngest is a freshman in high school and my middle is a freshman in college. We moved my second baby bird out of the nest to her school an hour away (pro tip: bring a dolly or a platform cart for move-in day – parking will be scarce and it will be hot and you will all be cranky – make things as easy as possible for yourselves!!).

Final hug before driving away. 

After a rough start with a poorly-matched dorm roommate (she just got a new roommate this week – thankfully), my daughter is getting used to the rhythm of dorm life and college classes. My oldest is working for my husband and living on his own – which he loves – so we are down to one kid at home. The groceries in the house last considerably longer now!! 🙂

One thing I did well in August was to figure out how to stop being so tired all the darn time. I’ve added some supplements and stopped using my snooze button. I try to get up when the first alarm goes off and I don’t hit snooze – turns out, hitting the snooze button makes you more tired than if you just get up when that first alarm rings. As a life-long snoozer, I am amazed at how different my mornings are now! I’m taking a B-Complex supplement, an adrenal supplement, an iron supplement, a 5htp supplement, and just eating better in general. I walk or do yoga when I can and I will say I am noticing a difference. I also in the last couple of days have started using breathe-right strips and wow! I’m sleeping so much better at night. I’m not exactly energetic, but at least I don’t feel so completely exhausted all the time now, which is a nice change.

That’s my wrap up of August and generally the summer. I have an idea for a posting schedule for the fall, but I’m not going to make any promises (been there, broke that).  I think my Autumn Intention is going to be to fit in the things I love to do: blogging, reading, and hand-lettering and if I have to pencil them in to my schedule to make it happen, so be it. I got a nice new planner and it’s just begging to be filled up with fun activities!

So what about you? How was your August? Do you have anything you want to make happen this fall?












Help for Back to School Woes, Alternatively Titled: Jill Goes Shopping on Amazon. — August 15, 2018

Help for Back to School Woes, Alternatively Titled: Jill Goes Shopping on Amazon.

Well, here we are. Another summer in the books and school activities already in full swing. My kids start school tomorrow but they’ve been having practices and games for weeks now, so as much as I tried to deny the month of August, I’m afraid it is here to stay. To celebrate (bemoan?) the start of a Shiny New School Year, I decided to list some things that might help ease the pain a bit. If you have a student or know of one, email this post to them, or if you’ve been out of school for awhile, feel free to keep these ideas for yourself and pretend you’ve got a clean slate going forward. (Side note: Back to School time is a great time to start again – take up that project you’ve been putting off, go buy yourself some new clothes, go to an office supply store and ooh and aah at all the nifty organizing gadgets. Make this a time for new beginnings if you wish.)

If you’re going to have a successful year, you need to get organized. If you want to really crush it and don’t like keeping your life in a phone calendar, and prefer old school planners, I’ve seen this one in a few different places on social media lately and it looks pretty good. The Panda Planner claims to be the “best daily calendar and gratitude journal to increase productivity, time management, and happiness.” Wow. That’s a pretty hefty claim. This is an undated 3-6  month calendar that lets your review your morning and evening, lists your priorities, and helps you break down your projects and goals into manageable chunks.
I think it would be super helpful if you have a lot going on and really need to drill down into certain aspects of your day – and if you wanted to spend some time really reflecting on how you use your time.

Next up, and in relation to getting organized, you might be in the market for a new desk on which to do your studying (or pretending to study, whichever the case may be). This is a desk my middle-schooler has picked out in anticipation of getting her own room when her older brother moves out of the house in a couple of months (God willing).

It’s kinda cute, isn’t it? If it were me, I’d want some drawers because I like to hoard office supplies, but if you’re going for a minimalist look, I think this would suffice. Oh, and here’s the chair she picked out to go with it:

She has this whole white-grey-rose gold aesthetic look going lately. (Sister is going to have to get herself a job to afford the lifestyle she wants, is all I’m saying.) Actually, these pieces aren’t terribly expensiveand would make a nice-looking set if you’re in the market for such things.

Here’s something I thought was very cool and handy for those mornings when you just can’t decide if you should wear that new scarf or not. The Amazon app has a feature for Prime members called Outfit Compare that lets you take a photo of 2 different looks, and send them to a fashion consultant who will tell you which look is better for you. For example, let’s say you got some cute new skinny jeans and you can’t decide if you should wear a flow-y tunic or a form fitting tank top with them…take the pics, send them through the app, and soon your fashion consultant will tell you which one looks better on you. I haven’t used this feature yet, but I think it’s a great idea because sometimes your BFF might have forgotten to charge her phone and you’re stuck in a dressing room trying to find the right suit to wear to an interview and you’ll be in that dressing room FOR-FREAKING-EVER trying to decide and you’ll be all sweaty and frustrated and you don’t understand WHY she doesn’t text you back already…Anyway, with this feature, you’ll have your answer…well I don’t know how long it takes to get an answer, but probably a lot faster than your BFF with her dead phone will take.

My high-schooler has talked about meal prepping her school lunches this year. She has declared that she is DONE with cafeteria food and wants to bring her lunch every day, so I thought about ordering this set and this set


for her to use. And who am I kidding? I would use them too because I bring my lunch to work every day anyway and I deserve nice glass wear too!! And now that I think about it, I could really use a new lunch tote (I started to say lunch box, but I’m not in 5th grade anymore and do kids bring lunch boxes anymore???) (Random bit of info: I had a Charlies Angels lunch box when I was a kid. Not a plastic one, a real metal one because that’s all we had back in the 70s/80s and we were happy to have them!!)

So let’s look for a cool lunch b…tote, shall we? (Click on the pictures for prices)

This one is kinda cool:

Oooh, I like this one:

Oh my gosh this one is adorable!!

Seriously, some of these look like handbags that I would carry instead of a carrier for a sandwich!

In the mood for something a little more groovy? Here’s ya tote!


Whoa…check this one out…this is almost too pretty for a pbj sandwich:

I think I really like that square striped tote with the flower the best. Might just have to order that for m’self.

And since I was on Amazon Back to School page, I noticed they have a deal where your teen can get their own log in, shop for what they want, and get it approved by you via text message. This means they can do their own Back to School shopping while you sit in your favorite chair, sipping your favorite beverage, and feeling so happy that you no longer have to remember the Pythagorean theorem because you are an adult who already did her time in school. Here’s where you can get more info. 

Well okay then! This turned into kind of a long post but I hope you found it helpful and maybe found something you could treat yo’self with *coughKateSpadeLunchTotecough*, even if you aren’t in school.

Just for fun: Tell me in the comments what was your favorite thing about Back to School OR tell me what kind of lunch box you had when you were a kid. 🙂


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It is not August. — August 1, 2018

It is not August.

Nope. It’s not August. It’s June 20-something-th and we are smack dab in the early-middle of summer with puhlenty of time to go before the craziness of back-to-school begins.

pair of red and white low top sneakers
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Please do not mess with my delirium. It’s so nice and denial-y here.

I am not ready. I am not ready for the rodeo that is the beginning of another school year. We took our summer vacation in the middle of July and once we got back it felt like summer was already over. My two youngest kids have activities and practices that start at the end of July and from there it’s just GO GO GO until the middle of next May. I know that someday I will miss all of this hustle and bustle, but what I really want to hang onto are the lazy days of summer with my kids. I want more late evening swims, more sitting and talking on the patio, more going to the movies on a Tuesday night, more chasing fireflies in the front yard…just more of all that. I’m not ready to run at a full gallop, I just want to trot along for a little while longer.

animal silhouette horizon horse
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This is going to be an interesting year. My oldest is thinking about moving out and getting his own place (he’s 21, it’s time). He’s taking a year off from college to figure out if he wants to continue with his major or do something different. He was going to a small, local university (that’s why he still lives at home) but he felt like he was missing out on the college experience and he felt like he wasn’t learning what he needed to be learning. He’s got some big decisions to make. My middle daughter will be a senior in high school – a year that goes by really fast and tends to be really expensive. She’s so ready to be done with high school and I’m excited for her to go to college and meet new people and have new experiences. My youngest is starting 8th grade – the middle-est of the middle school years – and is a cheerleader and has more makeup and fashion sense than I’ll ever have in my whole life. So if everything goes according to plan, two of my kids will be moved out by this time next year and I’ll only have one baby bird still in my nest. I’m not sure how to feel about that.

bird egg single abandoned
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I just want summertime to last a little while longer. Just a little longer.




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