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Bonjour! — January 20, 2009


Bonjour Mes Amies!! 

I like to throw in a little French every now and then just so I can prove to my dad that college education wasn’t a waste of time.  I mean, all the life lessons I learned – how to properly pour a beer,  how to thrive on Hideaway Pizza, Cocoa Puffs, and Spaghettios,  how make one load of laundry last two weeks – were totally worth the thousands and thousands of dollars spent.  And oh yeah, that little bit of French I learned is SO valuable here in Oklahoma (that was sarcasm in case you didn’t catch that).  If I had it to do over again, I would have majored in something fun like Theater, or Graphic Design, or something useful like Health and Nutrition, because I am all about health and nutrition these days (see? There was a point to all that rambling about college!).  Part of the reason I love January is that all of North America is on the Healthy Bandwagon – everyone is vowing to eat right and exercise…at least until Valentine’s Day.  But you, dear readers, and I will have butt-prints embedded on that bandwagon because we are in it for the long haul, no? Bien sur!  We are on a quest for good health and though we may falter at times, we always,  ALWAYS pick ourselves up and keep moving forward.  Just remember that when your someone special wants to take you out for a big steak dinner and dessert on Valentine’s Day.  😉

On Saturday I got so fed up at the lack of good food in the house, I went to Wal-Mart and spent an obscene amount of money on all the healthy foods I could think of.  I bought lots of veggies, lots of fruits, yogurt, string cheese, cottage cheese, whole wheat flour, whey protein, and lots of other yummy good-for-you stuff.  I can’t tell you how much better I feel just after 3 days of eating non-crap.  I do have a question for those of you in the know – I know that it is recommended to eat fish at least a couple times a week, but does freshwater fish like Crappie and Bass count?  Do they have the same omega-3s that other fish have?  Since I am married to Daniel Boone, we have LOTS of crappie in the freezer, and since we almost always fry it, I rarely fix it anymore (fried foods like that make my stomach hurt).  But we have all this fish at our disposal and if we could get some benefit out of it by baking it or grilling it, I would definitely prepare it more often.  A quick Google search didn’t turn up much.  I did find one article that said Crappie is nutritious, and it touted the benefits of omega 3 acids but it didn’t directly link Crappie with omega 3’s.  It did say however, that crappie tend to not absorb a lot of the contaminates in freshwater like say, catfish.  So that’s good news, but I want to know just how nutritious Crappie is.  If you know, could you enlighten me?  DB would be thrilled if we ate fish more often, even if it isn’t fried.

On the fitness front, I am in mourning over the death of my treadmill (yes STILL).  Gilad is great for strength training, but I don’t really work up much of a sweat.  I need more than 18 minutes of activity to really work up a good sweat.  I stumbled upon this yesterday and it looks like it might be a good set up.  For $20 a month, you get a new workout custom made for you every 4 weeks.  It includes a personal trainer DVD, a cardio DVD and a strength training DVD I think.  It’s a good price and I like that you get a new one every month for 20 months.  Anyone ever tried this?  I just worry that I won’t like the cardio (visions of Denise Austin dance in my head) and so I wouldn’t do it.  I am really tempted to do this, but with the money I would spend on this, I could just go out and buy a treadmill.  I think that’s one of my faults – I overanalyze and worry that if I spend the dough, I’ll be sorry later.  I’m going to overanalyze it a little bit more and then I’ll decide.

Today’s shout out goes to the avocado.  It all started with guacamole, which I love probably a little too much, and now my latest obsession has turned to eating avocadoes raw, right out of the skin.  It’s so creamy and indulgent, and I love it.  I try to keep it to a quarter or half an avocado at a time, but I could see myself eating two or three a day. Pretty soon you may see me entering avocado rehab.  J’adore l’avocat!  See Dad, I’m using my French degree!!

Have a good day kids!


PS.  I almost forgot!  Check back later this week for a book review (not the Toxic Fat book, a different one) AND a giveaway!!   Woo!!

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