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Insoles and Beyond Review and GIVEAWAY! — March 5, 2014

Insoles and Beyond Review and GIVEAWAY!

Since I’ve been dealing with the lovely condition known as Plantar Fasciitis, I have become very interested in insoles. So much so that nowadays I only wear two pair of shoes – my Sketcher’s and my running shoes – because I simply cannot deal with uncomfortable shoes. I’m happy to say that while my PF has gotten markedly better in the last couple of months, I still want my feet to be as comfy as possible. So when Ashley at Insoles and Beyond ( emailed me with an offer to try a pair of their insoles, I jumped on it!

Insoles and Beyond is a small, family owned company out of Chapel Hill, NC and I am all about supporting small businesses. I much prefer to deal with a small business whenever I can so I am happy to promote this company. Ashley was easy to work with and offered suggestions of the type of insoles I might like based on my needs. Ordering from their website was easy and the shipping was fast (and also free for all US orders!). I had no issues, but I’m fairly certain that if I’d had any, Ashley would have been available to help solve them.

Insoles and Beyond offers many types of insoles – for running, for everyday wear, for work shoes…pretty much any need you have, they’ll have an insert to meet your need.

I ordered the currexSole RunPro Medium, based on Ashley’s recommendation for an insole to go in a running shoe that would also be good for PF. I put these insoles in my current running shoes and man, they felt good!! For the first time in a long time, I noticed zero foot pain while on the treadmill. I am very happy with these insoles, and I will probably order more insoles to go in other shoes (I hate having to keep switching out insoles to go in other shoes, and besides I think it’s better to give insoles a day’s rest in between wearings).

currexSole RunPro Med
These are the insoles I have – easy to customize the fit and super comfy!

So that’s my experience with Insoles and Beyond. Want your own experience? Lucky you!! Insoles and Beyond has agreed to give one of you a store credit* of $50 so you can order your own insoles!! All you have to do to enter is this:

Follow us on Twitter
Sign up for the newsletter (on their home page,
Leave a comment on the FB page
Then come back here and let me know that you did all of that. It might seem like a lot, but really it only takes a couple of minutes to do all that (assuming you don’t get sidetracked and spend an hour on facebook, then another hour on twitter like I do). 🙂 If you don’t have a Twitter or Facebook account, that’s okay, just let me know in the comments. I want everyone to have a chance to win.
You have until Wednesday night (3/12/14) at midnight to enter and I’ll announce the winner sometime on Thursday (3/13/14).
So go have a look at their website and enter the giveaway. Insoles are one of those things you don’t really think about until you HAVE to have them. I say, don’t wait until you have foot pain – go ahead and make your feet comfy NOW.
*Giveaway prizes have no cash value and can only be used to buy merchandise
FTC disclosure: I was offered any pair of insoles from to try for free in exchange for my review. All opinions are my very own. Giveaway to be fulfilled by 
PopChips are chipalicious! — November 22, 2010

PopChips are chipalicious!

Okay so waaaay back in September, I got the opportunity to try some PopChips. I had heard about them on other blogs, but since they are not offered in my area, I had never partaken of the chippy goodness.  I was sent several different types to try:

they even included a chip clip!


– from original plain to salt and vinegar, and you bet your sweet patootie that I tried each one several times.

I think that out of the seven different flavors – Original, BBQ, Salt & Vinegar, Black Pepper, Sour Cream and Onion (or was it chive?), Cheddar, and Sea Salt – my favorites were (drum roll please)

salty and vinegary - yum!


I'm an original!



I don’t know how they make these chips – they say they aren’t fried or baked,  so what else is there? Pressure cooker?  I don’t know, but what I do know is that these things are as addictive as regular chips.  A definite trigger food for me, so it’s lucky I can’t get them all the time. These would be great though if you are having a party or just want a crispy snack.  I liked them and would probably buy them, especially if I had a coupon, which luckily for you all, I just happen to have a few coupons to give away! (Nice segue, huh?!)

Yes, kiddos, I have TWO sets of coupons to send to TWO lucky winners !  Each winner will get:

1) Coupon for a Free Bag

1) Coupon for Buy One Get One Free Bag

1) $1 Off a Bag of Popchips


If you want to be entered, leave a comment below. That’s all you have to do. I’ll take entries until midnight Friday 11/26/10, and then the winner will be selected via the Random Number Generator. Or I’ll have one of my kids pull your name out of a hat, whichever I feel like. I’ll email the winners and they will have one week to get me their address then I will put the coupons in the mail. These coupons expire on 12/31/10 so you need to get me your email asap if you are a winner.  Okiedokie?!

Let the comment floodgates open!


(oh yeah, FTC, these PopChips were sent to me to try for free. The giveaway for coupons is my idea since I can’t use them in my area. Anything else you want to know?)

The times, they are iChangin’. — February 12, 2010

The times, they are iChangin’.

So I’ve been trying to write a wrap-up post of my experience with iChange for about 3 days now and I just can’t seem to get it right. 

The reason I can’t get it right is because I”m not finished with iChange and it’s not finished with me. You see, we have developed a little bit of a relationship, and our mutual fondness for each other has grown into something…more.  Oh, I know it’s crazy to have feelings for a whole entire website, but I can’t help it. If loving iChange is wrong, I don’t wanna be right!

Seriously,  I like iChange. A lot.  Have you ever walked into a party full of people you don’t know, and by the end of the night they have made you feel like one of their own? That’s how I feel with iChange – they have embraced my crazy self and let me jump right in the ding-dang middle of them. What started out as “explore the site and tell us what you think” has morphed into a “hey Jill, come on in and put your feet up!” kind of thing.  My experience with them has been fun and exciting and just all around good. 

I’ve lost 4 pounds and 5 inches since I started with iChange just over a month ago. That may not sound like much, but when you consider I dealt with 2 Lady Times, a kitchen remodel, and my son’s birthday cake within those 30 days  I think  that’s pretty amazing actually.  And I am learning things about my body that I hadn’t put together before, like how drinking water affects my energy, and exercise is like taking medication – it works great if you do it regularly, but not doing it makes you feel “off”. 

The iChange website it easy to use, easy to navigate, and they love hearing feedback about how to improve it.  The experts are super nice and helpful, and the community there is so encouraging. I’m in a new group called the Emotional Eating Group (I know! Right up my alley) and then there is going to be a Maintenace Group as well.  The experts are there to hold your hand while you go through this weight loss business – they really are good at helping you stay on track. 

iChange’s future looks very bright and I’m excited to be a part of something that has the promise of taking off very quickly.  I think you’ll be hearing a lot about it in the days and months to come, and you can say you heard about it here first!  I’m going to be involved in some new things happening there (more on that later!!), and yes just like a teenager with a dreamy new boyfriend, I’ll probably be talking about iChange a lot around here, so if you get sick of hearing me talk about it,  just email me and tell me to knock it off.  I can’t promise I will, but hey, you can try!!

So that’s it I guess. Like I said, this won’t be the last time you hear about iChange from me, and I hope don’t come across as an Overzealous Makeup Salesperson (I know you all know what I’m talking about!), and if I do, you have my permission to NOT make eye contact with me  when you see me at the store (cause I know that’s what you all do too, when you see those women coming!!) 

I hope you all have a great weekend – it’s a long weekend for me – YAY!!!!!!!   🙂

Secret Agent Sassy Pear and the Stratys3 Mission — November 1, 2009

Secret Agent Sassy Pear and the Stratys3 Mission

It was a dark and stormy night. Super Agent Sassy Pear had received the package earlier that day, but had to wait until her unsuspecting husband had left the house before she could begin her latest secret mission. Agent SP stealthily made her way to the Secret Lair (which was cleverly disguised as an ordinary bathroom) where she could open the box in private. The box was plainly wrapped, but the contents inside were anything but ordinary, for this box contained the new Vaseline Sheer Infusion with Stratys3 lotions.

(cue suspicious ominous music) DUN DUN DUN!

Secret Agent SP read the note from Secret Agent Katie who worked for the very prestigious RocketXL Agency (cleverly disguised as a PR firm) and finally understood the mission at hand: test the lotions and give her opinion – the good, the bad, and the ugly truth – she was to hold nothing back.  This would be difficult for Agent SP, for she truly wanted to love these lotions, all of them, but with such a complex name as Stratys 3, she wasn’t sure what to make of it. She flipped the lid open on the first scent: Vitamin Burst, and it was as she expected – a burst of citrus, but not overpowering, which was a good thing because she didn’t want to smell like her furniture cleaner. Next up was the Botanical Blend, the familiar waft of flowers filled her nose. Nice, but Agent SP isn’t really a flower girl, not since she gave up the life of a hippie chick all those years ago. Finally was the Mineral Renewal. Hmmm, “What does a mineral smell like?” she thought, as she lifted the bottle to her perky upturned nose.  “Ahhh, it smells like heaven!” A little tropical, she recognized the hint of plumeria and was instantly transported back to the mission in Hawaii where she had a secret tryst with Kai, the secret agent stationed there. She remembered his soft silky hands and the way he lei’d her that evening… The rest of this sentence has been edited for content and time and complete irrelevance to the product review at hand.

 *Ahem, is it a little warm in here? Sorry!*

Anyway, Secret Agent Sassy Pear then put the Stratys 3 Sheer Infusion lotion to the real test: The Skin Test.  She applied the lotion to her dry, thirsty skin. It went on smooth and absorbed quickly, and then she went to bed – if the lotion could pass the all night sheet and blanket test, she would be sold. Agent SP awoke the next morning and ran her hand across her arm – it still felt silky smooth! She wore the lotion every day for the next week, trying the different scents but always coming back to the Mineral Renewal because of  the warm thoughts of Kai  the wonderful scent. The three varieties seemed to work the same, but there was one thing that troubled Agent SP. She really didn’t want to say anything negative about the lotion of which she had become rather fond, but more than anything she wanted to be honest, so she forced herself to face the truth. The only drawback she could find was that the Stratys 3 seemed to work a little too well.  While her skin felt wonderfully moisturized, whenever she put on her Secret Agent Clothes her skin felt a little too dewey. Not sticky or greasy, just …damp, which she guessed might be a good thing for someone with very very dry skin, but for her was a little much.  She decided she would probably really like this in summer when shorts and tanks are in season, and she might even need it during the cold hard winter when her skin begins to resemble that of Super Agent Allie Gator.

Agent SP decided that she liked the lotions for occasional use, like after shaving and even after the elusive “bath after the kids have gone to bed” which doesn’t happen nearly as often as she would like. She also decided that she would make known the secrets of Stratys3 to all the Other Secret Agents who might be reading this Super Secret Message: WARNING! This message will self-destruct as soon as you have finished reading it!! (Well not really, but it sounds good) Secret Agent SP hoped that her collegues had their  Little Orphan Annie Secret Agent Decoder Rings out so they could decode this not-so-secret message:

New Vaseline® Sheer Infusion™ with Stratys-3™ body lotion is a breakthrough in moisturizing technology that delivers superior moisture across all skin’s layers of skin.

Stratys-3™, the most powerful, patented moisturizing complex on the market, combines three ingredients that infuse and suspend moisture across the skin’s top, core and deep down layers. This results in unprecedented hydration leading to better, more healthy moisturized skin and an unmatched silky skin feel.  Clinical studies show that more hydration leads to improved skin softness, smoothness and quicker elimination of dry skin.

More information on this new Super Agent of Moisturizers can be found at All the pertinent info plus  cool videos, coupons and a spa getaway contest are located there.

Super Agent Sassy Pear was satisfied that she had completed her mission successfully – and she wondered what her next mission would entail. She hoped it would involve chocolate and a certain Hawaiin Secret Agent, but only time would tell…

And the SuperHero Tea goes to… — September 25, 2009
The tea of superheroes — September 23, 2009

The tea of superheroes

Remember when I did this review a few months ago?

Well it seems those POMwonderful folks are at it again – this time in the form of tea. I wasn’t sure what to expect from POMx tea, I mean I liked the POM juice and all, but tea? Tea seems to be all the rage these days, so I thought I would give this tea made from pomegranates a try. I hollered at my kiddos assembled my team, and we did our own taste test/review of 5 different POM tea flavors.

The first thing I liked about this tea is the name: POMx Tea, the Antioxidant Super Tea! Sounds like a drink that would be served at the Hall of Justice, right?! I’ll bet this is how Wonder Woman has kept her girlish figure all these years! Anyway, who wouldn’t feel like a superhero after drinking something called Antioxidant Super Tea!?! So the kiddos and I my super elite team of taste testers tasted these five flavors:

Pomegranate Lychee Green POMx Tea (sounds fancy, huh?)

Pomegranate Peach Passion White POMx Tea (that name makes me feel naughty-teehee!)

Pomegranate Blackberry POMx Tea (blackberry is so cool, it doesn’t need a fancy moniker)

Light Pomegranate Hibiscus Green POMx Tea (whew that’s a mouthful!)

Light Pomegranate Wildberry White POMx Tea (Wildberry is Strawberry Shortcake’s evil twin sister – betcha didn’t know that, did you?)

The last two teas are light, as in low calorie – 35 calories per 8oz serving. The others have 70 to 80 calories per 8 oz serving.

The hands-down favorites were the Wildberry White tea and the Blackberry Tea – both were very tasty and delicious. I kind of liked the Peach Passion tea because it ignited a desire in me that I thought had long since died tasted crisp and refreshing. The Lychee and the Hibiscus teas were good, but had a very herbal aftertaste which I didn’t particularly care for, but some people might really like. All of these teas need to be refrigerated, so if you are taking them on the go, they really need to be in a cooler. If you are really into tea, you should give these a try – there are more flavors than just what I tried, so there should be a tea for every taste.

You can go here if you want more information about these teas, and while you are there look around the site – there’s a lot of information about all of their products.

And because I want you to experience the awesomeness of being a superhero, I am giving away a coupon for a FREE BOTTLE of POMx Tea!  Woohoo!  For a chance to enter this lovely giveaway, please leave a comment telling what you’re superhero name is and why. Winners will be chosen by random number generator on Friday(9/25/09) afternoon at 1pm CST and announced soon thereafter.

Wonder Blogger powers activate!

The clean face goes to… — September 18, 2009
Confession UPDATE!!!! — September 17, 2009

Confession UPDATE!!!!

Check this out y’all!

I emailed a link to my Pond’s Towelettes review to the lovely Katie of the POND”S project and she FREAKED OUT* when she saw how many of you (us) don’t wash your faces at night, so she offered this awesome giveaway:

A free package of POND’S Towelettes to one of YOU!!  Woohoo!! How cool is that?




In addition to the towelettes, one lucky winner will also receive this super cute Nantucket makeup bag PLUS a water bottle PLUS a gym towel!  (Maybe that’s a hint that you should take your towelettes and use them after your work out at the gym????)

So here’s what I’m going to do:  if you left a comment on the original post, you won’t need to do anything, I’m going to go ahead and put your names in the hat. If you didn’t comment on the original POND’S post, you can comment on this one and I will put your names in the hat as well.  If you choose to comment on both posts, well that’s all fine and dandy but it won’t get you an extra entry – sorry!  You have until 3pm tomorrow (9/18/09) CST to enter – I’ll announce the winner tomorrow between 3 and 4pm (barring any unforseen circumstances) so get to commenting!  Any old comment will do, except ya know, keep ’em clean okay?!  🙂


*and by FREAKED OUT I mean she calmly said, “hey do you think your readers would like a giveaway too?” or something to that effect… (melodramatic, much?)

Confession is good for the face — September 15, 2009

Confession is good for the face

I have a confession…wanna hear it? Come closer…no, closer…oh come on, I don’t have cooties – get over here!

My secret is…*whispers low*…I don’t wash my face at night. GASP! SCREAM! GASP! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

Really, I hardly ever wash my makeup off my face before I go to bed at night because 1) I’m lazy and 2) see #1. By the time I’m ready for bed, it’s all I can do to brush my teeth (which ironically I do EVERY SINGLE NIGHT), which you would think that since I’m already at the sink it wouldn’t be a big deal to wash my face too, but you know what? IT IS A BIG DEAL! I mean I would have to get the washcloth out of the cabinet, wait for the water to get hot, splash my face, lather in the soap, spend 15 minutes rinsing the soap off of my face, blindly reach for the towel, dry my face, THEN since I would have a squeaky clean face I would feel obligated to put lotion on, and since I put lotion on, I might as well put on some of that expensive under eye cream, and oh yeah, can’t forget about the age spot cream that I have used all of 4 times in the last 2 years, so I have to put that on as well and by this time it’s midnight and I’m cranky and tired and all I really wanted to do was JUST GO TO BED IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!


Plus the fact that I have somewhat-dry skin, so I don’t have to worry about breakouts, is why I hardly ever wash my face at night…

…until these guys came along and changed my mind about pre-bed face washing.


Those wonderful POND’S people sent me some of their face towelettes (I love saying towelette! Moist towelette, anyone?) to try for 30 days, so I did. AND I LOVES THEM. Really. They are already wet (well, moist ) and they take off makeup that I didn’t even know I was wearing. Easy peasey! 30 seconds of rubbing the soft little guy on my face and I’m ready to head for the bed – woohoo! No rinsing required, and I don’t feel like there was any residue or anything. Just squeaky clean goodness all around. Sometimes afterwards I would do the whole lotion routine, but I figured if my face was clean, that was good enough. I’ve already got them on my shopping list for my next drugstore run, so I will be buying more of these.

I don’t have any to give away because I used all 30 of the ones that came in my package, but if you go here, you can print off a coupon for $1.50 off of one package and see some cool stuff on their website.

Now, do you have something you need to confess? Do you skip the face washing thing at night like I do? Do you steal candy from your coworkers secret stash? Do you watch trashy Lifetime Movies when no one else is around? Come on, ‘fess up!!

And the applesauce goes to… — August 13, 2009
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