About The Sassy Pear

The Sassy Pear started in 2007 when I realized I was leaving comments that were way too long on other people’s blogs. I had no idea that I had anything worthwhile to say, but all these years later, I’m still blogging – the old school kind of blogging and I have no intentions of stopping. 

This started as a weight loss blog, but like me, it has evolved in something a little more well-rounded. In the last few years I stopped dieting and got my sanity back – the restricting and bingeing cycle was making me crazy and I decided that I need to make a change for both my mental and physical health. I don’t put a label on the way I eat now…I just eat. Sometimes I eat huge salads and other times I eat Cheetos. My body craves nutritious foods and sometimes my soul craves total junk and I’ve learned both are completely okay. You gotta do your own soul-searching when it comes to how you want to nourish your body and mind.

I’m 47, married-with-kids, full-time employee, wanna-be writer who had her coming of age in the 80s.  Hobbies include reading, hand-lettering, long walks in the park, and laughing at my own jokes. I’m learning to exercise more for the benefits it brings to my brain and heart and less for what it can do for my physique. Oh, and I’m pear-shaped (hence the title of my blog). I’m pretty much an open book on this blog – I believe in being as honest about my struggles and successes as much as possible – but if there’s something you would like to know about me, feel free to email me at sassypearblog@gmail.com. I love getting emails from readers, so please drop me a line if you wanna talk.

8 thoughts on “About The Sassy Pear

  1. I was amazed when I googled my own name and this website came up. I am laughing quite hard at your description of yourself. I am 33, and also a pear in the process of losing said fruit shape. Just thought you’d like to know there’s someone else out there with the same name and disposition… 🙂
    Dawn Batman Twilley
    Northeast Alabama

  2. Oh, thank God you’re not another 26 year old who gained 20 pounds in college and lost it running marathons! It’s refreshing to see another woman who is working hard to maintain a healthy, active, busy, messy life. I am absolutely sympathetic to the fact that the long haul is….well, a long haul. Don’t give up. I love your writing and there’s a whole world of us out there who are keeping up the good fight too. 🙂

  3. I just found your blog and love it! I think we could be BFF’s… LOL.. Seriously.. My Instagram name is 80sgurlatheart.. The 80’s are my fave! I’m also a 40 something mom of 3 who needs to lose 40 something pounds.. UGH. Can’t wait to read more!!! ☺️😍

  4. Your blog is just awesome and I have to tell me a huge part of me is still stuck in the 80ies 😀 I remember listening to my horoscope on the radio every wednesday night when I used to be a child! Now I check it on astrosofa.com/horoscopes/daily everyday when I’m on my way to work! Further I just discovered thrift shopping for me! This is something for everybody who loves 80ies clothes! I can’t tell you how many 80ies clothes I already own 🙂 My husband is already complaining a little bit 🙂
    I can also relate to your experience trying to lose weight! This can make you go crazy! For me I finally was able to lose weight when I was more relaxed about the topic and when I was able to appreciate my body the way it was! I started going hiking and biking a lot! I was looking at my meals but also got some ice cream when I wanted to! This was the way for me to finally lose weight!
    I guess there is a different way for everybody but the most important thing is not to become a crazy person 🙂
    Have a great day!

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