Autumn Intentions

If you live anywhere outside of my region, the air is probably starting to cool, leaves might be juuuust starting to turn, and you can definitely tell fall is fast approaching.

If, however, you live in the devil’s oven like I do, there is no end in sight. The entire month of September is just as oppressive as August – it’s still hot as blazes and it seems that the humidity hanging in the air is there only to torture you and your hair.

I realized I said that I wasn’t done with summer a few posts ago, but what I meant was that I wanted the out-of-school, no commitments feeling of summer to last a while longer. Now that school is in session and activities abound, I need for summer to shut down quick. Floating in a pool with a lemonade in your hand on a hot summer day? Bliss! Sitting on metal bleachers at a football game in 100° heat? NO THANK YOU.

So I’ve decided I’m going to conjure up some autumn feels by thinking about what I want to do this fall… an autumn bucket list, if you will. Behold! My Autumn Intentions:

  • decorate my front porch (assuming I can keep the dog from destroying all of it)
  • declutter my house (yes, all of it…well as much as I can anyway)
  • attend Tara’s Movie on the Lawn – my friend Tara hosts a Halloween movie each October with food and a theme. One year we watched It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown – it was the cutest Halloween party ever! I look forward to it every year. (In the spring, she did a baseball party where they watched The Sandlot – I had to miss that and I’m still not over it.)
  • Watch It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown while eating caramel apples
  • go hiking someplace where I can be surrounded by gorgeous fall foliage
  • sit by a campfire (or a fire pit) on a Saturday night and listen to the frogs in the pond
  • finish decorating my bedroom – I want it to look like a walk in the woods
  • Bake cinnamon bread
  • Make an extremely large batch of butternut squash soup
  • Bonus – go on a hayride. I always think about doing this, then never do it for some reason.

I feel more autumn-y already and I can practically taste the butternut squash soup! What are your intentions for the upcoming fall season? Do you have rituals that you always do or are you more fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants like I usually am? Share below!

leaves hang on rope
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4 thoughts on “Autumn Intentions

  1. Oooh, I forgot about sitting on the metal bleachers during football season, yikes. I mean, I know my son was on the field in a hot band uniform so he had it worse, but that’s why we were there, LOL. Fall is a week here. I don’t decorate because of that, although I have two small felted pumpkins that my mom made that I’ll probably put on the dining table. That’s it. I bet if I lived in a cooler area I might get excited about fall. I’m impressed that you are – good attitude!

  2. In Australia we are a couple of weeks into Spring! It’s just starting to warm up. But unfortunately we’ve had the earliest start to the bushfire season ever, with blazes out of control all over the place. Apart from that, I’m sick of being cold (as cold as it gets in Sydney anyway, lol) so I’m looking forward to the ‘cool drink while floating in the pool’ thing.

  3. South Florida here and it’s so hot that when I left my office at 6pm the other day, the heat index was 105 degrees. Every August and September I start to wonder why I don’t move somewhere else!

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