Very Best Self Experiment – Week 3

Same song, third verse.

I think got up early one, maaaayyyyybe two days last week, but I had some weird allergy thing happening plus the stress of worrying about my car really took a toll on me and I was TIRED. My husband thought I was dead one morning because he couldn’t wake me up – I’m usually a very light sleeper but I was sleeping so hard that he had to physically shake me to get me to come around (don’t worry, I didn’t die, I was just super deep in the middle of a really weird dream).

BUT! I think I have cracked the code. Maybe. Next week I’ll hopefully have something new and awesome to report.

Here’s what I’m learning: just because I say I’m going to do something doesn’t mean it’s going to happen. I have to arrange and rearrange my environment and routines in such a way that makes it easier to make the thing happen. Also I’m learning that it might take a few weeks to figure out exactly what arrangement works best for me and that is perfectly okay. The Jill of Years Past would have felt like a total failure and given up on this because I didn’t get it right, but Present Jill knows that changing a habit takes time and effort and tweaking the routine and readjusting this or that to make it do-able. I know that if it isn’t working, I probably need to come at it from a different angle and see what needs to change. So that’s what these last 3 weeks have been about – seeing what works, what doesn’t and bobbing and weaving my way through the obstacles. I’m getting there, I think.

How about you? How are things working for you?

I love that you all chimed in when I pouted about doing this alone last time!! It cracked me up that you all piped up with your experiments – I really was only joking, but thanks for being in this with me! 🙂

7 thoughts on “Very Best Self Experiment – Week 3

  1. Oh Lordy girl – we are in the same boat! Last night layed awake until 2am trying to figure out the best way to rearrange the garage shelving, how to sell the items that need to be sold and where to donate the donateable items…all because I started working on the garage at 9:30pm – big mistake! Now know – NOT a good pattern for me to start an organizational project after 8pm…in addition – need to get back on the essential oil thing (lavendar on the bottom of my feet) to get to sleep at a reasonable time. I too want to be getting up earlier and go back to the gym. I was encouraged by your challenge and FINALLY read a book – I used to love to read – turns out I still do! Highly recommend “The Rosie Project” by the way! Love you love your blogs!

  2. This week I am going to figure out once and for all what is causing my eczema (which I never had before I hit my 40s, FUN!) to flare. I suspect it is eggs, which makes me very sad, because I love eggs. And a lot of gluten free breads have eggs, and the “crabmeat” I like in sushi rolls has egg in it…but I really don’t like turning into Itchy & Scratchy.

    I have managed to drink more water, though! And working on not snacking in the evenings.

  3. This week went SO much better for me! Addressing my anxiety is already helping me to be more calm under pressure, and I had a couple of situations in the last few days that I handled really well and gave myself a pat on the back afterwards for!

  4. I have now done yoga every morning for 16 days straight! That’s the first time I’ve committed to something active in YEARS and I feel fantastic! You’ll find your groove and then you will be downright unstoppable!

  5. Great article love reading about your journey, I too am om my journey to losing weight and I have already lost 10lb in 3 weeks using the Cinderella Solution you can get more details about that here love reading your updates, as they keep me motivated. I am looking to lose a total of 30lb.

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