Enough already!

I’m not used to living my life in chaos. My live is typically lived at a blissfully boring level with occasional blips up in the chaotic air, but for the last few months I feel like I’ve been living in the chaotic air with only occasional blips of boring (I know I keep talking about this, and trust me, I’m over it even more than you are).

And just to add a little more fuel to the dumpster fire that has become my spring/summer, wouldn’t you know it, now my car is giving me fits.

Not just run of the mill fits, catastrophic fits. Like the engine-is-totally-locked-up fits. The kind of fits that take more than a couple of days to repair. Fortunately, it’s still under the factory warranty so everything should be covered. I’m working with the warranty company to get a loaner car because the dealership says they don’t have anymore cars to loan out. Um..excuse me, you’re a car dealer. Your only job…is CARS. You literally have a whole entire lot FULL OF CARS! I understand they have a limited number of cars set aside for loaners but it cracks me up when they say “we have no more cars”. Yes you do, you have plenty of cars – how ’bout loaning me that super slick Camaro you got sittin’ over there? I’ll take that.

So anyway, yay! More stuff to worry about! I love having zero brain capacity for anything other than stress!

On the bright side (because I will ALWAYS search for the bright side, dammit!), we have the supplies to build a nice patio and deck for our pool, we just got some nice kitchen appliances (at a really great deal because they were from the scratch-and-dent section); the hubs and I are reconnecting now that the kids are out of the house/almost out of the house/never home anyway, and my book club is coming over tonight to discuss this book and then watch the movie based on the book on Netflix (Book Club and chill?). So things are not all bad, and I am desperately clinging to the good, easy things in my life.

And if nothing else, there is always ice cream, which is always good and easy.

Take it easy, like ice cream and Sunday morning,


8 thoughts on “Enough already!

  1. In your previous post about stress, you asked how your readers cope. I know you do NOT want to hear ‘work out” but the truth is, my husband pointed out to me a while ago that I am much more emotionally stable when I get either a run or a walk every day. Even gardening work helps.

    The other things I do for stress (when I can’t exercise due to weather or an injury or illness) is binge-watch a favorite show. Not as unhealthy as binge-eating, but Stranger Things really helped when I was housebound. Criminal Minds is a favorite of mine as well. My favorite books to read when I’m stressed are the Miss Read Fairacre Chronicles–they’re all cozy stories set in an English village, and very soothing. Vernon Coleman has a lot of similar stories, all free with Kindle Unlimited–The Bilbury Chronicles. I also try to write, getting some words down on a page helps as well. Making myself a cup of tea, making sure I drink enough water and get my vitamins in are all essential as well.

    1. My husband has pointed out that same thing to me in the past, so I know exercise does wonders for me and my stress level! And writing is VERY cathartic for me too. Those two things alone help tremendously. I wonder why tea is so soothing? It’s one of my favorite things when I’m stressed or even when I’m super chill – nothing beats a hot cup o’ tea. 🙂

  2. Oh that doesn’t sound good about the car! LOL, I did not like the movie. Probably the book is better. So is it nice to have the kids mostly out of the house, or do you miss them?

    1. I did not like the book at all. The writing style is weird and I feel like this idea had so much potential but the story was just flat. I was really disappointed. Hoping I will like the movie better. I didn’t realize until last night the Robert Redford and Jane Fonda were in the movie – one of my FAVORITE movies ever is Barefoot in the Park – so these two movies are great bookends to their careers. 🙂

      As far as the kids go, it’s different. It’s a whole different energy in the house now – not better or worse, just different. The novelty of it is exciting and fun, but I’m sure that I’ll miss them all terribly once the newness has worn off. But they’ll still come and go pretty often since they’re all still close to home.

  3. I seriously hate owning a car. HATE IT. They are expensive and they give me far too many chores (getting gas, changing the oil, rotating the tires, buying NEW tires, all of those however-many-thousand-miles-in-addition-to-regular-oil-changes services…expensive chores!). The Seattle area is currently building a light rail system and my sincerest hope is that it will be robust enough that I can eventually get rid of my car altogether and just take public transit.

    Ahem. Moving on from THAT rant….

    I hope life chills out for you soon so that you can have a relaxing summer. And even though you didn’t love the book you read, hopefully your book club meeting tonight is fun and helps you kick off your weekend right! Sending you love and good vibes.

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