Very Best Self: Week 1


So how did it go? Did you do the thing your VBS would do?

I did okay – my VBS thing was to get up a little earlier to fit in some exercise and other good things. I got up early Tuesday & Wednesday, then Thursday was the holiday so I didn’t have to get up early, and on Friday I got up and even had time to sit on the patio and enjoy my coffee. 🙂 I did a bonus workout on Sunday because my son and I planned on watching all of Season 3 of Stranger Things and then go see the new Spiderman movie, so I knew it would be a day of sitting. And it was, so I’m glad I got that workout in.

If you want to join us, it’s not too late! Just put it in the comments below – or not, you can keep this to yourself if you want to. 🙂

If you do feel like sharing your progress, leave it in the comments below. Tell me what worked or what didn’t work – maybe we can come up with a solution together to make it work for this week. 🙂

Please enjoy this inspiring photo of a sunrise because I’m in a hurry and couldn’t decide on an appropriate picture for this post. 

aerial photography of landscape with view of sunset
Photo by Tom Fisk on

2 thoughts on “Very Best Self: Week 1

  1. I did my VBS thing earlier this morning and it feels great to accomplish the goals I set. Makes me happy to have progress each day.

    BTW, check this out for a CINDERELLA SOLUTION on weight loss!

  2. Everyday is an opportunity to be the best versions of ourselves, isn’t it? In terms of making myself better, I start with watching what I eat, listen to what my body tells me and losing weight should not be hard but rather treated as a healthy journey to a “Very Best Self”. The method definitely helped me on my journey on not only losing weight but on achieving the best version of me – health wise.

    These are some results I’ve been enjoying while on the journey and more.
    #1 It’s not uncommon to lose 12+ pounds!
    #2 I have more energy.
    #3 I sleep better and wake up more rested.
    #4 Notice my skin and hair improved.
    #5 Best of all… I’m amaze on what it can do to my health!

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