Very Best Self Experiment

Hey hey hey!

The last time we were all gathered here, I had the bright idea that I would try and do the things that my Very Best Self would do and several of you said you would be on board to try to be Your Very Best Selves also, so I decided we should do this as an experiment because the word “challenge” feels to restrictive and overbearing and I just don’t need that kind of negative vibe in my life right now. Experiment feels nicer, don’t you think?  Here’s the idea behind this: if you were the best version of yourself, what is something that you would do? Would your Very Best Self (VBS) do yoga in the mornings? Would your VBS organize your kitchen? Learn a fun new skill? Do some volunteer work? Take a fun class? What is the thing you are pretty sure would enhance your life but you just haven’t had the oomph to actually do it? <—- That’s the thing you are going to work on for the next month.

The idea is to think of an area of your life that you would really like to improve, or an activity that would make your life better, or maybe something you’ve been procrastinating on and you really need to just get it done (because Your Very Best Self would totally have already done it). It can be one thing or a few things, but I think it should be something you can measure in some way. And it has to be realistic – we’re just doing this for the month of July so don’t say “My very best self is going to lose 40 pounds” or “learn astrophysics” or “marry Bradley Cooper” or something like that. Not saying you can’t do those things eventually, but for the sake of this experiment, keep it in your wheelhouse for now, okay?

Here are the rules (read: very loose guidelines) for this:

  1. The first rule is really the only RULE and it is non-negotiable and totally binding: You absolutely canNOT beat yourself up or shame yourself over your performance during this process. This is an experiment – there is no pass/fail, no all or nothing, no win or lose…we are collecting information to see what works and what doesn’t work. It’s just for fun and curiosity.
  2. What can you do set yourself up for success? How can you make your thing work? Will you need supplies for this? Do you need to do some research first? If so, that’s totally fine – take a day or two and make your plan.
  3. If at first you don’t succeed…then change your mind and do something else. If you get 5 days into this and you realize that you actually hate the thing you’ve chosen to work on, guess what? You can change your mind and begin fresh with something else. You are running your experiment, you get to decide how you’ll proceed or if you need to change directions.
  4. I’ll do a weekly post so that we have a place to check in on our progress. Try to stay engaged on these posts so we can all be there to support each other and bounce ideas off of one another!
  5. I can’t think of a fifth one.

If you want to join in on this SUPERFUNGOODTIME! then post the thing your Very Best Self would do in the comments. Since today is the first of the month already, let’s officially start tomorrow July 2 and go through July 31st. Sound good? Then let’s do this thing!



9 thoughts on “Very Best Self Experiment

  1. My VBS experiment is going to be: Getting Up Early. I am going to try and get up early enough so that I can do a few minutes of exercise and maybe a few minutes of brush-lettering before work in the mornings. I think for right now I’ll try to get up by 5:30 a.m. and see how that goes. I typically get up about 6:15 but that only gives me enough time to get ready and pack my lunch before I head out the door for work; I’d like to give myself some margin of time to ease into my day.

  2. My VBS is cool as a cucumber; in the face of stressful situations, she takes a nice deep breath and perhaps a walk and does not in any way flip out or overreact or rant like a crazy person. Turning into the ranting crazy person does not make me happy and so I want to focus on managing my stress better!

  3. I would like to do something every morning to stretch and work on range of motion: Yoga, Pilates, free weights, anything like that. 20-30 minutes minimum.

    For myself it is easier to do something every day, than try for 3-4 times a week.

    My problem? I simply never remember and then my day gets moving.

  4. I’ve been sick the last few days, so I’m started out a bit late but my VBS would clean up the kitchen every night right after dinner instead of waiting until “later”.

    1. Oh this is one thing I could work on too. I’m so bad at leaving everything until it’s time to go to bed, then I get resentful and mad that I’m doing dishes at 10pm! 🙂

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