Bad hair, unfunny, and unevolved – just what you want in a blogger.

Thanks so much for you comments on my last post. I know that exercise and taking care of yourself are BIG ways to ward off stress and/or deal with stress, and I try to do those things, although honestly I have not been exercising very much at all lately. And why do I forget that writing everything out is probably one of my biggest stress relievers? I felt so much better after writing that post the other day. If I were MY VERY BEST SELF I would get up early in the morning and do a little workout, a little meditation, and probably a little bit of journaling (or even blogging), however, I’m still evolving into that person; the person I am now sleeps til the very last minute, says she’ll go for a walk after work (but then doesn’t do it for a variety of reasons excuses), hasn’t meditated in months, and typically goes weeks between blog posts. What can I say? I yam who I yam. Maybe I should do a challenge for a month and actually do the things my very best self up there would do and see what happens?? Hmm…I kind of like the idea of doing that. Anyone want to do it with me? We could do it for the month of July – you can choose whatever behaviors you want to work on and we can reconvene here weekly and report on how it’s going. What say you? Anyone interested?

In other news I’m having a flirtatious relationship with the Curly Girl Method. I just started like…I don’t know…three days ago, maybe? And what I have discovered is that my hair is in terrible shape – it is dry dry dry!! Years of high-heat blow drying and flat-ironing has left my tresses arid and frizzy. I need a serious deep conditioning treatment. Do I have any Curly Girls reading me right now? If so, leave me your best tips for starting out – I’ve already seen some improvement but I could use a little more guidance. My hair is 2b low-porosity fine thin wavy hair, in case that information is useful to you.

And on a completely different note, I think I’ve lost my funny. I’ve noticed over the last few weeks, when I say something that I think is funny, it just falls flat (like my hair). This morning a radio show asked the question “what do you do to embarrass your kids?” (in a fun lighthearted way) so I called in and said that I have teenagers and all I have to do is exist in order to embarrass them. What I expected was “Haha! Teenagers, man! They’re tough!” etc, but instead I got “Awww, that’s so sad. I’m sorry you feel that way. That’s terrible.” Uhhh, what? That was not the way I expected that exchange to go. And they didn’t even use my clip at all! I realized later that the 2 DJs are both in their early 30s – one doesn’t even have kids and the other has a 5 year old, so neither of them has encountered the joy of raising teenagers, but still…  And it’s not just with the DJs, I’ve had conversations with coworkers and family members and either everyone is just over me and I never was funny, or I have just lost my ability to deliver a funny line. I guess I’ll go back to laughing at my own jokes…on the inside…silently…to myself.

Work is calling so I better get to it. Let me know if anyone wants to do a Better Yo’Self Challenge, and also please let me know if you are a Curly Girl or a modified Curly Girl or if you are a Rebel Curly Girl (who completely does her own curly hair method).

Have a great day, friends!




14 thoughts on “Bad hair, unfunny, and unevolved – just what you want in a blogger.

  1. My first thought when you said the DJs didn’t get your joke is that they are not parents…because hell’s yes, that was FUNNY! I’ve discovered, especially living in such a conservative area, that most people don’t get my humor so I don’t bother to let them in on my fun side. But those who do? It’s awesome to say something and get a laugh!

    Also, it’s easy to wake up early and go for a run, or to make it to a workout session at the end of the day when life is going along swimmingly. It’s much harder to do that when your brain is firing like crazy with all of the stressful things that you are trying to deal with. And sure, you would feel better if you did the run or workout, but sometimes you just need more sleep to give your brain a rest. Don’t beat yourself up about this – you’ll do it when you do it. And that will be the right time. 🙂

    1. Shelly,
      Help! I accidentally lost your bookmarked blog and I’m in the “I can’t remember a damn thing years of Menopause “ What is your blog name? Sadly I read it the three days you posted every week but can’t even remember the name!

  2. I’m definitely up for the Best Self challenge! Great idea!
    And you are very funny! I wouldn’t keep reading if you didn’t make me smile… 🙂
    Happy Thursday!

  3. OK I’m sorry but those DJ’s must have senses of humor similar to that of a dishcloth, because I don’t have kids and I still snorted when I read your response to them! You haven’t lost your funny, boring people just don’t get you. That used to happen to me all the time in my last work group – I’d crack a joke mid-meeting, only to be stared at like there was something wrong with me. I finally realized it was something wrong with them.

    I’m down for a challenge! July is my birthday month so it’s a great month to focus on improving myself! Love ya Jill!

  4. Facebook recently reminded me of a post I’d made when we’d visited the Corn Palace in South Dakota. It was a photo of me and my husband in front of a statue of a giant corn cob (think Mr. Peanut only in corn form, if you’ve never been there). The caption was, “Embarrassing your 14 year old one giant corn cob at a time.” That year in particular our mere existence was an embarrassment to our daughter. So, I thought your comment was very funny.

    I’m up for a challenge. I already exercise five days a week but my house is an absolute disaster. My husband and daughter have both had some serious health challenges over the last few years and I’ve used dealing with those as an excuse not to deal with the house stuff. They’re both doing better but I’m still being lazy when it comes to having a neat and organized house. And it really is getting me down.

    1. What is it about age 14???? It seems like they go from being a fun happy kid who loves to get daily hugs to dripping with attitude OVERNIGHT. Age 14 is my least favorite of all the ages my kids have been.

      My house could seriously use some TLC too – I used to spend every Saturday morning cleaning my house from top to bottom but I just don’t care to do that much work on a weekend anymore! Now I just sort of hit the problem areas when they bug me, but I could do so much more. Eh, I’ll get to it when I get to it. I don’t strive for neat and organized, I just strive for “passable”. 🙂

      1. Are you familiar with FlyLady? I try to do her system but I’m not very disciplined. Every little bit helps, though. My house isn’t nearly as bad as it used to be but nearly as neat as I’d like it to be.

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