The face-washing tip you’ll be mad you didn’t know about


Over the weekend, I learned of a trick that will change the way I wash my face FOR-EV-ER.  I get so frustrated at how much water ends up on my counter, my arms, and my tshirt when I wash my face at night and I keep thinking there has to be a better way.

Ask and ye shall receive, my friends.

I learned of this idea from my 80 year old mother, who learned about it from my 37 year old niece – proving that you are never to old to teach and/or learn new tricks. Here’s the deal: if you want to keep water from getting all over your arms and dripping down onto your counter which ends up getting absorbed by your t-shirt, do this:


Note to self: clean the mirror before you take a selfie. #professional

Anyway, did you catch the trick? It’s so simple, I’m actually kinda mad I never thought of doing this before.


I mean… seriously?? I am a 48 year old woman of average intelligence – this isn’t rocket science – why did I not know about this before? We wore scrunchies every day in the 80s! I should have learned this trick 35 years ago!! I blame Seventeen magazine – they obviously did not take the education of teenage girls seriously; this should have been a cover story. I’m going to write them a strongly worded letter.

To help me remember to do this, I put two scrunchies on my face cleanser bottle so whenever I see my cleanser, I’ll put the scrunchies on and never have to deal with perpetually wet forearms ever again ever.


I am so thrilled to know this information. Now, of course I have to ask: does everyone know this trick? Have I been in the dark while women everywhere were basking in the light of absorbent scrunchies? And if so, WHAT ELSE ARE YOU NOT TELLING ME????

Here’s an idea – share your best life-hacks with me so that I too may know the glory of living an efficient and stress-free life. It doesn’t have to be a beauty hack, share your best kitchen tips or travel tips or decorating tips – I love anything that makes my life easier.

And now I’m off to add more scrunchies to my Amazon Wish List.

10 thoughts on “The face-washing tip you’ll be mad you didn’t know about

  1. I have never had that problem. I use neutrogena extra gentle cleaner. I smear it on my face while getting a washcloth wet. Wash it off and hang up the washcloth. I get the washcloths in bulk really cheap at Costco. I usually use the washcloth twice and toss it in the laundry. But I do really hate it at the gym or any other public bathroom and people get the whole sink area wet!

  2. I have had that problem in the past, but I take off the cleanser using a wet washcloth. I swear Debby and I are twins! I buy mine in bulk at Target though. But that scrunchie idea is a good one as well. I thought you were going to write about the little silicone scrubby pads for washing your face – you get the effect of using a scrub but with your normal cleanser, plus it’s gentler than a scrub.

    1. I’ve tried using the washcloth method but I never feel like I get all the soap off. Hence the perpetual dripping of the water. I want to try the silicone scrubby pads – have you used them Shelley?

      1. Yes, I ordered a 2 pack from Amazon for something like $2.15. They are very small but perfect for getting around my face without being cumbersome. Just search for silicone face pads and I bet they’ll come up.

  3. I’ve never had that problem and I just realised why – the sink doesn’t even come up to my pelvis. So either you’re really short, or the sinks in the US are a lot higher than in Germany (I’m 5‘ 11). Also, I haven’t owned a scrunchy in probably more than 20 years 😃

    1. And also, in the picture above where my sink seems to be coming up to my chest – it’s because I was scrunching (see what I did there?! lol) down – I took that picture right before bed and I was in my tshirt and NO PANTS. I didn’t want to the world to see me in my undies!!

  4. Maaannn I thought you had some cook awesome idea! LOL It isn’t a bad idea- just not as simple as I hoped. I wash my face same as you and get everywhere wet. I am just too lazy to do extra work though. Although the facecloth idea is tempting so I may try that. I usually only wash my face in the shower.

    1. Swan – you’re literally just putting scrunchies on your wrists, there is no extra work YOU CAN DO THIS I BELIEVE IN YOU!! Lol!!! 🙂

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