I like to peruse Amazon and add stuff to my Wish List and then check it often to see if the price has gone up or down. What I have found is that typically the price will go down on Tuesday or Wednesday and climb back up by Friday. I say that like there’s a huge difference, but really it might just be a few cents up to a few dollars, depending on the item. I thought it might be fun to list some of my wish list items here in case you are looking for some ideas to add to your own wish list. Click on the pictures for prices, etc. and as always, Amazon links are affiliate links, yada yada yada. Whatever, just click on the picture for details.

I used to get this at Walgreen’s but apparently my WG has stopped carrying it. I was so happy to find it on Amazon AND it’s $4 cheaper on the ‘Zon than it was at WG. Yay!


Remember when I said I wanted more dresses like the one in my last post? Here is another that I want. I think it looks perfect for summer, I just wonder if it’s see through or not. Somebody buy it and wear it and let me know. Thanks!


I don’t know why I want this but I do. It’s a 2 pound weighted hula hoop. I envision myself watching the evening news while I hula hoop around the living room, which is weird because I don’t even watch the evening news anymore. But I would totally hula hoop around the living room while watching Wheel of Fortune. (Bonus, there’s a $4 off coupon for this too. Someday I’ll pull the trigger and buy this thing.)


Okay this one is boring but it’s something I really need because my old not-instant thermometer finally bit the dust recently.  And it’s half off the price from when I originally added it to my wish list. I’ll probably buy this soon because I don’t like to play Russian roulette with chicken.


This one I’m going to buy in the fall, when I tend to bring foods that need to be heated up to work with me. Just pop your glass (or ceramic or cardboard) container in, zip it up, plug it in, and in by lunchtime your food is hot and ready!


Because I don’t want to kill the sea turtles, but I still enjoy sipping my lemonade through a straw. I’m really into lemonade lately, not sure what’s up with that.


I LOVE this little clock! It’s been on my wish list since 2017 and I should just go ahead and buy it already. It would look perfect on my nightstand. I adore those 2 little birds sitting on top!


And finally, a little birthstone bling. At $200 this is the most expensive thing on my list, but I’m worth it, so it stays on the list. I think it’s just so pretty and my husband might need an idea for our anniversary that is coming up this summer. Husband, if you are reading this – I LIKE THIS RING A LOT.


These are only a few of the things on my “Treat Yo’Self” list (no really, that’s what I named my list) but the other stuff is hand-lettering stuff and some boring kitchen shelving stuff and other not-fun stuff (maybe I need a separate wish list for the not-fun stuff??). What kinds of things are on your wish lists? Do you have fun stuff or do you have boring stuff? Do you even have a wish list?? If not, start one – you need to treat yourself to something nice once in a while and it’s handy to already have some things picked out. 🙂