Set an intention and conquer the hair demons

So it’s the end of January – how are those resolutions working out for ya? Does anyone really make New Year resolutions? Honestly, I don’t know anyone who actually makes/attempts/sticks to any resolutions in real life.

And why make them in January? I feel January is a month for resting and recovering. A month for restoration, if you will. After the high adrenaline excitement of The Big Three: Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, I need at least a month to get my nervous system back to normal, don’t you?

So now that we’re all rested up and recovered, I think now – the end of January/beginning of Feb is the perfect time to decide how we would like the rest of the year to go. And I like to do that by setting an Intention for the year – the kinder, gentler cousin of the Resolution.

How do you set an intention though? Lucky for you, my coach/therapist/friend Emily Roberts has 4 steps for setting an intention, and I wanted to share them with you today:

  1. Get clear on what it is you want and really think about WHY you want it. Also, write it down somewhere – in a journal, on a post-it on your mirror, on your car’s visor, somewhere you will see it more than once.
  2. Share your intention with someone who will support you as you carry out your intention (make sure it is someone who absolutely has your back, not just any ol’ person you know.)
  3. Do something right now that demonstrates your commitment to your intention. It can be something as small as Googling an article, or finding a store that carries the supplies you need to carry out your intention. Just do something.
  4. Give yourself a pat on the back for doing the thing you said you would do! Acknowledge that you are moving forward, and then do the next thing that moves you closer to your intention. Keep reminding yourself why you want this.

Lather, rinse, repeat. Keep taking the next step and the next step and the next step…pretty soon you will find that you are well on your way to Achieving the Thing!

I mentioned some things I’d like to work on in this post*, but the only thing that I really made an intention out of is getting my finances in order. So as an example of how to set an intention, here is how I’m doing that:

  1. I would like to pay off at least 2 of our smaller debts this year, make a binder of all of our household information, and talk to a financial adviser. I want to do this because of the peace of mind it will bring.
  2. I shared my intention with Emily and with my husband (and now with all of you).
  3. For the binder, I bought the supplies and printed out some helpful sheets on getting all of our information organized (our monthly bills, internet passwords, copies of important documents, etc) and I am almost ready to put it all together. As for paying of our smaller debts, I have identified which debts I want to pay off and have already earmarked some bonus money to pay off one of those debts (maybe) and I have been exploring freelance data-entry opportunities to bring in some extra income to go towards that debt. For the financial adviser, my husband has a client who does this, so we already have someone chosen. I think I’m going to wait until we get our tax refund to go talk to him, so that will happen in a couple of months.
  4. Yay me for doing what I’ve done already!! Honestly, this is so unlike me but recent events have made me realize that getting things in order is not something to be put off until “someday” because our “someday” may come in an unexpected/unpleasant way.

Next time I will share with you a great way to remind yourself of your intentions – and I’ll show you how I’m reminded of mine. (Hint – it’s wearable AND pretty!!)

If you were going to set an intention for this year, what would yours be?

*Side note – I also mentioned in that post improving my relationship with my hair (conquering my hair demons is how I think I put it)…here is the mess I was dealing with vs CUTTING IT INTO SUBMISSION:

Take THAT hair demons!!! (Also, wow! My face is super puffy in the first picture!)



14 thoughts on “Set an intention and conquer the hair demons

  1. Yes, very cute hair!

    Most excellent that you are making financial/household binder.

    If you do not have one already, make a medical binder for each family member.

    As medical Networks switch over computer systems, records are often NOT SAVED.

    It is very handy, when something happens, or getting a new doctor, to have hard copies of all the key things in a binder on your person.

    We have hard copies of immunization records, blood labs, eye prescriptions, test result, etc in our medical binders. We have dividers for the categories – cardiology, neurology, labs, scans/xrays, allergist, dermatology, etc.

    I use sheet protectors and wide tab dividers that are made to work with sheet protectors (Office Depot).

    1. My husband does a binder each year for taxes. Everything for the year, related to taxes, in one labeled binder. Going back to 1983. Some are very very skinny binders, others are thicker. He feels better saving them, so we do, because they are labeled and organized.

      1. Since my husband is self employed, we have our taxes done by our bookkepper and I have a very large tote that has all of our tax folders in it. Like you said, some years’ folders are much thinner than others!

    2. Yes I’m putting a medical tab in my binder too – luckily we don’t have a lot of medical issues, but I’m putting immunizations, and prescriptions, and family medical history in there too.

  2. Jill your new hairstyle is lovely and you look so pretty!

    I like the idea of getting financial stuff in order. I’ve done a lot of cleaning out of files and threw away a ton of old tax returns. Aside from some of it being interesting in seeing how little money we made (LOL), at this point there’s no reason to keep it.

  3. Cute haircut!

    Our finances are in relatively good order but my filing system is not. Every year come tax time I’m scrambling to find all the things I need. So my intention is to get it in gear in that department.

    And I agree that January needs to be a month of rest. It’s cold. It’s dark. I think God intended it to be a month to hunker down and recharge.

    1. Bonnie, at the beginning of the year, I get a big manilla envelope and label it TAXES on the front, then when the tax items start rolling in, I just put them in that envelope. It helps to know that everything I need is one spot!

      1. I have a Manila file in basket hanging on wall by back door. Year round. I put everything tax related in that file except medical. My husband does taxes and then finished taxes go in binders.

        Medical, I have a hanging file for each year. Everything medical bill/payment goes in that file.

        All medical and other current house records are in two, 2 drawer filing cabinets. Hanging files. I keep investment, life insurance, other insurance, banking, tv/WiFi, phone, repairs, college funds, etc in those files. (I do not keep water, gas nor electric, I shred those.)

        I can put my hands on any piece of paper in the house at any time.

          1. Bonnie, you should see my kitchen table…well actually you probably can’t because PAPER. I have to go through and declutter my table once a week and file and sort, otherwise it really gets out of control. If I miss a week or two…WOW…so much paper!!

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