Got my zen back

Okay…I think I’m done playing around with the theme and layout of my blog. I really like how this looks now.

I’m curious though – how do you read my blog:

  • a desktop or laptop
  • a tablet
  • a phone

Not that your answer will change my layout (it’s supposed to automatically resize depending on what kind of device you are reading on) but I’m just curious how most people read blogs these days. I still typically read on a desktop at work (during lunch) but sometimes I’ll read on my phone. Just depends on where I am.

Okay…NOW I can back to posting. I have several posts in mind but I just really wanted to get this layout going first.




14 thoughts on “Got my zen back

      1. If you click on the Home button (top left) it will show you the entire banner. It scooches up when you click on an individual post. (Scooches = technical science-y term) 🙂

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