Why I never branched out into other forms of social media (hint, it’s because I’m old and tired)

Woo, look at us blogging again!! Just like riding a bike. Except last time I rode a bike which was earlier this year, I was all wobbly and my balance was off and it was not like I remembered it at all. Where were the pink and purpler streamers? Where was the plastic basket with the purple and pink flowers on it? (Answer, back in 1979, along with the banana seat. Man, I loved that bike.) 

Anyway, while we’re on the subject of blogging, let’s talk about it in all it’s new and different forms. There are so many ways to get your message out there now: You can be a vlogger on The Youtubes, you can post your stuff directly on Facebook, you can take photos of yourself and put it on Instagram along with a post, you can post 47 Tweets in a row that tell your story in staccato bursts, or you can record your voice and turn it into a podcast. Let’s look at what it takes to get your message out with each of these forms of communicating, shall we?

Vlogging on YouTube: you have to know what you want to say, look presentable while saying it, make sure your background is free of clutter and looks pleasing while not distracting from the subject of the video, which is YOU. Then, while filming, you have to be articulate and engaging and not annoying. Then after filming, you have edit the thing and maybe add sound or insert pictures or text… good gravy, I’m exhausted just thinking about it! WHO HAS TIME FOR ALL OF THIS???? If you posted a video several times a week, my word that would take up so much freaking time, but if that’s your thang, then you do you. But man, I can see how it might take over your life if you let it. 

Next up, posting on Facebook: I don’t know, I never wanted my blog to have it’s own page on Facebook because do I really want that guy from high school to comment on my post about perimenopause? I just feel like having my blog on FB would open it up to people who don’t really have an interest in my topics. If you come to my website, it’s because you WANT to know, but if it just shows up in your timeline, you might read it out of curiosity, and comment just because you can, but that opens up a whole can o’ worms that I want no part of. I did try to post links to my blog from my personal page, but it just felt weird, so I stopped. I know some bloggers post exclusively to FB and they’ve made it work, but it just wasn’t for me. 

Instagram blogging: See, my problem with this is that I just don’t take enough pictures. I’m a words-girl, not a picture-girl. If I want to say something, I want to come to my keyboard and just start banging out a post, I don’t want to have to take a picture or a video first. Now, I do post personal stuff on IG, but not terribly often and not in the name of my blog. I feel like old-school blogging was replaced by IG blogging and there are TONS of people who are all about it (except for Blogger/Friend Shelley who has some VERY STRONG OPINIONS on what counts as a blog post – hint: IG does not count). I feel like IG is more for aesthetics than for words. I go on IG to look at pretty pictures, not to read 1000 words about yoga or makeup or leggings. But again, if that’s your thing, Get It Girl. 

And, *sigh*…there’s Twitter. Guys, I just have never felt comfortable on Twitter. As I stated earlier, I’m a words-girl. Give me aaaaaalllll the room I need to write as much as I need to write and I’m as happy as a bird with a french fry. I hate having to cram my thoughts into 147 characters or whatever it is now (215? I can’t remember). And I really don’t love when someone posts tweet after tweet after tweet trying to tell a story when they could just post a link to, oh I don’t know, A BLOG where they can tell their tale with as many characters as they like. It just doesn’t make sense to me. And also, while I’m at it, get off my lawn!!! 

Last up to bat is Podcasting: Full Disclosure – I LOVE listening to podcasts. I have a handful that I listen to when I need to get things done at work. It keeps me focused and on track while distracting me from the sometimes-drudgery I have to do. I do appreciate a good podcast and how easy the good ones make it seem, but if I had to make a podcast? No thank you! So much work goes into a really well done podcast and see point above re: Vlogging. Who has time for this??? The scripting, the editing, the research, the marketing…so much to do! Now having said all that, if say, my sisters or my nieces/nephews, or even my best friends wanted to do a podcast where we just talk and make each other laugh, I WOULD BE SO DOWN FOR THAT because I come from a family of funny people and I have hilarious friends. But it would just have to be a private thing because no one else would get it. WE would think it was hilarious, but others on the outside, probably not – but they might, because as I said, we are blessed with the gift of The Funny.

Blogging is simple and relatively fast and I don’t have to have my hair and makeup done to do it. In fact, right now, I’m in my big sweatshirt and my fuzzy Snoopy pants and my hair looks like I was raised by wolves. And yet, I was able to write this whole post while looking decidedly not-attractive in about a half-hour’s time (or maybe 45 minutes, I didn’t notice what time I started). This is why I stick with my trusty WordPress site, it’s simple, quick, and efficient. I can do what I love while still leaving time for doing other things I love without letting blogging take over my life. 

So, am I alone in my opinions here? Anyone want to challenge me on any of this? And please realize, this is all tongue in cheek – if you enjoy vlogging or Instagramming or podcasting, that’s great! Keep on keeping on. 🙂 

21 thoughts on “Why I never branched out into other forms of social media (hint, it’s because I’m old and tired)

  1. Right there with ya on the vlog/podcast thing. Who has the time?! Maybe if I didn’t have to work full time? Still, seems like a ton of work.

    When I returned to blogging last year after a 6 year hiatus (I had my heart broken and it took a looooong time to want to write again), it cracked me up how many well-intending people told me I should do a vlog or a podcast. I’m a writer! I’m not a broadcaster! People go to school to learn how to do that stuff!

    All I want to do is write, write, write. I love listening to podcasts, but it seems like a totally different animal.

    1. Exactly! I wouldn’t even know where to begin with a podcast – pretty sure it requires more than just the microphone on my earbuds. 🙂

  2. I agree 100%. I like the freedom of catching thoughts as they happen instead of having to have everything planned out. This is why I’ll probably never actually write a book like I think I’m going to.

    1. Oh my gosh yes! The freedom of catching thoughts as they happen—> that’s exactly how most of my blog posts are born! But I still think you should try to write that book. 🙂

  3. Yup. Agree with everything you said. I am not sure if this is true for all, but years and years ago when I started blogging, it took a long time. Thinking, writing, condensing, editing. So many corrections. Over the years it got faster and faster.

    And what is your current list of podcasts please?

    I am still with my three – Gretchen/Elizabeth, Elizabeth/Sarah, This American Life.

    I have tried several others. But No.

    I would like to have one a day, great for cleaning the kitchen.

    1. For a while I was listening to a lot of true crime podcasts, but then I noticed that I was starting to feel sad a lot, so I stopped. I’m currently listening to: Pretend Radio, I just finished Serial Season 3, This is Criminal and This is Love, My Best Breakup from Hello Sunshine, Sold in America, Bodies, Short Stuff, Curiosity Daily, The Next Right Thing, The Dream…those are currently cued up in my podcast player but I’m always looking for more. Out of those, you would probably enjoy The Next Right Thing, My Best Breakup, This is Love, Short Stuff, and Curiosity Daily…those tend to be more positive or interesting in nature.

      Let me know what you think. 🙂

  4. I think you’re pretty much spot on. The best podcasts are professionally done I.e. it’s their job! I don’t watch vlogs but I have a feeling that those people are also hoping to make a living from it. I was doing Instagram a bit—i like that it was just a picture and a sentence. But then I kept forgetting about it.

    1. For a short while, I started watching vlogs and following some Youtubers, and you are right, it IS their job. But gosh I can think of a lot easier ways to make a living! But I guess if that’s what you’re good at, then that’s what you do. 🙂

  5. Yes to all of this! I do like Instragram…for pictures of cute animals, and for the “old house for sale” accounts that are my latest strange Internet obsession. I don’t want to read a blog-disguised-as-a-photo post on my little phone screen.

    I love blogging because I can focus on the things I want to say, and not on how I’m going to have to go back later and edit out all my random sneezes and throat-clearing and the noises my cat makes when he decides to randomly run up and down the hallway sixteen million times.

    1. haha!! My dog likes to “talk” – he’s a big black lab and when he wants attention, he makes the howly-growly noises and I’m pretty sure most of my life would be spent trying to edit him out of any recordings I’d try to make. So what I’m saying is…not worth it!!

      I like Instagram when I want to chill out for a while – I don’t want to have to think too hard when I’m on the IG. 🙂

  6. Spot ON! Honestly, I rarely watch a vlog. Like you, I do listen to podcasts, especially when I need to get stuff done around the house – it’s a great way to zone out while cleaning a toilet, for example. I have a Twitter account but never use it or go there. I never wanted to link my blog to my personal FB page – hell no, it’s not my personal friend’s business what I blog about! Which probably tells you that I’m pretty private on FB, LOL. I never saw the point of having a blog FB page – how much writing can you do? So many people just post on FB a link to a new post…meh. And you already know about my Instagram feelings, that block of text with no paragraph breaks and then ALL THE HASHTAGS. If you are doing more than five hashtags (and I’m being generous here), you are being ridiculous. So yeah, blogging in its pure, original state is the way to go. 🙂

  7. Can I agree 110%? Just thinking about all the work and all these social media “experts” put in to it drains me.
    Having said that, I must now admit that because I’m planing a 14 month trip for next year I’m thinking of starting an Instagram account.
    Mainly because I know I’ll be traveling in some pretty exotic places and my family for one would love the photos. The blog will keep them updated on my whereabouts and my adventures whenever I post but Instagram will fill them in on a more instant way? That is why its called “INSTA gram” right?

  8. As a non technical person, I prefer reading a blog. Especially ones done by folks who share some of my interests & health issues or plain just living life. Over times the ones I follow have faded away. Which is sad for me. I liked connecting with others through this medium. I am glad you’re still here and blogging.

    1. Thanks Paula. I think it’s nice to get a glimpse into someone else’s thoughts and realize that other people have the same issues I do! 🙂

  9. Late to this post, I used to follow you on one of those ancient ways to follow blogs and now am doing it via my own. I TOTALLY AGREE ON THIS. I was a bit disappointed to find that some of the blogs I used to follow just switched to Instagram. I do have instagram, but I don’t like pictures of myself and prefer to read something that is a bit more in depth. So thanks for keeping blogging to blogging!

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