It’s early in the morning and the night sky is dissolving into a soft light. The water on the pond is absolutely still, the birds have not yet woken to sing their morning chorus. Even the neighborhood dogs are still too sleepy to stand at their posts in backyards and bark at any perceived threats such as feral cats who dare to tread on their territory.

I love this time of day.

When I’m the only one awake and everything – the whole world it seems – is quiet and still. When the day holds so much potential and the promise of things to come. When the only sensations are the smell of my freshly brewed coffee and the heat of the liquid as it fills my mouth. That first sip of coffee matches the feeling of the morning….aaaahhhhh.

During this time of day, when I am quiet and the world is slowly, slowly waking up…it truly feels like time stands still.

But then I hear the caw of a crow, and the surface of the pond begins to dance with the swimming of fish beneath, and trees branches crackle with the bustle of squirrels looking for pecans to pilfer.

The day yawns and stretches and blood begins to flow through its veins. I sit and take it all in and try to remember this feeling, so I can put it in my pocket and feel it as I go through my day, remembering that moment when time stood still and peace was all there was.