Nope. It’s not August. It’s June 20-something-th and we are smack dab in the early-middle of summer with puhlenty of time to go before the craziness of back-to-school begins.

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Please do not mess with my delirium. It’s so nice and denial-y here.

I am not ready. I am not ready for the rodeo that is the beginning of another school year. We took our summer vacation in the middle of July and once we got back it felt like summer was already over. My two youngest kids have activities and practices that start at the end of July and from there it’s just GO GO GO until the middle of next May. I know that someday I will miss all of this hustle and bustle, but what I really want to hang onto are the lazy days of summer with my kids. I want more late evening swims, more sitting and talking on the patio, more going to the movies on a Tuesday night, more chasing fireflies in the front yard…just more of all that. I’m not ready to run at a full gallop, I just want to trot along for a little while longer.

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This is going to be an interesting year. My oldest is thinking about moving out and getting his own place (he’s 21, it’s time). He’s taking a year off from college to figure out if he wants to continue with his major or do something different. He was going to a small, local university (that’s why he still lives at home) but he felt like he was missing out on the college experience and he felt like he wasn’t learning what he needed to be learning. He’s got some big decisions to make. My middle daughter will be a senior in high school – a year that goes by really fast and tends to be really expensive. She’s so ready to be done with high school and I’m excited for her to go to college and meet new people and have new experiences. My youngest is starting 8th grade – the middle-est of the middle school years – and is a cheerleader and has more makeup and fashion sense than I’ll ever have in my whole life. So if everything goes according to plan, two of my kids will be moved out by this time next year and I’ll only have one baby bird still in my nest. I’m not sure how to feel about that.

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I just want summertime to last a little while longer. Just a little longer.