Successful weekend


I had a busy yet successful weekend in that everything I had to do went off without a hitch – amazing!

I’m happy to report that my Harvest bag that I received on Friday did not need as much prep time as the week before. There were a lot of things in this bag that really only needed a good soak and scrub – onions, asparagus, oranges, grape tomatoes, grapes, butter lettuce…I can’t think of what else was in the bag. I spent less than an hour taking care of my produce and most of that hour was just washing and drying and putting away. Easy peasy!

Saturday was my youngest daughter’s 13th birthday and she invited a few friends to go to the mall and then back to our house for a sleepover. I know, that sounds like a nightmare, right? But actually it was all good – we spent a couple of hours at the mall (where I treated myself to a little something at Sephora) and then we went to Target, picked up pizza on the way home, and then the girls spent the rest of the evening just hanging out and playing outside (it was a GORGEOUS day – sunny and warm!).

Sunday morning I had a bit of a dilemma: I could stay home with the birthday party or take my middle daughter to her last club volleyball game of the season. My husband was away on a sporting event of his own, otherwise he could have taken her (or stayed home with the youngers). I had told the 13 year old that I would make muffins for them when they woke up Sunday morning, but I also didn’t want the 17 year old to drive to downtown Tulsa by herself, plus I just wanted to be there to watch her play. So I decided that since my son was home (he’s 21), and the girls would probably sleep late, that I would go ahead and go to volleyball with my daughter. The younger ones would just have to make their own muffins (which they did). At the volleyball game (this was actually a huge regional tournament) there were several vendors there selling fun things and I bought myself 3 fun tshirts and 3 pairs of fun dangly earrings for a very good price. I don’t typically buy things for myself often but between my Sephora stuff and the tshirts and earrings, it turned out to be a “treat yo’self” kind of weekend! I had planned on taking the birthday party guests home when I got home from the tournament, but when I arrived home early afternoon, the guests had already been picked up by their parents, which was kind of a relief because it would have meant over an hour of driving for me. Win!

Sunday afternoon and evening I was WORN SLICK from all the driving and thinking and planning and activity from the weekend. I pretty much just sat on the couch and watched Naked and Afraid until it was time for bed (I love that show – anyone else a fan?).

And that was my weekend. In years past, I would have been a frazzled mess over all the activity but I’ve learned to make these kinds of activities enjoyable for myself too, and that has made all the difference.



9 thoughts on “Successful weekend

  1. Curious, did you have any parents upset that you left?

    We are very sensitive about male issue. Careful with my husband. Careful with our oldest when he lived at home. (8 years between our oldest and youngest, so very similar). We used to be very careful when my nephew was here too.

    I think that would have bothered me that No parent was home. Unless you checked with them first.

    1. No, no parents were upset. I know all the parents and they know us. And my son is not one to interact with them unless he is absolutely needed. I also made sure my next door neighbor was available as well, just in case.

  2. Hi there,
    this sounds like an amazing weekend! I think it is very important to make things fun for everybody even though this might be hard sometimes 🙂
    Most of the time it works out just fine for me. What I really enjoy are the morning when I have about one hour all to myself. Everybody is still sleeping, sometimes I do some laundry but then I listen to some podcasts, most mornings I drink my coffee and read my horoscope for the day. This relaxes me a lot and gives me energy for the upcoming things to happen. These days and sometimes especially the weekends can be so exhausting that you need every strain of energy you can get but it is great when you also can enjoy these times 🙂
    I think you’re doing it right!

  3. What an inspirational Blogpost Jill!

    I always love reading your Blog but now i just had to comment and make you a compliment! 😛
    Everytime i read something from you i just want to go out and crush it and show everyone 😛
    Btw, what helped me losing Body fat and getting the shape i always desired was the 2weekdiet.
    Have you already heard of it? I first thought it was a scam until i tried it ^.^
    Anyway, if someone else wants to try it:
    Love what your doing,
    Keep going on! Looking forward to your next Blog Post!

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