Wednesday Wins

Hello hello!

I didn’t do a Mental Health Monday post because Monday was kind of a busy day and plus I just couldn’t think of a good topic. So I skipped it, which relieved my mental stress about it, so I guess these two sentences are my Mental Health Monday post. You’re welcome.

However, I DO have some wins for today’s post! Let’s get to it:

  • I changed my Harvest Bag delivery from every-other-week to every week because I am enjoying it so much already. And they give so much produce that I am able to share it with others, which I really enjoy being able to do.
  • I am hitting my 10,000 steps regularly. Being in this Fitbit challenge with my friend is super motivating and has made me aware of just how little I was moving throughout the day previously. It’s a good thing I am in an office alone because most days you will find me walking laps in my office or busting out a few Zumba moves at my copier. The most surprising thing is this: I thought it would take a Herculean effort to get 10k steps in a day…but actually it only takes a small but conscious effort to get that many steps. And a Zumba class doesn’t hurt either.
  • zumbameme
  • I found my book club book at the library. I’m trying to be more mindful of how I spend my money and so when we decided on our next book, I checked on our library’s website and sure enough, there was one copy available. I got that book, plus a couple of others to tide me over until our next meeting. In a world of Amazon Prime shipping, I often forget how much I enjoy going to the library where I can spend time getting lost in all the available options and oh, also, get books FOR FREE. As much as having a full book case at home thrills me, what thrills me even more is not spending money on things I can get for free.
  • My tax refund landed in my bank account today! And here’s where I have to reign in my Emotion Mind who says SPEND ALL THE MONIES!!!! My husband and I are going to discuss how we want to use this money, and I am going to fully fund some of my budget categories, and yes we’ll use some of it to treat ourselves to something small we’ve been talking about getting for awhile. We just need to figure out which thing we want, out of a list of a dozen things. But man, having a fat bank account (at least for a little while) brings such peace of mind.

What are your wins for this week? Chime in below!

4 thoughts on “Wednesday Wins

  1. YAY for a nice tax refund, and double yay for responsible spending…along with some fun stuff. It’s great that you can do both! I love libraries but don’t read much because my free time is usually spent knitting. That said, there’s nothing better than walking out with an armload of free books to read!

  2. Your Zumba illustration is hilarious. Similar to how I picture myself when I go out to the pool 🙂 I got my tax refund super fast this year too. Transferred most of it to savings (seems I can control myself when I do that) but did keep out a little for a treat of some kind. Still pondering that 🙂

  3. Love the library. There was recently an article in our paper advising that libraries are closing as no one goes anymore with kindle & such but our local library chimed in on the amount of visitors & it was astounding. So many others chimed in saying how much the love it too. As a matter of fact since our library chose to do away with late fines, traffic increased even more. I love books. Reading is one of my hobbies.

    1. Me too Paula. And I heard recently that the trend of the ebook has slowed down and more actual are being sold. Which made my bibliophilic heart very happy! I’m all for ANY kind of book really, but the thought of libraries closing because no one goes there anymore is something I just cannot abide by!

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