Friday Free Write: Tiny TP Edition

You guys…

*shaking my head*

I am in charge of ordering office supplies at work and I noticed that we were running a little low on the TP. We do all of our ordering online, and as I perused the various toilet tissue options available I noticed a 24 pack for a very reasonable price. I clicked on it, ordered it, and thought nothing else about it until it arrived a couple of days later.

You guys…

*still shaking my head in disbelief*

What arrived was indeed a 24 pack of toilet paper but it was the smallest rolls of TP I have ever seen in my entire life:


This package of 4 rolls stands 8 inches tall, 6 inches wide, and 3 inches across the top. The entire diameter of one roll is only 3 INCHES. Okay you probably can’t tell how tiny this is  from the picture so let me try again:


The one on the left is a regular roll – it’s not even a jumbo mega roll (it might be the large roll, but not jumbo), just a regular size roll. The one on the right is the teeny roll that came out of the package JUST LIKE THAT.


IT’S JUST SO ADORABLE! I mean it looks like it should be TP for an American Girl doll honestly. I imagine it’s what you would get if you bought a package of toy groceries:

It’s kinda like those cupcakes that are too cute to eat…I almost feel bad using a roll because it’s just so darn petite.

What I don’t understand is…why? Why would they make it so teensy and why would anyone need teensy rolls like that???? In what possible situation would anyone need rolls that have only 71 sheets?

Look, I have 3 teenagers at home – we go through  A LOT of toilet paper. I buy the 9 pack of mega jumbo rolls once a week and sometimes (Spring break, Christmas break, summer time, ahem) that mega pack doesn’t last all week. So it just boggles the mind that something like this would be available.

I guess if you live in a tiny house or an RV this would be useful, but you’d still have to buy it twice as often. It may not be terribly useful, but it certainly is amusing!

If you want your own tiny baby rolls of TP, you can order them here:

Have you ever bought something online and it wasn’t what you thought it would be? Tell me below your tale of woe!! 🙂


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7 thoughts on “Friday Free Write: Tiny TP Edition

  1. That’s hilarious and frustrating all at the same time. I ordered something or other once. Oh yeah, it was a book. BUT it was the miniaturized version of the book. Weird.

  2. Your TP story reminded me of a This American Life podcast story:
    518: Except For That One Thing Prologue

    I couldn’t figure out how to link it, but worth your time if you want a good laugh, and apropos of your post.

    So hilarious.

    1. I LOVE This American Life. Chances are good that I’ve already heard it, but I will check it out again. Thanks for idea – I like to listen to podcasts while I work…which is what I should be doing right now. 🙂

  3. In the office supply category (I order for my place of employment, too)…I ordered a carton of copier paper only to discover that this particular carton did not have the standard 10 reams but only five. Cost the same as the 10 ream, though.

    1. Oh I’ve seen those too!! What is up with that?? Why would I buy 5 reams when I can get 10 for the same price?? I just don’t understand the world sometimes. :/

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