When The Label No Longer Fits

I have several labels I have applied to myself over the years, but the one that has been with me the longest is Sugar Lover. I didnt just have a sweet tooth, I had a whole mouth full of them. I wouldn’t just eat a cookie, I would eat as many cookies as my stomach could hold, and then I’d eat a few more. Sometimes, I would eat dinner just so I could eat dessert.

Yes, I was a sugarholic. Dessert was my love language.


But over the last year or so, I find myself not enjoying the sweet stuff as much. I mean sure, as soon as I finish a meal my thoughts immediately turn to “what sweets do I have that would nicely complement my dinner?” because old habits die hard, but more often than not, confections don’t satisfy me like they used to.

Before I go further, let me assure you that I do still very much enjoy a decadent treat – last summer at the state fair, there was an artisinal chocolate bakery and I had the most amazing chocolate lava cake – seriously I don’t think I’ve ever eaten anything so delicious in my life. And a couple of weeks ago, I found a recipe for the most perfect chocolate chip cookie – crispy edges with a chewy middle…we made 2 batches in one week – that’s how good they were. So I am still totally on board for gourmet or homemade decadence.

But as far as just any old store bought cookie? Nah. Not interested anymore. If I do have one, it’s just because I don’t know how to let go of being that person, not because I necessarily want the cookie.

It’s hard to let go of that label. It’s scary to become someone you’ve never been before.

And actually now that I think about it, some of my other labels are changing as well. I used to be a night owl but now I really like getting up early. I used to enjoy alcohol quite frequently…now I can take it or leave it (most often I just leave it because it’s not worth feeling so awful the next day). I used to be someone who always thought she was “less than” everyone else, now I know better (I don’t think I’m better than anyone else, I just no longer assume I’m inferior to everyone I meet).

So many changes! It’s like puberty all over again, but with fewer pimples and less angst!

Jr High Jill had a lot of angst. And bracelets. 

I think my next step is to just accept that this is who am I now, and that it’s perfectly okay to be different than I once was. But man, it feels kinda weird…like driving some else’s car or sporting a new hairdo, but you get used to it I suppose. And just like Teen Jill learned to live beyond the big earrings and rubber bracelets, Grown Up Evolved Jill will live beyond the Oreos and Hostess snack cakes.

UPDATE: Oh my gosh look what I found!!

         And in color too!!



7 thoughts on “When The Label No Longer Fits

  1. Well as you know, I have a sweet tooth too! But I’m pretty much just like you, I only want the really good stuff, and not every day. Speaking of chocolate chip cookies, I had one when I was in Anaheim recently, and I thought it was the best chocolate chip cookie I’d ever had! I think I found the recipe online. Gonna try it soon.

    I changed from a night owl to a morning person too. After years of getting up so early to go to work… Also I just think I feel better, move around more, and I like being up when its light outside 🙂

  2. I need to learn how to let go of a lot of labels. I think it would be very freeing. I still have a massive sweet tooth, but I think I’m more picky about it. It had better be worth it. My son shared a cookie he got with his meal from subway, and just ick. If I’m going to have a cookie, it’s going to be a home baked thing of wonder and glory… not… THAT.

    1. Oh I totally get it! It’s kinda disappointing that an Oreo doesn’t really do it for me anymore…now I have either go looking for something worthy or just do without, which can be a bummer sometimes! Lol!

  3. Thanks for waking me up this morning…. As I reached for the cookie I sat to read your blog and to my surprise I reached for the Biscuit and Sausage……(starch) hmmmm but I also put A little Mrs. Butter-Worth’s Original Syrup….LOL your just too Sassy 😜❤️

  4. I used to be someone who always thought she was “less than” everyone else too but I am slowly realizing I am okay. It is tough. As for sweets I have found the older I get I can pass on them often. It is crazy how I used to love certain ones (Reese’s for one) just don’t taste as good as they used to. Happy to see you posting again.

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