Listen Up!

Since I am so avant garde, so cutting edge, so on the brink of the next big thing, I have discovered a new type of media: stories told in an audio format. I believe they are referred to by the millennials as “podcasts”.

Go Google it…I’ll wait…

I like listening to podcasts while I work because it keeps me on task and makes the day a little more enjoyable. And there are as many different kinds of podcasts are there are genres of movies, so I think there really is something for everybody. These are some of my favorites:

When I need my faith in humanity restoredSincerly, Hueman

This is a newish podcast that tells stories about people who are making a difference in the world and having a positive impact. When you feel like the world is a hopeless place, this podcast will give you oodles of renewed optimism.

When I need to laugh: Mortified

Mortified is a series in which adults read from their childhood (mostly middle school/high school) diaries. Beware though, sometimes episodes can get a wee bit raunchy – not all episodes are that way, but a few are…just so ya know.

When I’m feeling sentimental or emotional: Terrible, Thanks for Asking and Strangers

I LOVE TTFA and Strangers mostly because the episodes stay with me  – I find myself thinking about them for hours after listening. These episodes make me feel all my feelings.

When I want that Stranger Things vibe to continue: The Polybius Conspiracy

Bobby claims he was abducted by the makers of a new arcade game back in the 80s. Follow this series when you want a bit of nostalgia for the days when you used to spend your Saturday afternoons (and all your dad’s quarters) at the arcade.

When I just want good storytelling: This American Life

Probably the granddaddy and gold star of podcasting, TAL is so good at what it does. With years and years of archives, there is no shortage of stories that will interest folks of all walks of life. This is what I listen to when I don’t know what I want to listen to.

Other notable audio gems: Serial (this is how I got started listening to podcasts), S Town, Missing Richard Simmons, In the Dark (I just started listening to this one – I’m only on episode 1).

So anyway, that should be enough to keep you busy for awhile. There are so many podcasts now that it’s hard to sort through them all. What are some of your favorites and when do you typically listen to them? Sound off below!


Need some buds to listen to those podcasts?  Click here! 


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8 thoughts on “Listen Up!

  1. Thanks for sharing these, Jill! I look forward to checking them out. I love podcasts! I mostly listen to them during my commute, and our family likes to listen to them on long road trips.

    My personal favorites:

    “Stuff You Missed in History Class” – When I’m in the mood to learn.

    “Book vs. Movie” – Two gals named Margo read the book and watch the movie, and discuss which one they like better.

    “Harry Potter and the Sacred Text” – The hosts explore themes based on chapters of the Harry Potter books and ponder ways they apply to being human. Literary meets spiritual.

    “Levar Burton Reads” – Exactly as described. Levar Burton reads short stories. (Can we please get Benedict Cumberbatch to do this, too? I will happily listen to both!)

    Our road trip favorites:

    “Car Talk” – One of the brothers is gone, but the podcast of old broadcasts is so fun. My kids love this one.

    “Freakonomics” – Econimists’ take on various topics. Interesting stuff!

    1. Oooh nice PG!!! Thanks for the suggestions. I definitely want in on that Levar Burton action…and I would also love to have a podcast in which Benadryl Cucumber reads anything at all!

        1. You can pretty much call him anything that sounds similar to Benedict Cumberbatch and people will know who you are talking about. My son and I will sometimes try to come up with the weirdest combinations – it sends us into fits of laughter!

  2. I second This American Life! (All their episodes are archived on their site and available.)

    Car Talk is great too. Timeless.

    I also listen to –

    The Moth.

    Gretchen Rubin with her sister Elizabeth – Happier

    Elizabeth with her writing partner Sara – Happier in Hollywood

    The Other F Word

    I am hoping people leave lots of suggestions here. I like podcasts when I walk. (I walk a lot.)

  3. I love listening to podcasts when I’m working in the studio. I’ll be checking these out. Another one I enjoyed listening to was Criminal.

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