Holiday Sanity Savers

Every year around this time, I start to get all panicky and sweaty and wonder how in the world am I ever going to get/buy/do everything that needs to be gotten/bought/done before December 25th?? Every year I think surely THIS will be the year that finds me  weeping uncontrollably into Santa’s beard when I pass by him in the department store and yet every year, I somehow make it through. All gifts end up wrapped and under the tree, all Christmas goodies get baked and delivered to neighbors, and on December 26th I high-five myself and give myself a pat on the back for making it through another holiday season.

I started to get that sweatypanicky feeling again today, but then I remembered that there has never been a Christmas, not a single one, where I wasn’t able to do All The Things. I had to remind myself that I’ve always had enough money for gifts, I’ve always managed to buy what I needed, and Christmas has never, as of yet, gone down in flames in a fiery crash of tinsel and bows.

I can handle this.

You can handle this.


And because we have skills /technology/support at our disposal to help us do ALL THE CHRISTMAS-Y THINGS.

What might those things be? Glad you asked! Take a gander at what we’ve got going for us:

  • We can delegate. If you’re like me, you have kids who are nearly grown adults who are more than capable of clearing the clutter and vacuuming the living room so the house can be decorated. Or maybe you can call a friend over to help you clean and decorate. Or maybe you just hire someone to do it because you are just OVER IT this year and it will be money well spent. Point is, don’t do it all yourself by yourself – enlist the help of someone close to you (or someone you can pay, whatever).
  • We can schedule things ahead of time. Did you know that you can schedule a text message? I only recently learned of this amazing bit of technology and it is a game changer for me. Sometimes I want to send a text but the person receiving my text might be sleeping or in a meeting. With my Galaxy phone, I am able to compose the text, then schedule when I want the recipient to get it.  Need to send a text to Janet reminding her to bring cookies for the class party, but you know she’s getting a massage right now? Schedule that text to be received in 4 hours when you know she won’t be blissed out on lavender massage oil and Enya. Need to remind your college student to pick up a pie from the excellent bakery next to the university but you know he’s in class right now? Schedule it to be received when he gets out of class. See? Technology is a little bit helpful. *Edited to add: I’ve learned that this may only be an Android thing. Sorry for getting your hopes up iPhoners. 
  • We can adopt the “less is more” attitude towards Christmas decorating (and spending and eating): Did you know that there is no law that says you have to put up every single decorative holiday item you own???? Truly!! Pick out the things that you actually love and display them. It’s really okay if you don’t set out the ceramic Santa that Aunt Linda made in her Beginner Ceramics class that she took at the Vo-tech twelve years ago. Really, let’s just let that sad little guy stay in storage this year, okay?
  • We can embrace online shopping. I mean, if you haven’t already. Seriously, take advantage of the fact that you can have most of your gifts delivered right to your door. RIGHT TO YOUR DOOR. No crowds, no beleaguered sales-people who can’t answer your question, no impulse buys that blow your budget…only the soft clickety-clack of your keyboard or phone. Aaahhhhh. So nice and quiet.
  • We can take time to enjoy and appreciate the little things: Watching A Charlie Brown Christmas while sipping hot cocoa, driving around and looking at Christmas lights, delivering some blankets and food to a grateful shelter (human or animal – either one is fine), the absolute silence of nature that comes with that first heavy snowfall (don’t you love that??? I love standing outside and being in awe of the quiet), snuggling up with those we love the most…let’s try and do more of these things this month, shall we?

I am going to try my hardest to not be a Grinch this year. I will enjoy this season and float through it with ease and grace and style…okay maybe I’ll just try not to trip while I gingerly tiptoe my way through it. Either way, I will remember to be mindful and appreciative of everything this month has to offer.

Do you have any Holiday Sanity Savers of your own? What do you rely on to make the season merry and bright? 




6 thoughts on “Holiday Sanity Savers

  1. “all Christmas goodies get baked and delivered to neighbors” – you write that like it’s a normal Christmas thing? Is this a custom in the US? I’ve been meaning to ask blogger Martha (a Canadian) why she recently baked numerous batches of treats; what did she do with so much (unhealthy) food? Perhaps here is my answer. How many people do you give to? If they all give back, do you all end up with 15 boxes of home-made cookies?

    I hear you guys also give stuff to mailmen, garbage collectors etc. Sounds quite a nice custom, though as I’ve said before I’m not sure about going outside at 4am to catch the garbage collectors who sit up so high in the big truck they probably wouldn’t see me trying to wave them down (they/he don’t/doesn’t get out of the truck, it has a big metal arm to pick up the bins and empty them into the back). And aren’t most people at work when the mailman rides past on his motorbike? Being a housewife, I’ve at least waved at mine as he pauses outside if I happen to see him. But never thought of giving him a present.

    Anyway, not being Grinchy, just pondering the cultural differences!

    1. It’s a normal thing at least where I grew up and where I live today. And to be honest I only give the goodies to my closest neighbors, which totals about 4. We usually end up with 2 or 3 plates of treats from our neighbors, so it’s not like we are drowning in baked goodies. As for the mailman and the garbage man, I usually just put the gift in the mailbox for the mail carrier and for the garbage man…I will admit that I have ran through my yard to get to him before he leaves! I’m thinking this year however, I may just send them a gift card through the mail (our trash service is a small private company since we live in a rural area). And the things I give are usually just small tokens of appreciation…a box of chocolates, a $10 gift card…something like that. I want to keep these people happy – without them, we would be screwed! 🙂

  2. Jill, u had me so excited about scheduling texts…but alas iPhone can not 😦
    On another note, the less is more…I have an amazing Santa collection but the last few years have just been putting out my snowman collection so it can stay till end of January 😂

    1. Hey Shannon! I can’t believe Galaxy can do something that iPhone can’t! Weird. You should write a strongly worded letter to Apple about this. 😁

  3. Guess what! This year I actually put out a few Christmas decorations! But I need to go through the rest of them and just get rid of a lot, because you know, moth and rust consume… pretty soon you just have a little pile o’crap in those Christmas boxes 🙂

    1. Wow! Good job Debs!! 🙂 “pile o’ crap” – LOL!! This year I let my 12-year-old do ALL of the decorating, and she did a good job. We did the tree together, but she did all of the rest of it. Needless to say, every horizontal surface is covered with a snowman or a Santa Claus or some sort of Christmas parafernalia…but hey, at least it’s done!

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