In my last sad, depressing, Grinchy post, I lamented that I just don’t enjoy the holidays as much as I used to. I bemoaned the fact that it was all just too much pressure and too much money and too much time.


Let me tell you that I had one of the best Thanksgiving weekends I’ve had in a really long time. Grinch be gone! Maybe having low expectations is the secret to happiness?

I took a short road trip and got to visit with family I haven’t seen in years and HAD THE BEST TIME. I got to see my cousin and her kids, and my aunt, and then I jetted over to my hometown for a quick visit with my BFF and her family. (I’ve got a post brewing in my head about my hometown; I was overcome with nostalgia over the weekend and need to put it into words)

It was just so nice to be able to get out of town and see family, and the town of my childhood and feel connected to something again. My youngest daughter went with me and I got to show her the area where her mother grew up – I think she actually found it interesting!

So yes, now I am looking forward to this holiday season. I’m ready to put my tree up and decorate the house. I’m ready to watch A Charlie Brown Christmas and make Christmas cookies. Can’t really say I’m ready to start shopping yet, but that will come.

I think I just needed a change in the Thanksgiving routine. Traditions are great, but when they become stale it’s time to switch it up and do something that feels fulfilling. And I am deeply fulfilled right now.




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