It seems these days, being introverted is the new black. It feels to me like identifying as an introvert is the latest fad. Do you see this happening too? Everyone claims to be an introvert now, and I wonder…is this really a fad or are we just more accepting of it, so people feel better about admitting it?

Having said that, I think I tend to lean toward the introverted side of life myself, but I think I am more of a social introvert. You would think, just by the way it sounds, a social introvert would be someone who wants to avoid all social contact, but that’s not true. A social introvert loves small gatherings but finds them draining and needs time to recharge in solitude afterward. For example, I love my book club – there are 5 of us who get together once a month to discuss our book selection at a local restaurant. I have a great time with these gals and I look forward to it every month, but at the end of each meeting I am simultaneously fulfilled and completely drained. All I want to do is go home and stare at a screen for a few hours or roll myself into a blanket burrito and nap.


I love getting together with friends or attending family gatherings, but I have to make sure I have time afterward to be alone or at least be in my own home.

I wonder though, are most people this way? I mean doesn’t everyone like to have time to rest and relax after a social gathering? Are there really people who can schedule back to back events and totally thrive on the energy and excitement? (Good gravy I’m exhausted just at the thought of that last sentence)

extrovert cat

I just don’t understand those people. When do they rest? How do they have that much energy? Are they shotgunning Redbulls in the car on the way to the party??? HOW DO YOU DO IT, EXTROVERT? Educate me please.

So what about you, gentle reader? Do you describe yourself as more of an introvert or an extrovert? And how do you care for and honor your -verted selves?