What’s on your coffee table?

I have a niece who is a very stylish, elegant, always-put-together kind of woman. She posted on Facebook recently asking for recommendations on coffee table books, because she is the kind of person who has a stylish, elegant coffee table which she can decorate with stylish, elegant books. Here’s her post:


But me being who I am (and I am afraid I am the Cousin Eddie to her Clark Griswold), hijacked and ruined her post with these suggested gems:






See? As I told her in her comments, this is why I’m not an interior designer. I have no eye for style. I don’t even own a coffee table anymore because it became a dumping grounds for all of my kids’ stuff – it was always completely covered with papers and books and socks (yes, socks) and cups and wrappers and pencils and just STUFF. So when we got new furniture, we did away with the coffee table and now I have a wooden tray that I set on the middle of the couch as a place to set drinks. When I checked this morning, here’s what was on that tray: earbuds, a book, my reading glasses, a coaster, socks (WHY????), and a pen. I can’t win. But at least the mess is contained to a small 12×18 area that can be quickly cleared. I wish I had thought to take a picture this morning but ya know…Monday.

Here are some more ridiculous coffee table books that I would totally read if I saw them on someone’s table:

GUYS! You can buy this on Amazon for $.90!! For less than a dollar you can OWN this bad boy! What a time to be alive!!! http://amzn.to/2jCEc0t


Because dogs are proof that God loves us. http://amzn.to/2ylc6Ky


I could have written this book. http://amzn.to/2wADWjY

And here are a few that I wouldn’t touch with a ten foot pole because…ew:




So, I’m curious – do you have a coffee table and if so, what’s on it right now? Do you have elegant coffee table books or do you have macaroni and cheese that has cemented itself to the top? Bonus points if you have socks on your table. 🙂

*All of these rare and precious gems were found in this article. I appreciate that someone went to the trouble to find these books before I did. Cheers to you, man. 

*Amazon links are affilitate links.


16 thoughts on “What’s on your coffee table?

  1. Ha! I have that chicken book :)) But I don’t have a coffee table for about the same reasons. Plus, its easier to reach stuff on side tables without getting out of my chair. Pretty sure there might have been socks on my coffee table too :/

    Most decorators say to use what interests you. Maybe your niece could just think about what she really likes and then look around to see what pretty books fit that category. Do you guys have a Half Price Books in your area of the country? I love going there. They always have a ton of pretty books at, well, half price or less.

    1. I thought of you when I saw that chicken book!! I think it looks fun. I’m not sure if there is a Half Price Books near here or not. I’ll have to check and see.

  2. Sometimes I arrange my coffee table with nice books that I own – I’d never go out and buy any specifically for that purpose as I’m too practical. Currently I have a cool galvanized metal tray and two ceramic bowls on it. Usually they are full of yarn, but I actually put stuff away recently so they’re empty. Won’t last.

  3. I actually do have sock on my coffee table 😖😖😖 and then it’s all of Thomas’ toys, train tracks, Paw Patrol and the like. I’ll get to have nice things again someday…right?!

    1. HAHAHAHA!!! No. If you have kids, you can’t ever have nice things ever. Sorry.
      Just kidding. Yes, someday…someday we’ll have nice things. When the kids go off to college, THEN we will have all the nice things!! ❤

    1. LOL!! I know, I’m weirdly interested in that chicken book!!
      Heck, sign me up for 2 super tasteful houses!! 35 mil is pocket change!! Seriously, how do people afford that???? I mean…how????

  4. I do have a coffee table (36″ x 36″). It currently has magazines, books, the inserts from the Sunday paper, earbuds (my daughter is the only one who uses them and she’s in college 3 hours away), a phone charger, fishing tackle (that’s my husband–it’s everywhere!). There’s probably more under there but I haven’t made it down to the actual table in quite some time.

  5. I don’t even have kids and I have socks on my coffee table….. does this mean I lose or win? (bc laundry day. & by laundry day I mean it sits on my coffee table for at least a week…)

  6. No coffee table, I just found it was something to bang my leg on and gather junk so we never got one. It seems to bother my Husband, he thinks the room looks unfinished but I like the empty space (so do my shins). Our couch has a central arm rest thing that you can put your drink in the cupholder. The side table has magazines, a dog toy and a de-linter. The under shelf has a bean bag microwave heating pad. Not too bad, but we don’t have kids, just 4 dogs so I’m surprised it’s only one toy. I usually have a pair of fuzzy socks around for my cold feet, the dog gets mad when I try to slip the icebergs under her.

  7. I just recently purchased a coffee table from our farmers market. I have not had one in years since I could never find one I liked. Handmade & reasonably priced. IPad, books & a few magazines are on it, but often you’ll find our feet up watching TV or me reading.

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