I just realized that my kids go back to school in 2 weeks. That makes me kind of sad because this has been a good, relaxing summer…I’m not ready for them to go back to school and begin the frenzy that August through October brings. I’ve really gotten used to our easy-going days and hate to see them go.


In less depressing news, I got my new Fitbit over the weekend!!


I love it! I love that it reminds me to move every hour and I love that it celebrates when I hit 10k steps (which I have done for the last 3 days – woo!). On Monday, it had been a really long, frustrating day but I came home to find this in the driveway:

I’m going to miss things like this when she gets older!

and I knew I wanted to hit my 10k steps but I was only at 6500 for the day. I had told my little chalk artist that I was going to try, and so I got my book and got on my treadmill. I lasted all of 15 minutes before the boredom wore me down. About the time I was shutting down the treadmill, she came out and asked what I was doing, and I told her that hitting my steps probably wasn’t going to happen. She gave me a pointed look and just said “Mom.”…so I said “what?” and she replied “Mom…you can get 10k steps…you can.” I told her that yeah I probably could but I wasn’t going to do it in that hot garage on treadmill, so I just decided to walk around my driveway until I hit my step goal. And it was actually kind of nice! By this time it was dark, and the cicadas and the crickets were chirping and it was not exactly cool, but it wasn’t blistering hot either and there was a nice breeze. I walked up my driveway, back down again, and around the circle drive and I did that for 30 minutes. I decided to get my last 500 steps inside, so I could cool down a little and when I finally hit my step goal, I did a happy dance.

Yesterday, I decided that I really wanted to get to my park and walk so, heat be damned, I got my water bottle and headed to the trail after work. It was a cool 95 degrees (at least it wasn’t 103 like it has been for several days now – sad when 95 degrees feels “not as hot”!!) and there was a nice breeze blowing from the lake, and because it was so hot there weren’t many people there. It was blissfully QUIET with only the cicadas singing their song. Restorative, is what it was. I walked for about 35 minutes and didn’t die, and honestly the heat didn’t bother nearly as much as I thought it would. I’ve got my gear and my plan is to get out there again today because I enjoyed it so much yesterday.

What I’ve learned this week is that I am highly motivated by the validation I get from my Fitbit buzzing at me and displaying fireworks when I hit my step goal. And that hitting my step goal doesn’t take the Herculean effort that I have always thought it would – yes it takes a little bit of planning and effort, but it is totally doable, even for someone like me who sits behind a desk for the majority of the day.