Normally, I eat scrambled eggs for breakfast but when it’s this freaking hot:

that’s not the heat index, that’s the actual degrees of hell we will be having today. The heat index is something like 109. I just can’t with this heat.

I tend to go for something cold. Last summer was the Summer of the Smoothie, but this summer I’ve been leaning towards cereal and milk. Not the sugar cereals of my youth, but the boring grown up version of cereal: muesli…and I LOVE IT. If you like overnight oats, you might like muesli as well. My favorite way to eat it is with a sprinkle of berries and some milk, then let it sit for 10 minutes to an hour (I sometimes will prepare it, then take it to work with me and eat it there). It fills me up and I’m sure you could add any number of things to it to dress it up, but mostly I just like it plain-jane.

Speaking of the heat, it is making me cranky. One of my favorite things to do is to go for a walk after work in the park, but being the wuss that I am, I’m not going to chance a heat stroke. Oh! And I have to go to a wedding tomorrow afternoon and I *think* it’s an outdoor wedding – it’ll be under a pavilion but still…no air conditioning. When you sweat as much as I do, trying to look pretty at an outdoor affair is futile. I’m so ready for cooler weather…which won’t be around for another couple of months…so I guess I should just suck it up, Buttercup. :/

And speaking of cranky, just this morning I found a new app that might help me get my Zen on…it’s called the Meditation Game and the object of the game is to collect little energy dots while you float through space. A guided meditation reminds you to breathe while you are collecting the energy dots, all while soothing music plays in the background. I only played one round (it took about ten minutes), but I did feel better afterwards. This would be good for those times when you have a few moments to kill while in a waiting room, or if you have a big meeting that you are nervous about, or if you need help winding down at night. If meditating is on your list of things to try, but you’re not a big fan of just sitting there doing nothing, this is a good way to get started.

Between the heat and my allergies, I find that in the last week I swing between not giving a sh*t about anything and being ticked off that I can’t do what I want, like walking after work or travelling to Europe. I make little effort with hair and makeup, I find it hard to get motivated to get my work done (but I always get it done somehow), and I all I want to do is sit and read a book without being interrupted every ten minutes. Guess I need to spend more time playing that meditation game, huh? Not sure if I need my meds adjusted or I just need to get over myself. Or maybe I just need to find some water and a floatie and a nice cool beverage and check out for a few hours. I think I need…something…just not sure what yet. I’ll figure it out… I always do.

Update: the wedding is inside!!!!!! I called the Bride’s mom to verify and it is indeed indoors in the AC. THANK YOU SWEET BABY JESUS!