Goal: Achieved

Well today I made my goal weight.


Just kidding, but I did meet a small goal I had set for myself in the spring. My company’s insurance has a nifty plan that lets you earn points for various activities which can then be redeemed for rewards. In about March, I noticed I already had quite a few points racked up and so I decided that I would make it my goal to earn enough points for a Fitbit Charge 2 tracker. I figured that if I consistently earned a certain number of points per week, I should have enough to get the Fitbit by the end of the summer. I had already planned on buying one (because my trusty Fitbit One is in her golden years and I fear is nearing the end of her time) but I figured why spend my own money when I could just be a little patient and get one for FREE!

So for the last few months, I’ve been diligently checking in and watching my points inch closer and and closer to the goal. Today when I checked on my future prize, I noticed the number of points required to purchase the Charge2 had gone down by 14%! I did some maths and realized that even if I didn’t have enough points, I could just pay the difference with actual monies and have my reward even sooner. I put that baby in my cart and proceeded to check out – I spent all of my points plus a whole $14.58 of my own dollars. Totally worth it to me! Sure, I could have waited another 4 or 5 weeks and gotten it completely for free, but darn it, I didn’t want to wait any longer! I’m happy to say that my new toy will be here soon.

I’m already eyeing some fun new bands.

One problem I might have…I already have a watch that I like to wear on my left wrist, so I’m wondering if I should just wear the Fitbit on my other wrist or what? Not sure what to do but I’ll figure something out. Anyone have any ingenious ideas?

6 thoughts on “Goal: Achieved

  1. What a great program that is! Congrats. And how fun.

    Both my girls have them and use them constantly.

    Although one girl goes thru one about every 9-12 mos. She is on her third. Luckily I had bought the insurance, they are replaced each time and the insurance starts over each time.

    (Can’t it just replace your watch?)

    1. It absolutely could replace my watch (and it very well may) but I really like my watch. It was one of the first “sort of expensive” things I bought for myself so it’s kind of a symbol that says “I’m worth it” to me. I may just put it aside for awhile while I enjoy my new Fitbit.

  2. Wow, good for you for keeping up with that program. I had something like that but I got so irritated at it I didn’t keep up with it.

    1. Honestly all I had to do was connect my fitbit and do a few progress reports and track things like my stress level and my weight. I really didn’t have to DO anything to get points. All I really had to do was be patient and let the points accumulate. Which, seeing as how I’m not a terribly patient person, was a big deal!

  3. I have an Apple Watch that I wear on my left wrist, so I wear my Fitbit Charge 2 on my right – I don’t think it looks too weird (but I may be wrong about that). I love them both for different reasons, so I make it work.

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