Working on the 3rd of July

Raise your hand if you have to work today! Raise both of your hands if you’re bitter and ticked off about it!! *raises both hands and scowls*


I don’t know why I didn’t just take the day off, but honestly I wasn’t bothered by working today until I found out that our corporate office got to take the day off. On Thursday an email was sent to all the corporate employees saying that they could take Monday off, but my department (which is hyuuuuuuuge) got no such email. And that really chaps my hide. But since I’m bitter and my workload is light, I’m taking the opportunity to blog at ya. Not sure if that’s a good thing for you or not, but whatever, just roll with it.

I’m cranky today. Allergies, not enough coffee, bitter disappointment with my life…all of these are just following me around this morning like a black cloud over my head. I actually had a pretty good weekend – very chill, did some grocery shopping, read a lot, played some board games with the fam (in which my husband rolled not one but TWO Yahtzees in a single game. I’ve book him a flight to Vegas asap)…so I’m not sure why I woke up grumpy this morning – maybe it’s the rainy, cloudy day – it should never be rainy and cloudy on or around the 4th of July. It’s almost like how sunny and 70° weather feels wrong at Christmas time (unless you live in Australia where that’s the norm – shout out to my Aussie readers! *highfive*).

So what’re your plans for the 4th? For the last couple of years, we have gone to the local park where they put on a fireworks display, but last year we noticed a much sketchier crowd than in years past AND we also noticed that the organizers used the same sequence of fireworks over and over again. Every two minutes you’d get a dejavu and then we realized, oh…same fireworks. So this year my kids want to just buy some fireworks and shoot them off at our house (we live in a rural-ish area, so we can do that).

I hope you all have a safe and happy Independence Day, and for those of you outside of the US, I hope you have a safe and happy Tuesday. 🙂










10 thoughts on “Working on the 3rd of July

  1. For so many years I worked on the Fourth of July (my choice, time and a half pay) that even now, I still don’t think a thing about doing anything that day. If I had a grill, I’d bbq. Still pondering the whole ‘do I need a grill’ thing… Have a happy fourth. I loved it when we were kids and did our own sparklers etc.

    1. For years my husband refused to have a propane grill – it was charcoal or nothin’ for him (because he had a propane grill blow up in his face when he was younger and it burned off his eyebrows or something), so grilling was kind of a chore and took forever. THEN a couple of years ago he finally bought a propane grill and now I LOVE grilling on that thing. So, I say go for it but only if you think you’ll really use it.

  2. Yes, I am working and feeling stabby. One of my doctors decided to work so I have to be here all day, then he decided to move his afternoon appointments but still I have to be here until 5. And why is everyone coming in with complaints and problems today?! Grrr! Hoping my stabby mood wears off for my day off tomorrow! Happy 3rd anyway! I think we both earned a drink!

    1. Gah! Feel ya, girl. I say we just permanently make Independence Day be the first Monday in July – that way we ALL get a long weekend!

  3. We had a BBQ with friends on Sunday night, so tomorrow will be pretty chill – but of course we will be grilling some hot dogs, because it’s the law for the 4th, right? 😉

  4. A lot of stuff here was closed on Monday.

    But my husband had to take a vacation day to have it off. My son too. Our youngest had college classes today. So she had to drive back to campus for class and then drive home again.

    It is worse when it falls on a Wednesday I suppose.

    1. Independence Day 2018 Wednesday

      Independence Day 2019 Thursday

      Independence Day 2020 Saturday

      I don’t know which of those is worse actually.

  5. I also was working. And I worked today, the 4th as well. So did my husband. Neither of us get time and a half either. And my husbands ENTIRE company got the day off except him. Same on every single holiday. We may be fortunate to work from home but still working every single holiday sucks.

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