In my last post, I talked about how low my VitD was and how it had affected me. I’ve been taking a liquid Vit D supplement for the last month and got my levels retested last week. I talked to my doctor today and I’m happy to say my levels went from 15 to 35, which is still a little on the low end of the normal range, but I am already feeling better than I did. I’m going to continue taking this and get my levels tested again in a month – hopefully by then I’ll be closer to 50, which is where my doctor would like me to be.

In addition to the Vit D supplement, I’m also taking a multivitamin and an antidepressant. I feel much more calm and dare I say, clear headed. Oh, and I try to make it to the park for a walk in the sunshine at lease a couple of days a week – that helps my mental clarity a ton!

I am also cleaning up my diet, which is probably what I should have started with but hey, better late than never! More vegetables, less sugar…yada yada yada. You know the drill. I think I’m finally ready to trade cookies for feeling better. Not to say I’ll never have another cookie ever again, but I consume so much sugar and processed junk it’s amazing. Gone are the days when I could eat like a teenager and get away with it (honestly, I haven’t been able to get away with it for nearly 20 years, but let’s not focus on that, mkay?)

My new healthy living venture took a detour, but I’m ready to get back at it now.  Gotta get workin’ on my winter body so I’ll look good in jeans and sweaters (because I’ve already missed the window for a good summer body!!) 🙂


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