Three Days in row. Where’s my gold star?

Had to peel myself out of bed this morning – 5:15 came way too early! But I got up and did this full body video, except for the jumping jacks. The video description said “low impact” but to me jumping jacks are not low impact, so I just did a side step, toe tap thing while the instructor did 5000 jumping jacks. Jumping jacks + 200 lbs on a 5’3″ frame = NO. Not only do I not like jumping jacks, I pretty much don’t like any kind of jumping in general because TOO MANY THINGS BOUNCE AROUND ON ME. And yes, I have an industrial strength sports bra (I found it! It was hidden in my pj drawer) that keeps everything in place but I still hate jumping, so I’m not gonna do it and you can’t make me. So there.

Something else she did that I wasn’t going to do was that she did knee push ups on a hard floor without a mat. Whaaaaat? I guess you can do that when you have young healthy knees, but for this old lady it just wasn’t gonna happen, so I did standing push ups against the counter at first, then later I just trotted over to the living room carpet when push ups came around again (same with the plank exercise too).

Some good things about this video are she included a warm up and a cool down and she even included water breaks. It was challenging but it didn’t feel impossible. One kinda weird thing is that there was no music, but that could be good because you could use your own music if you wanted to. Oh, and she’s foreign (but spoke English) but I didn’t really even need to hear what she said, I could just watch and follow along.

By the end I was fairly sweaty and I felt good, so that’s a winner for me. I’ll be keeping this video in my rotation.


3 thoughts on “Three Days in row. Where’s my gold star?

  1. Our stats are about the same but I’m older. After two kids I don’t jump either. Bouncing is not good for joints or aging bladders. Good job on making the adjustments you need to so that the workout works for you!

  2. I have been getting up twice a week in the early morning to get my time in on my treadmill. Changing times from after work has helped. I noted your dismay with jumping. Have you tried a rebounder (mini trampoline) I have one and it is fun. Made me like jumping again. Much easier on the knees.

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